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NWA: Reclaiming the Glory

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OCTOBER 24th, 2023, Somewhere outside of Chicago, Illinois:

"NWA Samhain, one of the worst shows of the year"

"What a dull main event"

"Why did James Mitchell snort cocaine on live PPV?"

"Is that going to jeopardize their deal with The CW?"

"Guys, my dad works at CW and he told me that The CW is going to kick off NWA and replace them with NXT"







Billy Corgan was frustrated. The Smashing Pumpkins lead singer had been running the legendary National Wrestling Alliance since 2017 and it had been a rollercoaster ride. The company looked like it had a ton of momentum for the first few years, but once COVID happened, it was all downhill. Top stars left the company for greener pastures and their replacements couldn't really pick up the weight. Hell, the most attention the company got before the cocaine incident was them putting the legendary NWA World Heavyweight Championship on an old, out-of-shape, ex-WWE jobber just so he could wear the belt on his Fox News show. It was that kind of few years for Corgan and the NWA and this incident with Jim Mitchell (albeit not using real cocaine) was just the icing on the cake.

This left Corgan in a jam. He was growing frustrated with running the NWA. He thought things were going to turn around when they landed a TV deal with The CW to bring the NWA to nationwide TVs, but that all fell through with one fake snort of coke. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, something needed to change and it needed to change now.

As Corgan sat in his million dollar mansion in suburban Chicago, trying to think of what to do next, he received a phone call from an unknown number. Curiously, he decided to pick it up.

Corgan: "William Patrick Corgan, who is this?"

Unknown Voice: "Billy! good to hear from you my friend. I hope things are going well, I know they're not, but for you I hope things are good."

Corgan: "Um, who is this?"

Unknown Voice: "You don't recognize me Billy? Well, how about I give you a little hint...




















I AM...


























Corgan: "Okay Paul, you didn't have to blow my eardrums out, what'd you call me for?"

Heyman: "Well Mr. Corgan, I'm here today to present you with an offer. You see, I saw that show you guys put on yesterday night. I want to be one hundred percent honest with you and tell you that it was one of the worst shitshows I've ever seen and I saw December to Dismember!"

Corgan: "So you call me to berate me? Not a very enticing offer Paul."

Heyman: "I was getting to that! Anyway, I was thinking to myself the other day that I've really done everything I wanted to do in WWE and was planning on leaving once my contract expires at the end of the year."

Corgan: "Nice story Paul, what does this have to do with me?"

Heyman: "You really are inpatient. So, I've been thinking that the next thing I want to do with my life is to get back in the promoting business. I want to buy the National Wrestling Alliance off of you Billy!"

Corgan: "Ok, what makes you think that I'm trying to sell?"

Heyman: "Billy, we all saw you last night, you looked like a kid who just got told that Santa wasn't real."

Corgan: "That's just how I normally look okay! But yeah, you're right, I've been a bit bored running the NWA the last few years. COVID really killed my drive. I kinda just want to sell the company and go back to making music and enjoying my time with my family."

Heyman: "I completely understand Billy. Why don't I fly out to Chicago next weekend and we can discuss some details..."





RJL26sc.jpg    jBKABcY.jpg
Heyman: "Well Billy, it's good to see you again! This must be the first time in like, what 23 years?"

Corgan: "Yeah, when you were still running ECW and wanted me to invest to become a part-owner."

Heyman: "Probably for the best that didn't work out right? I'm hoping this go-around is much more successful than the last one."

Corgan: "Yeah, me too. So, what do you have planned if I accept your offer?"

Heyman: *smiles* "I'm glad you asked Billy. First thing's first, I'm cleaning house. That whole roster's gone except for one man, Matt Cardona.

Corgan: "Why Cardona?"

Heyman: "I've always liked the kid since he was doing the whole "Woo Woo Woo" schtick a decade ago. The kid's got talent and he's certainly proved himself over the last few years. I'm pushing him to the moon and hoping WWE doesn't come back knocking."

Corgan: "Okay, continue."

Heyman: "Second, as a consequence of getting rid of the whole roster, save Cardona, and replacing them with people that I know deserve a shot in the NWA, we're putting NWA Powerrr on an indefinite hiatus. No offence Billy, but that name is terrible and I'm going to be working to get a better show name in the meantime."

Corgan: "Harsh, but fair, what's next?"

Heyman: "For the titles, we're cutting things down a bit. We can keep the big ones, NWA World Heavyweight, Women's, Tag Team, Television, those are fine. These other ones though? Got to go. I just don't have a big enough roster in mind to support it."

Corgan: "So there goes the Junior Heavyweight, the National, US Tag, Women's Tag, and Women's Television Titles. Did we really have that many titles?"

Heyman: "Yeah, just imagine what Sam Muchnick had to deal with back in the day!"

Corgan: "I like what I'm hearing Paul. I'll get my lawyers to draw up a contract and the NWA will be under your control by the beginning of the year. Pleasure doing business with you."

Heyman: "Thank you Billy. Now let's hope this goes better than the last time I had to deal with the National Wrestling Alliance..."




(OOC: We're back! In case you're new here, hi! I'm Uncrewed. You may remember me from such dynasties as WWF: Turning the Tide and NJPW: King of Puroresu. Troy McClure impression aside, both of those dynasties ran their course and ended six years and six months ago respectfully (I've really been doing this that long!). Now it's time to move on to a whole new project, one with a lot history, but with a lot of new faces. I'm super excited to show y'all what I have for the NEW National Wrestling Alliance and I hope you come along for the ride!)

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Drew Galloway, Matt Cardona, Matt Riddle, Mercedes Mone




Jacob Fatu, Mustafa Ali, Nic Nemeth




Alex Hammerstone, Bryan Keith, Chris Hero, Giulia, Mansoor, Mason Madden, Shawn Spears, Tenille Dashwood, Timothy Thatcher, Viper




Bojack, BOOGZ, Breeze, Dominic Garrini, EJ Nduka, James Drake, Kenzie Paige, Kevin Ku, Lance Anoa'i, Marshall Von Erich, Megan Bayne, Ross Von Erich, Steph de Lander, Steve Maclin, Tankman, WARHORSE, Zack Gibson, Zilla Fatu




Brady, Janai Kai, Santana Garrett, Truth Magnum, Turbo Floyd, Xia Brookside




Dan Lambert- Manages Violence is Forever

Salina de la Renta- Manages Nic Nemeth



The Samoan Savages- Jacob Fatu, Zilla Fatu, & Lance Anoa'i

Violence is Forever- Dan Lambert, Kevin Ku, Dominic Garrini, & Janai Kai

Pretty Powerful- Megan Bayne, Steph de Lander, & Brady

Dreadlock Demolition Machines- Bojack & Tankman

Grizzled Young Veterans- James Drake & Zack Gibson


MxM- Mansoor & Mason Madden

The Outrunners- Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd

The Von Erichs- Marshall Von Erich & Ross Von Erich



Mauro Ranallo- Play-by-Play Announcer

Josh Barnett- Color Commentator

Mike Chioda- Senior Referee

Brian Gorie- Associate Referee

Justin King- Associate Referee

Edited by Uncrewed
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NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Current Champion:


Nic Nemeth

Title History:
1) Orville Brown- July 1948-November 1949
2) Lou Thesz- November 1949-March 1956
3) Whipper Billy Watson- March 1956-November 1956
4) Lou Thesz (2)- November 1956-November 1957
5) Dick Hutton- November 1957-January 1959
6) Pat O'Connor- January 1959-June 1961
7) Buddy Rogers- June 1961-January 1963
8 ) Lou Thez (3)- January 1963-January 1966
9) Gene Kiniski- January 1966-February 1969
10) Dory Funk Jr.- February 1969-May 1973
11) Harley Race- May 1973-July 1973
12) Jack Brisco- July 1973-December 1974
13) Giant Baba- December 1974-December 1974
14) Jack Brisco (2)- December 1974-December 1975
15) Terry Funk- December 1975-February 1977
16) Harley Race (2)- February 1977-August 1979
17) Dusty Rhodes- August 1979-August 1979
18) Harley Race (3)- August 1979-October 1979
19) Giant Baba (2)- October 1979-November 1979
20) Harley Race (4)- November 1979-September 1980
21) Giant Baba (3)- September 1980-September 1980
22) Harley Race (5)- September 1980-April 1981
23) Tommy Rich- April 1981-May 1981
24) Harley Race (6)- May 1981-June 1981
25) Dusty Rhodes (2)- June 1981-September 1981
26) Ric Flair- September 1981-June 1983
27) Harley Race (7)- June 1983-November 1983
28) Ric Flair (2)- November 1983-May 1984
29) Kerry Von Erich- May 1984-May 1984
30) Ric Flair (3)- May 1984-July 1986
31) Dusty Rhodes (3)- July 1986-August 1986
32) Ric Flair (4)- August 1986-September 1987
33) Ron Garvin- September 1987-November 1987
34) Ric Flair (5)- November 1987-February 1989
35) Ricky Steamboat- February 1989-May 1989
36) Ric Flair (6)- May 1989-July 1990
37) Sting- July 1990-January 1991
38) Ric Flair (7)- January 1991-March 1991
39) Tatsumi Fujinami- March 1991-May 1991
40) Ric Flair (8)- May 1991-September 1991
41) Masahiro Chono- August 1992-January 1993
42) The Great Muta- January 1993-February 1993
43) Barry Windham- February 1993-July 1993
44) Ric Flair (9)- July 1993-September 1993
45) Shane Douglas- August 1994-August 1994
46) Chris Candido- November 1994-February 1995
47) Dan Severn- February 1995-March 1999
48) Naoya Ogawa- March 1999-September 1999
49) Gary Steele- September 1999-October 1999
50) Naoya Ogawa (2)- October 1999-July 2000
51) Mike Rapada- September 2000-November 2000
52) Sabu- November 2000-December 2000
53) Mike Rapada (2)- December 2000-April 2001
54) Steve Corino- April 2001-October 2001
55) Shinya Hashimoto- December 2001-March 2002
56) Dan Severn (2)- March 2002-May 2002
57) Ken Shamrock- June 2002-August 2002
58) Ron Killings- August 2002-November 2002
59) Jeff Jarrett- November 2002-June 2003
60) AJ Styles- June 2003-October 2003
61) Jeff Jarrett (2)- October 2003-April 2004
62) AJ Styles (2)- April 2004-May 2004
63) Ron Killings (2)- May 2004-June 2004
64) Jeff Jarrett (3)- June 2004-April 2005
65) Ray Gonzalez- April 2005-April 2005
66) Jeff Jarrett (4)- April 2005-May 2005
67) AJ Styles (3)- May 2005-June 2005
68) Raven- June 2005-September 2005
69) Jeff Jarrett (5)- September 2005-October 2005
70) Rhino- October 2005-October 2005
71) Jeff Jarrett (6)- October 2005-February 2006
72) Christian Cage- February 2006-June 2006
73) Jeff Jarrett (7)- June 2006-October 2006
74) Sting (2)- October 2006-November 2006
75) Abyss- November 2006-January 2007
76) Christian Cage (2)- January 2007-May 2007
77) Adam Pearce- September 2007-August 2008
78) Brent Albright- August 2008-September 2008
79) Adam Pearce (2)- September 2008-October 2008
80) Blue Demon Jr.- October 2008-March 2010
81) Adam Pearce (3)- March 2010-March 2011
82) Colt Cabana- March 2011-April 2011
83) The Sheik- April 2011-July 2011
84) Adam Pearce (4)- July 2011-April 2012
85) Colt Cabana (2)- April 2012-July 2012
86) Adam Pearce (5)- July 2012-October 2012
87) Kahagas- November 2012-March 2013
88) Rob Conway- March 2013-January 2014
89) Satoshi Kojima- January 2014-June 2014
90) Rob Conway (2)- June 2014-February 2015
91) Hiroyoshi Tenzan- February 2015-August 2015
92) Jax Dane- August 2015-October 2016
93) Tim Storm- October 2016-December 2017
94) Nick Aldis- December 2017-September 2018
95) Cody- September 2018-October 2018
96) Nick Aldis (2)- October 2018-August 2021
97) Trevor Murdoch- August 2021-February 2022
98) Matt Cardona- February 2022-June 2022
99) Trevor Murdoch (2)- June 2022-November 2022
100) Tyrus- November 2022-August 2023
101) EC3- August 2023-January 2024

102) Matt Cardona (2)- February 2024- May 2024

103) Drew Galloway- May 2024-May 2024

104) Nic Nemeth- May 2024- PRESENT



NWA World Women's Championship
Current Champion: 


Mercedes Mone

Title History:
1) Mildred Burke- 1950-August 1954
2) June Byers- August 1954-1964
3) The Fabulous Moolah- 1964-September 1966
4) Bette Boucher- September 1966-October 1966
5) The Fabulous Moolah (2)- October 1966-March 1968
6) Yukiko Tomoe- March 1968-April 1968
7) The Fabulous Moolah (3)- April 1968-October 1978
8 ) Evelyn Stevens- October 1978-October 1978
9) The Fabulous Moolah (4)- October 1978-December 1983
10) Debbie Combs- February 1986-1987
11) Debbie Combs (2)- April 1987-1994
12) Bambi- 1994-1994
13) Peggy Lee Leather- 1994-July 1994
14) Bambi (2)- July 1994-May 1996
15) Malia Hosaka- May 1996-May 1996
16) Debbie Combs (3)- May 1996-October 1996
17) Strawberry Fields- October 2000-November 2000
18) Madison- August 2002-October 2002
19) Char Starr- October 2002-December 2002
20) Madison- December 2002-March 2003
21) Leilani Kai- March 2003-June 2004
22) Kiley McLean- June 2004-April 2005
23) Lexie Fyfe- April 2005-October 2005
24) Christie Ricci- October 2005-January 2007
25) MsChif- January 2007-May 2007
26) Amazing Kong- May 2007-April 2008
27) MsChif (2)- April 2008-July 2010
28) Tasha Simone- July 2010-October 2010
29) La Reina de Corazones- October 2010-November 2010
30) Tasha Simone (2)- November 2010-November 2011
31) Tiffany Roxx- November 2011-December 2011
32) Tasha Simone (3)- December 2011-October 2012
33) Kacee Carlisle- October 2012-January 2014
34) Barbi Hayden- January 2014-February 2015
35) Santana Garrett- February 2015-December 2015
36) Amber Gallows- December 2015-September 2016
37) Jazz- September 2016-April 2019
38) Allysin Kay- April 2019-January 2020
39) Thunder Rosa- January 2020-October 2020
40) Serena Deeb- October 2020-June 2021
41) Kamille- June 2021-August 2023
42) Kenzie Paige- August 2023-January 2024

43) Mercedes Mone- February 2024- PRESENT



NWA World Television Championship
Current Champion: 


Bryan Keith

Title History:
1) Ricky Starks- January 2020-January 2020
2) Zicky Dice- January 2020-October 2020
3) Da Pope- October 2020-June 2021
4) Tyrus- June 2021-September 2022
5) Jordan Clearwater- November 2022-February 2023
6) Thom Latimer- February 2023-August 2023
7) Mims- August 2023-January 2024

8 ) Bryan Keith- February 2024- PRESENT



NWA World Tag Team Championship
Current Champions:


The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall Von Erich)

Title History:
1) The Miracle Violence Connection (Steve Williams & Terry Gordy)- July 1992-September 1992
2) Barry Windham & Dusty Rhodes- September 1992-November 1992
3) Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas- November 1992-March 1993
4) The Hollywood Blondes (Brian Pillman & Steve Austin)- March 1993-August 1993
5) The Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson & Paul Roma)- August 1993-September 1993
6) The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)- April 1995-June 1995
7) The Rock 'n' Roll Express (2)- July 1995-August 1995
8 ) Mr. Gannosuke & Tarzan Goto- December 1995-June 1996
9) The Andersons (CW Anderson & Pat Anderson)- September 1996-October 1997
10) The Rock 'n' Roll Express (3)- January 1998-February 1998
11) The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)- February 1998-March 1998
12) The Midnight Express (Bodacious Bart & Bombastic Bob)- March 1998-August 1998)
13) The Border Patrol (Agent Gunn & Agent Maxx)- August 1998-September 1998
14) Barry Windham & Tully Blanchard- September 1998-October 1998
15) The Border Patrol (2)- October 1998-October 1998
16) The Brotherhood (Eric Sbraccia & Knuckles Nelson)- October 1998-March 1999
17) The Brotherhood (Knuckles Nelson & Rick Fuller)- June 1999-June 1999
18) The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock)- June 1999-June 1999
19) The Brotherhood (Dukes Dalton & Knuckles Nelson)- June 1999-September 1999
20) Team Extreme (Khris Germany & Kit Carson)- September 1999-November 1999
21) Murder Incorporated (Jimmy James & Kevin Northcutt)- November 1999-December 1999
22) Team Extreme (2)- December 1999-March 2000
23) xXx (Curtis Thompson & Drake Dawson)- March 2000-April 2000
24) The Main Event (Reno Riggins & Steven Dunn)- April 2000-April 2000
25) The Rock 'n' Roll Express (4)- April 2000-April 2000
26) Big Bubba Pain & L.A. Stephens- April 2000-April 2000
27) xXx (2)- April 2000-August 2000
28) Bad Attitude (David Young & Rick Michaels)- August 2000-February 2001
29) The Bad Street Boys (Christian York & Joey Matthews)- February 2001-February 2001
30) Bad Attitude (2)- February 2001-March 2001
31) Dan Factor & David Flair- March 2001-March 2001
32) Bad Attitude (3)- March 2001-April 2001
33) The Heavenly Bodies (Chris Nelson & Vito DeNucci)- April 2001-December 2001
34) Glacier & Jason Sugarman- December 2001-December 2001
35) The Heavenly Bodies (2)- December 2001-January 2002
36) Disturbing Behavior (Jeff Daniels & Tim Renesto)- January 2002-April 2002
37) The Heavenly Bodies (3)- April 2002-June 2002
38) The Shane Twins (Mike Shane & Todd Shane)- June 2002-June 2002
39) AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn- July 2002-August 2002
40) America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)- September 2002-November 2002
41) The Disciples of The New Church (Brian Lee & Slash)- November 2002-January 2003
42) America's Most Wanted (2)- January 2003-January 2003
43) Triple X (Christopher Daniels, Low Ki, & Elix Skipper)- January 2003-February 2003
44) Triple X (2)- March 2003-April 2003
45) The Amazing Red & Jerry Lynn- April 2003-May 2003
46) Triple X (3)- May 2003-June 2003
47) America's Most Wanted (3)- June 2003-August 2003
48) Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger- August 2003-November 2003
49) 3Live Kru (B.G. James, Konnan, & Ron Killings)- November 2003-January 2004
50) The Red Shirt Security (Joe Legend & Kevin Northcutt)- January 2004-February 2004
51) Abyss & AJ Styles- February 2004-March 2004
52) Dallas & Kid Kash- March 2004-April 2004
53) D-Lo Brown & Apolo- April 2004-April 2004
54) Dallas & Kid Kash (2)- April 2004-June 2004
55) America's Most Wanted (4)- June 2004-July 2004
56) The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)- July 2004-September 2004
57) Chris Harris & Elix Skipper- September 2004-September 2004
58) James Storm & Christopher Daniels- September 2004-October 2004
59) Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young)- October 2004-November 2004
60) 3Live Kru (2)- November 2004-December 2004
61) Team Canada (2)- December 2004-January 2005
62) America's Most Wanted (5)- January 2005-April 2005
63) The Naturals (2)- April 2005-October 2005
64) The Naturals (3)- October 2005-October 2005
65) America's Most Wanted (6)- October 2005-June 2006
66) AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels- June 2006-August 2006
67) The Latin American Xchange (Hernandez & Homicide)- August 2006-September 2006
68) AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels (2)- September 2006-October 2006
69) The Latin American Xchange (2)- October 2006-April 2007
70) Team 3D (Brother Devon & Brother Ray)- April 2007-May 2007
71) The Real American Heroes (Joey Ryan & Karl Anderson)- July 2007-February 2008
72) Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)- February 2008-October 2008
73) The Skullkrushers (Keith Walker & Rasche Brown)- October 2008-November 2010
74) The Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis & Kory Chavis)- November 2010-May 2011
75) The Usual Suspects (AJ Steele & Murder One)- May 2011-May 2011
76) The Dark City Fight Club (2)- May 2011-December 2012
77) The Kingz of the Underground (Ryan Genesis & Scott Summers)- December 2012-April 2013
78) Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer)- April 2013-November 2013
79) The IronGodz (Jax Dane & Rob Conway)- November 2013-April 2014
80) Tencozy (Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima)- April 2014-October 2014
81) Killer Elite Squad (2)- October 2014-October 2015
82) The Heatseekers (Elliott Russell & Sigmon)- October 2015-December 2015
83) The Iron Empire (Matt Riviera & Rob Conway)- December 2015-September 2016
84) The Heatseekers (2)- September 2016-September 2016
85) The Iron Empire (2)- September 2016-December 2016
86) The Heatseekers (3)- December 2016-January 2017
87) The Iron Empire (3)- January 2017-February 2017
88) Kazushi Miyamoto & Rob Terry)- February 2017-June 2017
89) The Heatseekers (4)- June 2017-September 2017
90) Villain Enterprises (Brody King & PCO)- April 2019-September 2019
91) The Wild Cards (Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer)- September 2019-October 2019
92) The Rock 'n' Roll Express (5)- October 2019-January 2020
93) Eli Drake & James Storm)- January 2020-November 2020
94) Aron Stevens & J.R. Kratos- November 2020-August 2021
95) La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450)- August 2021-June 2022
96) The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith)- June 2022-August 2022
97) La Rebelion (2)- August 2022-August 2023
98) Blunt Force Trauma (Carnage & Damage)- August 2023-January 2024

99) MxM (Mansoor & Mason Madden)- February 2024-May 2024

100) The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall Von Erich)- May 2024- PRESENT




The Genie's Lamp:

Prize given to the winner of the Genie's Lamp Ladder Match, held every year at Hard Times


Previous Winners:

2024- Nic Nemeth

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I hate to agree with sonny for once. The NWA roster isn't entirely worthless. Just mostly. But you'd be firing talent like Colby Corino, Kamille, or Max the Impaler. If you're just going to get rid of the entire roster, why even book the NWA? Why not just have Paul Heyman book a new company? 

And if I'm being entirely honest, I feel like we've seen enough recent examples of Heyman's booking that he doesn't have the sauce anymore. 

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3 hours ago, SonOfSharknado said:

I hate to agree with sonny for once. The NWA roster isn't entirely worthless. Just mostly. But you'd be firing talent like Colby Corino, Kamille, or Max the Impaler. If you're just going to get rid of the entire roster, why even book the NWA? Why not just have Paul Heyman book a new company? 

And if I'm being entirely honest, I feel like we've seen enough recent examples of Heyman's booking that he doesn't have the sauce anymore. 

You hate me? Wtf man!?

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Appreciate the feedback already guys. I know it's a super bold call to gut the entire roster save for Cardona (and someone else, but we'll save that for the roster reveal), but if there's anything I want to do with this dynasty it's to be bold!


Trust me, I liked a lot of the folks on the old NWA too, but sometimes bold calls need to be made to send a message that this is a new era. And when you see who I've assembled for the new roster, I'm hopeful you'll agree :)

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"In a surprising turn of events, the lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins/owner of the National Wrestling Alliance sold the NWA to a newly-formed business group called Underground Revolution. I haven't been able to get much info on the group, but they apparently have an office located in Chicago. I have also been told that there is someone in the pro-wrestling business funding the company and with it being based out of Chicago, the connotation there is obvious. I'm not saying that CM Punk is buying the National Wrestling Alliance, but with him gone from AEW and WWE not wanting him at the moment, it's definitely a possibility."





*Phone rings*


jBKABcY.jpg    RJL26sc.jpg

Billy Corgan: "William Patrick Corgan, who is this?"

Paul Heyman: "Billy! Good to talk to you again! Did you see what Meltzer wrote in the Oberserver?"

Corgan: "Hey Paul, yeah, who told him that CM Punk is involved with the NWA? Don't tell me you managed to snag him."

Heyman: "Of course not, I tried reaching out to him, but he told me that Triple H gave him an offer he couldn't refuse. Just don't forget to watch Survivor Series this Saturday if you want to see what unfolded from there. I was a bit miffed, but understood completely, so I decided to have some fun with Meltzer and build some momentum going into the official unveiling at the end of December."

Corgan: "I get it. So, when's your last day with WWE anyway?"

Heyman: "December 15th. We're taping two Smackdowns for the holidays and they're going to write me off on the second one. I already talked with Hunter about it and, while he was sad, he understood completely. He also told me not to get any crazy ideas about starting a new promotion under his nose and I told him of course not, who would be so idiotic to do something like that?"

Corgan: "Paul Heyman, you lying bastard, that's what I love about you man."




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am8J3qL.jpgCEmUde1.jpg6YGyG4z.jpg    RJL26sc.jpg

Roman Reigns: "Green Bay! ACKNOWLEDGE ME!"


Roman: "Green Bay, it appears The Bloodline has a bit of a rat problem. There's no other way to explain why AJ Styles, LA Knight, and Randy Orton have all been able to get the jump on us without coming to one conclusion, we have a leaker on our hands. Now I know it's not Solo, so why don't we all just say who the rat is because to me, it's very obvious. JIM-

Jimmy Uso: "IT'S PAUL HEYMAN!"

*Roman looks surprised as the crowd gasps*

Roman: "Jimmy, you know the Tribal Chief doesn't appreciate liars."

Jimmy: "Calm down Uce, but it's been Paul Heyman this whole time feeding info to those fools. Here, I've got the footage to prove it!"

*Surveilance footage then plays showing Heyman calling LA Knight, Randy Orton, & AJ Styles, telling them that he's had enough of The Bloodline and wants Roman Reigns to lose the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship by any means necessary. We then cut back to the ring, where Paul Heyman is quivering in fear. However, that fear quickly turns into a wry grin.*

Paul Heyman: "Roman Reigns, YOU CAN GO TO HELL!"

*The crowd pops, but that's quickly stopped when Jimmy Uso blasts Paul Heyman with a superkick! The rest of The Bloodline quickly gangs up on Heyman, stomping a mudhole in him. The attack concludes with Solo Sikoa hitting Paul with the Samoan Spike at the same time Roman Reigns hits his former "wiseman" with a huge Spear! The Bloodline stand tall over Paul Heyman as Smackdown comes to a close.*




*Paul Heyman sits at his desk, researching more potential members of the newly revamped NWA roster, when he receives a phone call from a Chicago area code.*

*Phone rings*

Paul Heyman: "You've got Paul!"


Billy Corgan: "Paul, good to hear from you man. Just wanted to check in on you before the deal officially goes through tomorrow. How are things coming along with the roster?"

Heyman: "It's going good Billy. I've got some great guys signed on. We should be good and ready to go by the beginning of February."

Corgan: "That's good to hear Paul. I'll be sure to tune in when I can, I'm super excited to see what you have up your sleeve."

Heyman: "Oh don't worry Billy, I'm sure EVERYBODY will enjoy what's to come. Oh, take a look at the NWA Youtube channel when midnight strikes in a few hours."

Corgan: "Why?"

Heyman: "Well that would ruin the surprise duh. Good talking with you Billy, I'll be sure to buy your next album when it comes out."

*Phone clicks*



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Unknown Voice: "The Ten Pounds of Gold is synonymous with greatness in professional wrestling. From the likes of Lou Thesz to Harley Race to Ric Flair, if you wanted to be considered the best, you had to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship."

"And now, going into 2024, people are saying that the NWA World Heavyweight Championship doesn't matter anymore. They're saying that the NWA is a relic of a bygone era. And do you know what we'll tell them this year?"

*A shadowy figure emerges on screen. After a few seconds, lights illuminate the screen to reveal the shadowy figure as...











































Heyman: "F*CK YOU YOU'RE WRONG! *ahem* Sorry for the rude interruption, let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Heyman, the innovator of extreme, the rabbi of the revolution, and the newest owner of the National Wrestling Alliance! That's right, your eyes aren't deceiving you, Paul Heyman is the man in charge of the National Wrestling Alliance. The very idea that I tried to kill 30 years ago is now under my control. Now don't worry, I'm not here to kill the NWA, I'm here to bring it into the modern era. For too long, people have viewed the National Wrestling Alliance as an "old folks home." With who they were putting out there for so long, can you blame them? That's why I decided to step in and take things over from my good friend Billy Corgan. I want to see the NWA succeed and I realized that I'm the only man who can make it work.

So, what's going to change? For one, we've got a whole new roster coming in. The only man still with us from last year is the number one contender to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Matt Cardona. He will receive his shot at the now-vacant NWA World Heavyweight Championship at our first major event at the end of February, NWA Revolution. He'll face the winner of an eight-man tournament that will start at the first episode of our newest NWA television show, NWA Main Event, premiering live on Fox Sports 2 on Thursday, February 1st!

I will be unveiling the roster over the next few weeks here on the NWA Youtube channel, so please come along for the ride with us. Because we are the National Wrestling Alliance and we are going to..



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NWA Youtube Channel- January 8th, 2024:

Reclaiming the Glory Part One: The Stars of the National Wrestling Alliance

Paul Heyman: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! My name is Paul Heyman! If you haven't heard the news already, then let me tell you once again that I have bought the National Wrestling Alliance. As such, I've decided to remake the National Wrestling Alliance in MY image. Today, we'll be taking a look at some of the newest members of the NWA roster. They were all handpicked by yours truly for one mission, to reclaim the lost glory of the National Wrestling Alliance! We now present your featured presentation..."



"Main Event" Matt Cardona

Cardona: "Y'know, the last few weeks, people have been asking me "Matt, how does it feel to be the one guy Paul Heyman wanted to keep around from the old era of the NWA?" "Matt, are you feeling pressured to not blow it and win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship that you never lost in the first place and only had to drop because you got injured?" You know what I tell them? I tell them that I was the only guy worthy enough from that talent cesspool to make it to the new NWA. You know what else I tell them? That when the dust settles, I'll still be the only guy worth a damn on this new roster! These eight jabronis entering the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Contenders Tournament can't hold a candle to me, even if it's their best day and it's my worst. Because I'm Matt Cardona and I'm THE MAIN EVENT!"



"The Knockout Artist" Chris Hero

Paul Heyman voiceover: "Name any company in America and Chris Hero has probably worked for them. This man has over 25 years of professional wrestling experience, wrestling for companies like Ring of Honor, WWE, and Pro Wrestling NOAH. With his hard-hitting style and devastating Rolling Elbow, Chris Hero has made his mark on the professional wrestling industry. Now he comes to the National Wrestling Alliance to help the next generation of stars follow in his footsteps and maybe even win the illustrious 10 pounds of gold along the way!"



"The Judge" EJ Nduka

A video plays showing a group of guys drinking at a bar. The bartender comes up to the group and tells them that it's closing time and they need to pay their tab. The guys refuse and begin to walk to the exit. That's when the bartender grabs his cell phone, calls an unknown number, and tells the person on the other line to "send in THE JUDGE!" The doors to the exit are then locked by a tall shadowy figure, who quickly emerges from the shadows to reveal EJ Nduka. The men try to attack Nduka, but they can't do a damn thing to him. Nduka quickly overpowers the four men, chokeslamming each of them through separate bar tables. Nduka lets out a victory approval before a message flashes on screen:




"The Bounty Hunter" Bryan Keith

A video plays showing a guy running through the woods. After nearly a minute, he stops to catch his breath. He mutters to himself, "Who is this guy chasing me? What the hell did I do to deserve this?" Before he could make his next move, Bryan Keith appeared in front of him! The man scurried back as Keith told him "It's nothing personal man, I'm just here to collect that bounty on your head." Keith then grabbed the man by the collar and beat the living hell out of him! He then tied the guy up (Red Dead Redemption style) and carried him back to his pickup truck. Keith started his truck, but before he drove off, he told the man one simple sentence.

Keith: "And by the way, when my name's called. I ALWAYS COLLECT!"

The video then cuts to black with the words "BRYAN KEITH, COMING SOON TO THE NATIONAL WRESTLING ALLIANCE" flashing on screen



"Rock Solid" Alex Hammerstone

Paul Heyman voiceover: "Despite only wrestling for less than a decade, Alex Hammerstone has made a name for himself as one of the toughest competitors in all of professional wrestling. From his time in MLW, where he won the MLW World Heavyweight Championship, to his time in Japan wrestling for Pro Wrestling NOAH, Alex Hammerstone has brought a level of ferocity to the ring everywhere's he gone. Now, he brings his hard-hitting style to the National Wrestling Alliance, hoping that it'll lead him to the 10 pounds of gold!"



"The Tormentor" Timothy Thatcher

Paul Heyman voiceover: "Everywhere that Timothy Thatcher has gone, a path of broken bones and crushed spirits have been left in his wake. This man is one of the most technically-sound wrestlers in pro wrestling today. Combining mat-based offense and a wide arsenal of submissions, it's no wonder why Timothy Thatcher has proven to be one of the most feared men in all of professional wrestling. Can his technical prowess lead him to the 10 pounds of gold? Only time will tell!"



"The Chairman" Shawn Spears

*We cut to a dark room, where a singular lightbulb is all that illuminates a single chair sitting in the middle. All of a sudden, Shawn Spears enters the room and takes a seat*

Shawn Spears: "What do I have to prove to you people? Was my four years in AEW not enough to satisfy you? Was cracking Cody Rhodes over the head with a chair not enough? Was kicking ass every time I entered that ring not enough damn it?!?!? WHAT MORE DO I HAVE DO TO PROVE TO THE PRO WRESTLING INDUSTRY THAT I AM NOT TO BE MESSED WITH?!?!?!?"

*Spears then gets up and flips the chair*

Spears: "Heh, you know what I need to do? I need to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Maybe then the world will know what being "The Chairman" truly means!"



"The Samoan Wrecking Ball" Jacob Fatu

Paul Heyman voiceover: "The name "Fatu" needs no introduction in the world of professional wrestling. From the huge Rikishi Fatu to the wrecking machine Umaga Fatu and even today with three Fatus on top of the biggest company in professional wrestling. Enter Jacob Fatu. The son of former Tag Team Champion Tama, Jacob Fatu has shown himself as a force to be reckoned with. With his raw power and ruthless intensity, Jacob Fatu has shown himself to be one of the most dangerous wrestlers to ever emerge from the Fatu family. Can Jacob Fatu and his unique brand of savagery be enough to bring home the one title that has aluded the Fatu family?"



"The Falcon" Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali: "You look at me and you see someone who shouldn't be here. I was born to two immigrants from Pakistan and India, grew up on the mean streets of Chicago. The kids at school used to make fun of me for my name, how I looked, and for my love of professional wrestling. I didn't let that get to me though, I kept chasing my dreams of beocming a professional wrestler. And guess what? Despite some promoters trying to tell me to be a stereotype, I'm still standing. And with my loving wife and three beautiful children, I've got to stay strong. That's why I made my way to the National Wrestling Alliance. I want to prove everyone wrong, prove all the stereotypes wrong, and win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!"



"The Natural" Nic Nemeth

*We cut to an extravagant yacht, where Nemeth is sitting on the deck, sipping a mimosa*

Nic Nemeth: "The world of professional wrestling needs someone like me. It needs a megastar. It needs someone larger than life. It needs someone who knows they're that much better than everyone else in it! That's why I'm here. I'm Nic Nemeth. Some people have called me a show-off, some have called me perfection. But what I really am, is a natural. No matter what's out there nowadays trying to copy me, you can only have one natural product and you're looking at him baby. And let me introduce you to the woman behind "The Natural," Salina de la Renta!


*Salina de la Renta saunters into view*

Salina de la Renta: "Nic Nemeth isn't just "The Natural," he is the man the whole damn wrestling world revolves around. And I am more than happy to sit in the corner for this man as he makes his way to the National Wrestling Alliance and wins the ten pounds of gold!"

Nemeth: "And if you don't like it? Well, I've got two words for ya, CHAMP OUT!"



"The King of Bros" Matt Riddle

*Video plays showing Riddle's MMA career*

Paul Heyman Voiceover: "When he first entered the world of mixed martial arts, Matt Riddle was unstoppable. With his deadly submission skills, Riddle went 7-3 in the UFC, only being stopped by the inflated ego of Dana White."

*Video then shows Riddle's dominant run across the independent wrestling circuit*

Heyman: "Dana White's mistake was the wrestling world's blessing, as Matt Riddle set out to prove his dominance in the world of professional wrestling. And anyone with a working set of eyes has to say that Riddle succeeded in his mission. From beating the likes of Zack Sabre Jr., Will Ospreay, Ricochet, and Drew Galloway, to winning accolades across numerous different promotions, Matt Riddle has proven himself to be an unstoppable machine."

*We then cut to Matt Riddle standing inside a MMA octagon*

Matt Riddle: "But now bro, I've got something to prove. Have you ever been so close to achieving your dreams, just for a bunch of corporate yes men to take it away from you at the last second? Well, I'll tell you something, it sucks. So when I see these people like Nic Nemeth and Matt Cardona talk about how they're hot sh*t, it pisses me off bro. That's why I've decided to throw my hat into the National Wrestling Alliance, because the only thing that can stop a bunch of arrogant jackasses is The King of Bros!"

*Riddle gives a thumbs up and flashes a smile*

Riddle: "But before I go, let's just get one thing clear. Anyone who's standing in my way of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, whether it's Nic Nemeth, Matt Cardona, Mustafa Ali, whoever, there's only three ways you're leaving the ring. It's TAP, NAP, OR SNAP BRO!"



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NWA Youtube Channel- January 15th, 2024

Reclaiming the Glory Part Two: The Women of the National Wrestling Alliance


Paul Heyman: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! My name is Paul Heyman! I am the proprietor of the National Wrestling Alliance, if you couldn't tell by now. Last time on Reclaiming the Glory, we introduced you to the newest stars of the National Wrestling Alliance. Today, we'll let the ladies get the spotlight, so get ready to meet the fiercest females in professional wrestling, ONLY to be seen under the banner of the National Wrestling Alliance. These women were also handpicked by yours truly, so I will assure you that these women are some of the best wrestlers in the world today. So, without further ado, let's get on with the show!"




"Wildcat" Xia Brookside


*We see training footage of Xia Brookside in the ring with her father, the legendary Robbie Brookside. She seems to get the best of him at few occasions, but he's a legend in the business for a reason, and ultimately is able to gain control over his daughter.*

Robbie Brookside: "Patience Xia, you've got to cover up those holes in your defense or you'll get taken over each time!"

Xia Brookside: "I'm trying dad. You know, I'm no slouch in here right?"

Robbie: "Of course, you're a wonderful athlete, but you're too rough around the edges. You need to get that killer instinct in order to get to the next level."

Xia: "Really dad?"

Robbie: "Yeah Xia, you're just like me when I started. I was young, naive, couldn't tell a wristlock from a wristwatch, just like you."

Xia: "What did you just say?"

Robbie: "I'm telling you that you're in over your head, you don't belong here Xia. Go home, go to school, do something else."

Xia: "That's it, I'll show you what Xia Brookside is all about!"

*With that, Xia lunges at her father and is quickly able to lock him in a kneebar. Within seconds, Robbie is tapping out.

Robbie: *panting heavily* "That's my girl! I Just said all that because I knew it would awaken something in you. You're definitely ready."

Xia: "Heh, thanks dad. Now, if you need me, I've got my sights on a certain NWA World Women's Title..."



Pretty Powerful (Megan Bayne & Steph de Lander)

*Video plays showing Megan Bayne doing pullups and sled pushes, interspersed with her wrestling in Japan*

Megan Bayne: "My name's Megan Bayne. Some call me a Greek Goddess, but I just call myself pretty powerful!"

*Video then plays showing Steph de Lander lifting weights and doing pushups, interspersed with her wide variety of indy matches*

Steph de Lander: "And my name's Steph de Lander. Some call me a powerhourse, but I just call myself pretty powerful!"

*The two then meet up and share an Arnold Schwarzenegger/Carl Weathers from Predator handshake*


*The two women strike a pose before they are interrupted by a doorbell ringing. They go and answer the door to find a young blonde guy in a pizza delivery guy's uniform*


???: "Did somebody order a pizza?"

Steph: "Uh, no."

*Before Steph can slam the door shut on him he falls to his knees and begins to beg*


Megan: "Anything?"


Steph: "Okay, how about you serve as our little "problem-solver," it's a better job than whatever the hell you're doing now."

???: "OH THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I PROMISE I WON'T LET YOU DOWN! My name's Bodhi by the way-"

Megan: "Not anymore! If you really want to run with us, you need a whole new makeover. From now on, your new name is Brady!"

Steph: "Yeah! Now Brady, go get our bags for us, we need to get to a place that needs us desperately."

Brady: "Of course m'am, where is that if I may ask?"




"All-American" Santana Garrett

Paul Heyman voiceover: "If you're a female wrestler who has paid her dues on the independent scene, chances are that you have faced Santana Garrett at one point or another. The 15-year veteran Santana Garrett brings a worldwide flavor to the National Wrestling Alliance, having wrestled for companies like TNA, STARDOM, AEW, and WWE. Hell, she's the only one on the women's roster to have actually won the NWA World Women's Championship, holding it for over 300 days back in 2015. Now, she'll look to get one more run at the top before her illustrious career comes to a close!"





*Paul Heyman is busy doing some sort of paperwork before he hears a knock at his door*

Paul Heyman: "Come in!"


*Former NWA World Women's Champion Kenzie Paige bursts in!*

Heyman: "What do you want?"

Kenzie Paige: "Hi Paul, I was just here to ask for a spot in the new and improved NWA women's division. Considering I was the most recent NWA World Women's Champion, I think you should give me another shot."

Heyman: "Oh, you're that Kenzie Paige chick. Yeah, no, we don't want anything to do with the old NWA, sorry Ms. Paige, you can leave now."

Paige: "I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying. I'm telling you that you NEED me on the new NWA women's division."

Heyman: "Well, I don't think you heard me, I'm saying that I don't want ANYTHING to do with the old NWA, so bye bye."

*Paige then approaches Paul Heyman and grabs him by his collar*

Heyman: "Hey! What are you doi-"



*Paige lets go of Heyman*

Paige: "Ok Paul, spit it out."

*Heyman cracks a smile*

Heyman: "Kenzie Paige, you are officially a member of the National Wrestling Alliance's revamped roster, but if you fail to win the NWA World Women's Championship by the end of 2024, then YOU WILL BE FIRED!"

*Paige initially hesitates at first, but then a convinced grin emerges on her face*

Paige: "Paul, BRING! IT! ON!"



"The Influence" Tenille Dashwood

*We cut to a gorgeous sandy beach, where Tenille Dashwood is just wrapping up a bikini photoshoot. She saunters off set and grabs a glass of champagne before speaking to the camera*

Tenille Dashwood: "Hello you disgusting rubes. My name is Tenille Dashwood and I have decided to grace the National Wrestling Alliance with my prescence. Why? Because the National Wrestling Alliance NEEDS someone like me. They need someone beautiful, they need someone stunning, they need to experience "The Influence!"

*Dashwood sips her champagne*

Dashwood: "So to all you uggos watching at home and to all the wannabe Tenilles on the roster, g'day to you. Drink that in, because that will be the highest praise you'll ever receive from someone as pretty as me! Get ready world, because Tenille Dashwood is coming to the National Wrestling Alliance to win the World Women's Championship and spread "The Influence" across the globe!"



Paul Heyman: "And that's all the time we have for this edition of Reclaiming the Glory! Thank you for watching and make sure to tune in next time when we introduce you to the newest tag teams arriving in the NWA. Until then, I'm Paul Heyman and that's all you need to know...

Hey, why is the camera still rolling? Someone tell Davey in production to get his sh*t togeth-"














































































































*Mone struts on screen, leaving Paul Heyman's jaw on the floor before she grabs a microphone*

Mercedes Mone: "That's right, it's me Mercedes Mone live and in color! Y'know, I said I always wanted to wrestle the best women's wrestlers in the world and win a lot of gold in the process, so what better place to do it than in the National Wrestling Alliance! Paul! I know you're looking for a new NWA World Women's Champion. Let me tell you something, you're looking at her right now! And you can...








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NWA Youtube Channel- January 22nd, 2024

Reclaiming the Glory Part Three: The Teams of the National Wrestling Alliance

Paul Heyman: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! My name is Paul Heyman! Now, if you don't know by now, which you definitely should by this point, I am the new proprietor of the National Wrestling Alliance. As such, I have decided to "refresh" the roster. Over the last few weeks, you've seen the newest additions to the men's and women's rosters, so in today's edition of Reclaiming the Glory, let's take a look at the backbone of the new National Wrestling Alliance, the tag team division!"



The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall Von Erich)


*We cut to a wrestling ring inside a barn, where the legendary Kevin Von Erich is watching his sons Ross & Marshall Von Erich train*

Kevin Von Erich: "No Ross, you don't have the Claw locked all the way in, Marshall can easily escape."

Ross Von Erich: "C'mon dad, we've been training for hours now!"

Marshall Von Erich: "Yeah dad, I think we're doing pretty good."

Kevin: "Pretty good isn't going to cut it in the National Wrestling Alliance guys. Sit down, let me tell you about the family history with the NWA if you really want to understand why I'm pushing you guys so hard."

*Ross & Marshall break their hold and start listening to their father*

Kevin: "Well, it all started back when your granddad was wrestling. He did everything to get a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but he just never got it. That really angered him and he passed that anger onto me and my brothers, may God rest their souls. Your uncle David was supposed to win the NWA Wold Title, but he sadly passed away before he could. Then your uncle Kerry entered the scene, took David's spot, and beat the legendary Ric Flair to win the ten pounds of gold. As for me? I had some opportunities, but I just couldn't get it done sadly. So now I want you two boys to follow in the Von Erich Family footsteps. Go on to the National Wrestling Alliance and win those NWA World Tag Team Championships!"

*Ross & Marshall nod in agreement*

Kevin: "And hey, maybe one day you'll one-up your old man and actually win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!"

Ross & Marshall (at the same time): "I will dad!" "Hey, wait a minute!"

*Kevin laughs*

Kevin: "Alright boys, one more round of training and then it's time for supper. Let's get to it!"




The Outrunners (Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum)

*The video feed suddenly drops in quality as some cheesy 80s power metal starts to play. Scenes then pop up showing two men participating in a generic 80s training montage. From working out in the gym to running across town, this one's got all the hallmarks of a cheesy action move montage. The montage eventually ends with the two men exchanging a big high five, freeze-framing in mid-air*






Dan Lambert: "Hello you disgusting slobs watching from your mom's basement. My name's Dan Lambert, the head of American Top Team and the newest leader of the most dangerous group of wrestlers around today, Violence is Forever! Let's show you around the dojo to see what these deadly warriors are truly made of...


*Lambert first approaches a sort-of kickboxing area, where Janai Kai is training*

Lambert: "This is Janai Kai. We like to call her our "Kick Demon." Why? If you would so kindly demonstrate on this dummy Janai."

*Lambert then pulls out a dummy on a cart and places it in front of Kai. Lambert then gives Kai the signal and Kai hits the dummy's head with a high kick so powerful it sends the dummy's head flying off its body!*

Lambert: "Now that's what I call losing your mind!"


*Lambert then approaches a jiu-jitsu area, where Dominic Garrini is sparring with an opponent*

Lambert: "This right here is Dominic Garrini. He's VIF's resident "Bone Collector." Now Dominic, can you show this poor guy you're working with here why you earned that nickname?"

*Garrini nods and quickly locks the opponent in an armbar. Within seconds, a loud pop is heard and the guy immediately taps out*

Lambert: "Add another one to the collection! Good job Dominic!"

*Lambert then heads over to a wrestling mat, where a random dude is trying to warm up*

Lambert: "Finally, we have Kevin Ku. We call him..."


*Suddenly, the random dude trying to warm up is taken down from behind by Kevin Ku! Ku quickly locks him in a rear naked choke and makes him pass out within seconds*

Lambert: "That's exactly why we call him "No Warning" Kevin Ku!"

*Kai & Garrini then make their way to where Lambert & Ku are standing. Kai, Garrini, & Ku then gather behind Lambert*

Lambert: "With Janai Kai about to take over the women's division and Garrini & Ku getting those NWA World Tag Team Titles in no time, Violence is Forever will be on top of the National Wrestling Alliance in no time! Now tell me guys, why are we so dangerous?"


Lambert: "Heh, you're damn right it is"




*Heavy metal music begins playing. It kind of sounds like a weird mix of Megadeth and Pantera, but before the copyright lawyers can sue, we cut to a gym, where WARHORSE and BOOGZ are lifting weights. The two men are working out like mad men, their eyes bulging and both men yelling at nearly all times. The men then share an Arnold Schwarzenegger/Carl Weathers from Predator handshake before screaming at the camera.*


*BOOGZ then pulls an electric guitar out and begins shredding a sick solo as the video package comes to a close*



Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson)

Paul Heyman Voiceover: "If you want to talk about the British wrestling scene over the last decade, you can't not talk about James Drake & Zack Gibson, the Grizzled Young Veterans. With their combination of technical wrestling and pure ruthlessness, there's a reason why these two have probably become the most successful tag team to emerge out of the UK since The British Bulldogs! Now they bring their talents to the National Wrestling Alliance in hopes of adding some more gold to their collection!"




The Dreadlock Demolition Machines (Bojack & Tankman)


*We see two guys completely wrecking everyone that tries to fight them. They're destroying them and then talking metric tons of shit about it. The guys ask for their next opponents, telling the ringleader that they're guaranteeing that whoever steps up will be put in the dirt! The ringleader smiles and yells "BRING OUT THE DDM!" That's when Bojack & Tankman emerge onto the scene! The two guys are completely shocked and are instantly outmatched when Bojack and Tankman use their immense strength to quickly overpower them. Bojack finishes off one of the guys with a huge spinebuster onto the floor, while Tankman finishes off the other with a big chokebomb through a table! Bojack & Tankman stand tall as the rest of the fight club cheers in approval*




MxM (Mansoor & Mason Madden)

*We cut to what appears to be a storage closet, when suddenly we hear someone trying to kick the door. It fails and the guy lets out a big "DAMN IT!" before we hear another kick, which is successful. Mason Madden confidently strides in, while Mansoor tails behind him, favoring his leg*

Mansoor: "C'mon, this is the best you guys can do?"

Mason Madden: "A storage closet? Really? For the hottest tag team in the world MxM?"

Mansoor: "THAT'S HORSE SHI-"


Mansoor: "Ok, ok, I'm calm, don't worry."

Madden: "You sure?"

Mansoor: "OF COURSE I'M SURE MASON! Anyway, sorry for the rude welcome, you can thank to ol' Paul E for that. My name is Mansoor."

Madden: "And I'm Mason Madden."

Mansoor: "Together, we are..."

Madden & Mansoor: "MXM!"

Madden: "Now, I'm sure you've seen all the cool new tag teams in this video so far. At least, I hope you have, because if we're not going on last, then Paul's got a big problem."

Mansoor: "What my partner was trying to say before he got sidetracked was that all those tag teams are lacking one thing that me & Mason have. Let's say it on three Mason. 1! 2! 3!"

Mansoor & Madden: "THE INSIDE SCOOPS!"

Madden: "Now, what does that mean?"

Mansoor: "It means that we know everything before our opponents know anything!"

Madden: "And that's exactly the reason why we're coming to the National Wrestling Alliance."

Mansoor: "And show all you jabronis why MxM are always on top!"

Madden: "Never bottoms, that's right!"

Mansoor: "You can call us power tops if you will."

Madden: "Manny, no that's not what that means. Anyway, Watch out NWA, because MxM are here and we're not leaving until we're on top with all the power!"

Mansoor: "See, power tops!"

Madden: "NO, NOT LIKE THAT!"



Paul Heyman: "And that's all the time we have for today. Thank you all for watching the Reclaiming The Glory series and we hope you stick around to catch the debut episode of NWA Main Event on FS2 next Thursday. As a thanks, tonight I'm going to unveil the tournament matchups for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender's Tournament, the NWA World Women's Championship Tournament, and the NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament. Davey, pull them up..."

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender's Tournament (WINNER FACES MATT CARDONA FOR THE NWA WORLD TITLE AT NWA REVOLUTION:

Matt Riddle vs Bryan Keith
Jacob Fatu vs Timothy Thatcher
Mustafa Ali vs Shawn Spears
Nic Nemeth vs Chris Hero

NWA World Women's Championship Tournament:

Mercedes Mone vs Megan Bayne
Kenzie Paige vs Tenille Dashwood

NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament:

The Von Erichs vs Violence is Forever

Paul Heyman: "So thank you one and all for watching Reclaiming The Glory. And please, be sure to tune in to NWA Main Event on February 1st on Fox Sports 2. We've got a surprise no one will see coming!"



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Matt Riddle vs Bryan Keith

While I'm not the biggest fan of him personally, I don't see him losing already 

Jacob Fatu vs Timothy Thatcher

Fatu is def gonna be really big piece, and I'd be shocked if he isn't treated as the big bad monster

Mustafa Ali vs Shawn Spears


Gonna go with the upset here, Spears is a really good mid card piece and I think it makes sense to treat him good to start before allowing some of the younger guys to beat him later on. 

Nic Nemeth vs Chris Hero

Odds on favorite, and I think he's the only one here with history with Matt Cardona. 

NWA World Women's Championship Tournament:

Mercedes Mone vs Megan Bayne
Kenzie Paige vs Tenille Dashwood

Favorites here are the ex WWE guys

NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament:

The Von Erichs vs Violence is Forever


VIF is a good heel tag team, but Von Erichs have history on their side, and while I love Rik Boooooooogz, Mxm's long introduction kind of gives away that they are a focal point lol. Plus Warhorse is kind of annoying irl. 

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NWA World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender's Tournament (WINNER FACES MATT CARDONA FOR THE NWA WORLD TITLE AT NWA REVOLUTION:

Matt Riddle vs Bryan Keith - I know I'll lose points because Riddle is a guy Heyman would push (He did push him in real life) but he's just a dogshit person and Bryan Keith rules. 
Jacob Fatu vs Timothy Thatcher - Jacob Fatu is definitely going to be a star in this version of the NWA, so you might as well push him heavy out of the gate. 
Mustafa Ali vs Shawn Spears - Mustafa Ali is absolutely one of, if not the, biggest star on the independents right now. Everywhere he's booked gets sold out. He could be a main eventer anywhere, anyone would be happy to have him as their world champion. There's a reason Shawn Spears was in developmental for a decade. 
Nic Nemeth vs Chris Hero - In a just society, Hero squashes him flat in like five minutes. But Hero is a part-time guy who's only just coming out of hiatus IRL and Nemeth got the biggest, flashiest intro in the hype videos. 

NWA World Women's Championship Tournament:

Mercedes Mone vs Megan Bayne - Mercedes is undeniably the biggest women's star in independent wrestling. It would be ridiculous not to push her hard and fast. 
Kenzie Paige vs Tenille Dashwood - Kenzie Paige has a storyline going into these first shows. Tenille Dashwood... has sunglasses. If it was gonna happen for her, it would have happened by now. 

NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament:

The Von Erichs vs Violence is Forever - I much prefer ViF as a team in real life, but I can understand the Von Erichs getting the dub here. 
HEAVY METAL MAYHEM vs MxM - They're just WAY better than Boogz and Warhorse

And of course, all of these peoples' pushes depend on whether or not the modmaker decided to, in the words of a former NWA champion, "Fuck on them" with regards to their stats. 


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NWA World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender's Tournament (WINNER FACES MATT CARDONA FOR THE NWA WORLD TITLE AT NWA REVOLUTION:

Matt Riddle vs Bryan Keith
Jacob Fatu vs Timothy Thatcher
Mustafa Ali vs Shawn Spears
Nic Nemeth vs Chris Hero

NWA World Women's Championship Tournament:

Mercedes Mone vs Megan Bayne
Kenzie Paige vs Tenille Dashwood

NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament:

The Von Erichs vs Violence is Forever


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NWA World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender's Tournament (WINNER FACES MATT CARDONA FOR THE NWA WORLD TITLE AT NWA REVOLUTION:

Matt Riddle vs Bryan Keith
Jacob Fatu vs Timothy Thatcher
Mustafa Ali vs Shawn Spears
Nic Nemeth vs Chris Hero

NWA World Women's Championship Tournament:

Mercedes Mone vs Megan Bayne
Kenzie Paige vs Tenille Dashwood

NWA World Tag Team Championship Tournament:

The Von Erichs vs Violence is Forever

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