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Random characters you like?

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It seems a vast majority of the people here like the same basic people with random little names scattered about. Which "against the norm" characters does everyone like and why?


Me? I like Vaughan and The Snowman a lot. Same with The Amazing Fire Fly.


I have Snowman, Nightmare, Tombstone, and Acheron in a stable called Monsters Inc. founded by Streetz(who has been renamed Jonny Streetz). They're all openers/lower midcard acts, but they're focusing on destroying the main eventers over and over again building their pop.

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I like Fearless Blue and Richie Riggins.

No matter what game im playing (aside from my OVW where I only allow myself to sign workers the debut post game-start) I sign Fearless Blue


I think I like Fearless Blue because for some reason he reminds me of The Amazing Red... and Richie Riggins because the render itself just seems so supremely arrogant lol.

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Don't know exactly how 'against the norm' any of these guys are, but I like them. I have a lot though.


- Jared Johnson - signing in pretty much every game. I like his skills spread and the look of his re-renders (Ewanite and J-Silver, I THINK)


- Edward Cornell - Poor Ed, so underrated, so overshadowed.


- Hitomaro Suzuki

Tsurayuki Kamachi - Admittedly both down to their re-renders, but they both have killer looks from said re-renders and are pretty sweet prospects.


- Jason Moon... oh wait he's from my own mod. Nevermind. xD


- Ricky Storm - Always liked his render and his general description.


- Regular Joe - Not sure exactly why, how much he shaped up in a personal TCW game I think did a lot for my liking of him.


- The Ring Generals - I just like 'em both.


- Mikey James - I like his aura and his general character.


- Kamikaze Christian Vars, ESPECIALLY with his re-render.


- Harry Allen - Not entirely sure why, and never have been. He's just always a guy I've really felt an affinity for.


- Ernest Youngman - The render, totally, also his skills.


- Jeffery McPeterson - For some bizarre reason...


- Musashi - He just screams 'future badass'


- Motty Kuroda - I like his look, particularly.


- Menace - Because ... I don't need a reason


- Sozen Ishinomori - His weird, unsuited for Japan skills and his re-render make me want to get him noticed.


- Wade Orson - Skills and unique look, especially the re-render.


Finally, my favourite workers are Wolf Hawkins, Rick Law, and Aaron Andrews, but they don't entirely count.


I'm also starting to like 'Xander Blake' (Zimmy Bumfhole) a whole lot.

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-Lee Rivera: Great stats and pretty good SQ, he's a perfect main eventer for a smaller fed, which is what I usually play.


-The Architect: Easily the best MAW graduate, and a really good worker with a fun character.


-Cameron Vessey: A lot of people drop him in favor of Jay as leader of The Succession, but I've found that a lot of times Cam improves a lot quicker than Jay, and ends up his equal.


-La Estrella: Starts off unemployed, for some reason. Good guy to develop.


-The Paratroopers: I ALWAYS hire them, just to see how good I can get them.


-Musashi: Bad ass Japanese character? Yup!


-Oleg Dorosklov: The immensely talented technician with no idea how to put together a match. Self's rerender of him was what really made me fall in love with this guy. In my dynasty game, he's actually 9% of the way to the HoI with a GCG World title win.

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I feel you on Suzuki and Kamachi, Blake. I don't think I gave either a second look under their old renders. Now in my Burning Hammer game, I have big plans for both... assuming they develop just a bit more...


Also agree on Musashi. He's tiny but he's nasty. Stiff and intense. Gotta love that.


Air Attack Weasel. I've started to stick him under a mask and give him a cool new name, something like Octane. His Selling alone makes him valuable but he's really not a bad worker.


Dagger - kinda like Hell Monkey and Musashi, he's a lightweight worker who doesn't wrestle like a typical lightweight. I've actually started to put him under the Hell Monkey re-render mask that was recently done as Death Monkey, making him Hell Monkey's on-screen protege. Primal Violence FTW.

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I have a few:


Mad Dog Mortimer: I just feel sorry for the guy and always try to give him the chance to get that big break to be something. Hasn't worked yet. :(

Calvin Dark: Something about him just makes me want to turn him into the Cornellverse HBK/Chris Jericho. He has no where the talent for the role, but just something about him makes me think he would have the personality to pull it off. I often create for him a finisher called "That Japanese Move" (a regular pin preceded with a huge buildup) based off that mental image when I have him working for me. I've actually pushed him successfully enough that SWF picked him up (as a jobber).

Evil Spirit: What's not to love about him? Love his look and generally everything about him. I often rename him "Oni" to fit his gimmick and look and it makes it easier to turn him face when I want.

Running Wolf: Gotta show love for my people. :) The fact that he's a pretty good worker is a benny.

Ace Youngblood: Speaking of, here's another. :) I often update his gimmick by making him a Man on a Mission, call him "The Modern-day Warrior" Ace Youngblood (to steal a Von Eric's nickname), and play him up as a modern take on Native Americans.

Velocidad: I often name him Velocity to "Americanize" him a bit and use him as I would a young Ray Mysterio. Plenty of potential here.

Lobo Blanco: Another Luchadore I "Americanize" (as White Wolf) and push as much as I can.

Barrera, Bullet, and Bullseye: These three rookies (two debut in 2012, the third 2015) I bundle together as a Trio. Gotta love the naming here (although I rename Barrera to "Beretta" to fit the trio better).

Tijuana Vampire: Guy reminds me of Vampiro slightly, and I have a thing for Vampire and Supernatural gimmicks.

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Amazing FireFly: Always on my list as soon as he debuts. His flying stats always mean that other skilled flyers can get a decent match out of him and in a performance based promotion he shoots up from opener to midcard pretty quick, even in a National company


Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr(did I get that right?): Even though I struggle with his name I have much love for this guy. And he always seems to have some kind of chemistry with Firefly in every game I run. I know its random, but I think out of 2 games in 6 they haven't had good or great chemistry in either tagging or fighting each other. And even when they don't they still make an awesome tag team :D


Jared Johnson: Always turns up on my hot prospects list when I sign him, so its a given really.


Horton Ravenwood, Heath Murdock & Autumn Gleeson: I hired these 3 once with a US global promotion and chucked them in development. Within 3 months they were all amazing and on the main roster, in another 3 they were in the midcard holding the Tag Titles. Plus I like their look, even re-rendered them for my personal game :o

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I like guys who have high menace. Also like people based on their picture.


The Snowman

All those convict guys from Australia

For some reason I like Brimstone

The Big Problem

Texas Pete - I may be the only one that likes him really.

Charlie Thatcher - Again I may be the only one.

Chance Fortune - Until he gives me issues by putting on not so good matches.

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I agree with a few of these, like Firefly and Dragon del Arco, and Brimstone among others. My own personal pet project is Lion Genji, though. I don't know what it is about him, what sparked my appreciation for him, but every game, Genji ends up on my roster.


And I'm not sure it's random, but I will forever have a soft spot for John Greed.

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I've liked Fearless Blue since TEW08. I like his personality and his spot monkey style. He's just a cool looking dude with that blue hair. :cool:


The Pilgrim is a new favorite of mine as of TEW2010 (my avatar). He's pudgy, but in decent overall shape (with stamina) and he's from New England (like me).


Giant Brody is a worker who I've always pushed in games since TEW08 as well. I thought it was interesting how he's referred to as a "giant" when he's only a big heavyweight. :D


I've always liked Cobra as well. Mostly because of his submission finisher (Viper Vice) and the fact that I can get him over by having a submission-victory streak. Every promotion needs a guy who can dominate via submissions and Cobra is usually my guy.


The team of Yunokawa and Tomonaga (TomoYuno) come to mind as well. These two don't debut until 2017 and stealing them from BHOTWG in my 2022 WCW game was extremely easy. It cost me relocation expenses (which I don't care about being a Global powerhouse) and $2500/mo.

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Well, I imagine y'all probably consider my passionate markdom for Bob Casey to be quite random.


But here are some others:


Ted Brady: Love his gimmick act trying to reinvent himself vibe. As such it's not at all unusual in my training fed games for Brady to be my inaugural champion. Naturally he and Casey have had some real wars over the years.


Zachary Inc. A young Lightwieght with worlds of potential and so little default stamina he blows up in four minutes. Zach is the very definition of a project and he's one that can pay off well with proper time investment.


Pettle: Again not exactly a secret coming from me. I've acknowledged the crush I have on her render. A little bit of downside as she can be a nuisance in the locker room on occasion. But there are so many ways you can use her in a small fed. Just in my games she's been manager, color commentator, authority figure, and interviewer at different points in time and while she hasn't been the core talent a Brady or Casey has been she's usually around in my game at some point.


Rob Perkins: My default charter referee. Why him? Two reasons. 1: In past versions of the game he was just about the only referee I could find with a tolerable personality. 2: His render bears a striking resemblence to soap star Galen Gering, currently of Days Of Our Lives. Which means even if I'm not specifically seeking him out in the data he's always easy to find.


Ben Williams: A total gamer. Dude will do anything and do it with aplomb. With my most recent North American training game being in the Northwest and the Tiniest arena there being a gay club, I made Ben an Ambigiously Gay face. A role he's taken too so well, the gimmick has an A rating. Even thought the fed is two years removed from needing to book the gay club. He's totally fine with jobbing and is the epitome of a company man. I may not mark with as much verbal passion as I do for Bob Casey but I do love the guy.

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