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UFC 107 Predictions


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Just give your predictions


Paul Buentello Vs Stefan Struve


Buentello on this one for me. 1st Round KO


Kenny FLorian Vs Clay Guida


I got guida in the second round, FOTN deffinastely 3rd Round TKO


Jon Fitch Vs Mike Pierce


Fitch should win relatively easy and lead to him being next in line for a title shot. 2nd Round Submission


Frank Mir Vs Cheick Kongo


I'm gonna go with Kongo on this one I don't know why I just have a feeling in my bones, Mir still has Lesnar on the brain and is not taking this fight serious enough, IMHO. 2nd round TKO


BJ Penn Vs Diego Sanchez


Sanchez Deserves it but can he get it. I always say you can't vote against Penn, even if my hopes beyond all hopes see him going down in the 4th round.

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My MMA knowledge is fairly limited, I mean I watch it whenever I can but I don't know everybody. There are actually three on this card that I don't know. However, I will make my picks"


Paul Buentello Vs Stefan Struve


I do not know who either of these guys are so I will not pick.


Kenny FLorian Vs Clay Guida


I like both guys but I think Clay is going to take this. Clay is an animal! The dude has a relentless attack and I just can not see K-Flo being able to match him. Let me say Clay by KO in the 3rd Round.


Jon Fitch Vs Mike Pierce


I do not know who Mike Pierce is but I do know Jon Fitch for that simple fact I will go with Jon.


Frank Mir Vs Cheick Kongo


I really think this could go either way, just for the simple fact that Mir really seemed to piss Kongo off with his pre-match trash talking. I think Frank wins by decision.


BJ Penn Vs Diego Sanchez


BJ claims he has been working on his cardio, and I believe that is what will help him in this fight. I say BJ in round three via KO.

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Struve, 1st round sub. Don't see Buentello having anything to use on Struve. Just another rung on the ladder for young dutchman.


Florian, I think. He should take Guida down and completely control him on the floor. Guida's a tough kid and will probably worm out of a few submissions. Florian by TKO (strikes) in the 2nd.


Fitch by UD, this is Pierce's chance to step up and I think Fitch will be a step too far.


Mir, 2nd round sub. Mir may well get caught off guard by Kongo, but he'll recover to submit Cheick in the 2nd round.


BJ BJ BJ. Can't say for sure how, but BJ will win. Regardless of whether he has improved his cardio or not. Penn is miles above anyone else in this division. Hopefully I'm wrong and we get a big shake-up to the lightweight division. BJ, sub, 3rd.

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ill just predict the main card fights..


Sanchez def. Penn

- me and my housemate are massive Nightmare fans, so Im kinda biased.. even though I think BJ will win, I WANT Diego to take the title.. itll be much better for the division as well..


Mir def. Kongo

- as much as I dont like Mir, I reckon Mir will catch Kongo like he caught Brock - and get a sore face in the process..


Florian def. Guida

- I really think Kenny is a top level fighter and despite being impressed by Guida and his locks I think Florian will be too good..


Struve def. Buentello

- I reckon Struve will have too much for him and catch him in a choke in the first..


Fitch def. Pierce

- could be a really good fight, but I think Fitch is too good to lose this one..


overall Im really looking forward to 107... mainly for the Diego manlove but still..

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posted these in the other thread. Doing pretty well so far:


B.J. Penn vs. Diego Sanchez - Decision

Cheick Kongo vs. Frank Mir - Sub - Round 2

Jon Fitch vs. Mike Pierce - TKO - Round 3

Kenny Florian vs. Clay Guida - Decision

Paul Buentello vs. Stefan Struve - TKO - Round 3

Alan Belcher vs. Wilson Gouveia - Decision

Shane Nelson vs. Matt Wiman - Decision

Ricardo Funch vs. Johny Hendricks - Knock Out - Round 2

Lucio Linhares vs. Rousimar Palhares - Submission - Round 3

Edgar Garcia vs. DaMarques Johnson - Decision

Kevin Burns vs. T.J. Grant - TKO - Round 1




T.J. Grant def. Kevin Burns via TKO (strikes) - Round 1, 4:57

DaMarques Johnson def. Edgar Garcia via submission (triangle choke) - Round 1, 4:03

Rousimar Palhares def. Lucio Linhares via submission (heel hook) - Round 2, 3:21

Johny Hendricks def. Ricardo Funch via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)



I believe there is one prelim left.

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