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Momentum and booking

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I'm having a bit of a problem with keeping everyone on my roster booked properly. By that I mean that I have wrestlers wanting to be booked to have some success. Unfortunately, there are wrestlers on my roster that I just wanted to use as jobbers, and others that I want to push heavily. I'm not worried about losing my top talent to other promotions because my fed is small sized and I'm capping it at regional. Any suggestions? I feel like this is a problem most everyone has at one point or another.
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I am by no means an expert but a few ways that can help with this is that you could bring in a rotation of jobbers on short 3 month deals and make them lose to the guys on your roster that you want to improve their momentum but not necessary feature heavy. The other option (which is much gamier) is to create a storyline with all the guys with poor momentum and book a storyline angles with major success. I am sure there are other ways but when I book smaller companies I tend to have a rotation of "jobbers" on 3 month deals.
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A rotating group of enhancement talent and no openers.


People beat those below them and have a roughly even win-loss against those at their level (except the top few stars who refuse to lose) - whenever their momentum starts to drop, have them beat an ET.


I have pretty much everyone outside the ETs at major positive that way.



I suspect 2020's system is going to be hard for me to adapt to - I'm so accustomed to booking in a formulaic fashion based on position.

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