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A change in months is a momentum occasion in many religions, faiths, cultures. The start of June, the month named for the king of gods, is seen as a sign of power and strength in addition to the typical feelings of renewal and reinvigoration that any new month should bring. In the culture of professional wrestling simulator fans (and let's face it, folks, that's a splinter of a niche market, right there), it means another thing altogether: The return of old friends, and the answer to long-awaited questions. Has Fox Mask left for the big leagues? Has Beach Babe Bunny told her boyfriend it's time to either quit drugs or to quit her? Have any luchadores headed north to try their luck? And most importantly... can a certain booker manage to continue his campaign off mediocrity? Two hours... 120 minutes... and then however long it takes to release the game, since I'm on freakin' central time... [b]Welcome.[/b]
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