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I'm curious if anyone else does this. I have several in game peeves that should they occur will set me off to the subject of my ire's unfortunate fate. Yes, I can be very petty. :cool:


For example, Someone complaining about a loss to a worker that is within 5 or so points of popularity to them. Nicky Champion(pop of 93) is doing this as I type in a match with Rich Money(pop 88) even with Money winning via shenanigans. He may get a hug after the match to sooth things over, but I will not forget. Steve Frehley is also a big complainer about losing to anyone even an iota below him popularity wise, which is why I tend to move him away from the title picture as soon as I am remotely able to do so. If anything less then one of my top guys complains, they are pulled from the match completely and either ride the pine for the show or are the subject of an utter squash by someone higher up the totem pole than they are. Sometimes repeatedly if they've REALLY gotten under my skin.


Another one is anyone that has creative control and all but stonewalls and torpedoes my plans, I will remember and as soon as possible they will be on the losing end of a storyline(usually decisively so) with someone they won't complain about losing to. I will NOT give out creative control to in ring workers I hire for this very reason, I'm more than willing to pay out the nose for talent if it means that C.Control is never used. James Justice has done this a couple of times in recent memory to his regret. Bruce the Giant in earlier games was someone I Utterly HATED dealing with because of both the above factors.


Don't take this for complaining. I'm not. I love this factor of the game, even if it irritates the hell out of me when it happens. :p:D

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Steve Frehley drives me absolutely nuts with his complaining. He'll complain when he isn't even eating the pin fall in a tag team match.


Jobbers or openers causing trouble backstage. That's instant firing for me. You're not important enough to be damaging my locker room.


Also guys that want to not be scripted but always screw up if you let them go without a script. Then you are stuck with them being mad at you all the time or them screwing up your segment scores.

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You better believe I do.


Hogan is a prime example of the creative control trap in historical mods, as soon as his contract came up I managed to re-sign him without the creative control and had him jobbing to any and all my up and coming stars.


Mr. Perfect was one that I held a major grudge against in my final TEW 13 game, after offering him a massive contract with plans of a face turn and Title match program against Flair he bails on my for AAA and forces a massive restructure of my storylines. I couldn't wait to get him back on the roster and bury him while building up other talent.


More recently in my TEW 16 game Rick Martel and Shawn Michaels bailed on me a crucial moments as well and I definitely am holding a grudge. Martel is doing well in WCW and closing in on a full year as their Heavyweight Champion, Michaels on the other hand has just started there and has yet to do anything substantial. Martel was inline for a big push in the Intercontinental division near the start of my current game and Shawn's defection has left a huge gap in my tag team scene on the face side of things.


Speaking of my tag team scene Hawk and Kerry Von Erich drove me nuts for drug related issues, both have been in and out of rehab and halted numerous plans for their respective teams, Hawk with Animal of course and Kerry with brother Kevin. Hawk after his second stint in rehab seems to be on the up and is gaining some trust but will likely never hold the Tag Team gold, at least for a substantial period. Kerry meanwhile got fired after his third run in rehab.


Brian Adias is the final one I have issues with, I brought him up from development to flesh out the lower card TV Title scene, he went on to injure a good number of my upper midcard guys in back to back matches, for lengthy periods of time as well. Needless to say his push ended and he is currently jobbing away on my b-show and dark matches.

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I'm generally pretty lax and don't often hand out severe punishments for incidents, so it would appear I don't hold grudges...


But if I'm in a war and one of my guys leaves me for the competition all bets are off, regardless of tenure.


Back in the day, RDJ and Joshua Taylor left me for SWF, Taylor right after I had him go over in a huge title match.


I didn't just have them put folks over on the way out, I buried them, had them lose badly to undercarders, specifically using the burial note on all the remaining shows I had them for.


People leaving is one thing. Going to a direct rival is another.

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Consequences Creed gets pretty low match ratings, but I've paired him with Jay Lethal (who I have turned into a pirate) as a sort of comedic foil. He's always the worst in ring of any match they have but I'm hoping that by keeping him with Lethal he'll improve.


Except he keeps no showing media dates and agent appointments like he's frigging Lex Luger. I gave him a slap on the wrist, he was furious and now he's a negative influence.

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<p>I do hold grudges. Some for a while, some for ever.</p><p> </p><p>

I operate a three strikes and you're out rule on drugs. They never get reemployed.</p><p> </p><p>

Cade Thesz (a prediction prize creation grandson of Lou Thesz) annoy me to the extent I refused to renew his contract. About two years later I reemployed him, four wins later and he is challenging for my main title soon.</p><p> </p><p>

Low Ki was unhappy with booking decisions and reigned in his performances. He will never come back.</p>

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<p>I'm a pretty easy going leader for the most part. Haven't been in wars in ages so I don't even have Blake's exception. But I swear the last thing a character wants to do is to become a cancer in one of my locker rooms. That grudge will go on like a Celine Dion movie song. Long term posters will even notice it in my posting avatar. </p><p> </p><p>

For the longest time, I had Cristobal Pardo as my Grey Dog avi because he looked cool and I loved his specs. Then I finally got Pardo in one of my feds and he proceeded to shred all that love to pieces. Guy was hassling everyone on my roster and coming up for discipline all the bloody time. So I finally put my foot down as harshly as possible. When a guy becomes so incorrigible that no punishment short of firing will get through to him, that's when my nasty side comes out. Instead of firing him, I cast him in the Screw Pardo show. On which every member of the roster from workers to commentators to valets and refs get to squash him in successive one minute matches with the final being against my user character. At the end of this, I rarely have to fire the guy because he typically demands his release and announces his hatred of me, </p><p> </p><p>

In Pardo's case, the next time I logged onto the forum Nathaniel Pross replaced him as my posting avi. That's how badly Pardo cheesed me off. Needless to say I've never booked the guy since.</p>

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Calypso Jim/Bobo Brazil Jr., or as I later nicknamed him BooBoo Brazil. I hired him in one game to basically be a job guy for SMW, and he had three matches, in three months, did three botches, and badly injured three wrestlers. Hector Guerrero (who was part of a babyface tag team with Manny Fernandez that I was building up at the time to feud with the champs, the Heavenly Bodies), My avatar (he broke my FACE!), and he hurt New Jack so badly it ended his career as a wrestler (luckily he decided to continue as a manager, so I had D'lo Brown team with Booker T as The Gangstas with Jack as their mouthpiece). After that I was done with him. If I could've pulled a Cornette on his car with a bat, I would have. <img alt=":mad:" data-src="//content.invisioncic.com/g322608/emoticons/mad.png.69834f23b9a8bf290d98375f56f1c794.png" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" />
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