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Ideas for cinematic matches

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<p>With the addition of cinematic-style matches in TEW2020, I thought it would be fun to create a thread collecting different ideas people have for how these could be used.</p><p> </p><p>

Here are the examples in the default database:</p><p> </p><p>

Asylum Insanity</p><p>

Backwoods Brawl</p><p>

Broadway Showstopper</p><p>

Graveyard Smash</p><p>

Gumshoe Noir</p><p>

House of Fun</p><p>

Time Warp</p>

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King of the Mountian... Just the same rules as the normal King of the Mountian match. apart from it includes having to climb a proper mountain. First wrestling to climb Everest and retrieve the title from the summit is declared the winner.


The match must contain at least one high-risk spot and a crazy bump.

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Rage on the Sea


A match taking place on a freighter over the ocean only way to win is make your opponent take a swim


Match in Jurassic Park, Winner is first to escape


Battle of the beach of eternity, (a match in that place where the beach looks like the sky)


Match inside another wrestlers mind

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Backyard BBQ Brawl

~ You have to invade someone else's BBQ for the match to even begin! Standard brawlish things.


Bouncy Castle Slammery

~ You are in a Bouncy Castle's Jail. The mission, since you must, is to break out and be the first one out of the Bouncy Castle. From Jail to Escape. And you can't pop the Castle to win. Do so and you lose.


Get These Wrestlers Off This Plane

~A Battle Royal inside an old Army Cargo Plane. Only way to get someone out of it is tossing out the cargo hold.

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Remember the infamous "King of The Road" match between Dustin Rhodes and Blacktop Bully ?


Take this match with a really modern twist : instead of being in a caged-off trailer, the two workers are on top of a truck driving high speed on a road. The goal is to throw the other guy off the top.

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