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[Hype] Cornellverse Data Expansion

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So, guys, I've noticed a few problems with the data set that comes shipped with TEW. I've always nodded along and laughed at the clear bias that Adam Ryland has shown, what with naming the data "Cornellverse" and all, but I couldn't help but notice that he's an ocean away from the American scene and this is largely reflected in some of the downright bizarre decisions that Ryland has made with the data.


One that immediately comes to mind is this year's inclusion of Ant-Man. He's a pretty talented rookie from what I've seen of him on Youtube, but why would you include a guy who's a month into his career when the game ships, but leave out the promotion he works for? Piledriver Wrestling is small, I'll admit, but the feud between Johnny Rock and Downer looks like it's going to turn both men into indy darlings, and it's only a matter of time before Dullahan gets signed to an SWF developmental deal. They've even got a women's division! I know that Remianen would be the first to point out how underrepresented women's wrestling is in the default database, but it just seems like some sort of weird, massive oversight to leave out Mandy Moon and Amy "The Lost Girl" Steinway. The promotion is run by WARLORD PAIN! Even the Piledriver School of Wrestling made the cut, but not poor PDW.


Okay, I'll admit it, I'm kind of a PDW mark. I think my point still stands, though, that certain aspects of the indy scene have been neglected. Maybe Adam even felt that with the promotion less than a year old, it didn't merit a mention. I aim to fix all this.


Today I added Piledriver Wrestling to the data, and a few quick sims have shown them performing about the way they're supposed to. Show grades are low, but that's sort of unavoidable with Pain booking so much of each event like it's an SWF taping and not a tiny independent promotion run out of Florida. I can't wait to start a diary game or something and book Flash and Substance over The Rock City Stars like any sane person would.


There's this problem I keep running into, though. With each worker I add, I only see more and more holes that Adam has left in the database. I'm not too much of a joshi mark, but I can name at least two joshi promotions that were left out of the 2010 database. The entire American Southwest hardcore scene has been ignored, and then up north you have all those exciting indy promotions that FR Video keeps pimping... I think I've got a problem, here, and the only way to fix it is to keep editing.

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You hurt my brain with reality twisting sir but Id be keen to see this. I think you might have to labour the point that you're posting in character, I'm a bit slow on the uptake.


Still, yes please!


I see, I read this this morning and had no clue, cool idea

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Basically, OP is writing from perspective that C-verse is real and Ryland is just another mod maker.


I really didnt get it when I first read it, but sounds like it could be cool now I know you were posting in character.

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Well, PDW is a dojo... Seems kind of unnecessary having it as a promotion, but I'll give the mod a shot if it has some original ideas.


Yes, PDW is a dojo per say, but where do the graduates go to showcase their skills? I like the idea of PDW being a seperate promotion, in game it gives the workers a place to continue to craft their skills.

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I'll be back to finish this promotion profile later, but for now I thought I'd show you a quick snapshot of the women's division and non-wrestlers of PDW.


Piledriver Wrestling


This promotion, based in the Southeast, is a small operation run by tag team legend Warlord Pain, who is also the head instructor of the Piledriver School of Wrestling. Piledriver Wrestling advertises itself as a company which "Proudly presents tomorrow's stars... today!", and attempts to put forward a big league atmosphere on a shoestring budget. Eleven months into its run, PDW has had limited success in its goal, with the company's only real star being the menacing Dullahan, but the addition of two major feuds in 2009, detailed below, has led to quite a few young upstarts moving up the card.




Women's Division


Emma Bitch (PDW Ladies Champion)

Fresh from her NOTBPW expulsion after a failed drug test, Emma Bitch took the first available opportunity to set her career back on track by accepting an offer from PDW to head up the company's women's division. With luck, increased exposure from PDW matches will land Emma a position in AAA or USPW. Until then, she's been cranking out excellent matches against The Lost Girl and Amy "The Lost Girl" Steinway.



Mandy Moon

The lovely and talented Mandy Moon has had an awful streak of bad luck since her 2008 debut. Botched tryout matches in USPW and AAA have led to only one clear fact being established: Mandy cannot play a convincing heel. Warlord Pain saw potential in Moon, though, and booked her in PDW's first women's match. She has since battled both Emma Bitch and The Lost Girl in her quest to win championship gold.



The Lost Girl

The daughter of Wiley Steinway, Amy Steinbrenner found a lack of opportunities in wrestling after her 2008 graduation from the Piledriver School of Wrestling. She eventually settled into a role as both wrestler and valet in PDW, first with kayfabe boyfriend Johnny Rock. In the summer of 2009, though, Rock began his feud with Downer, who seduced Steinbrenner into her new dark, decadent role as The Lost Girl. The change has done wonders for Steinbrenner's career, and in fact the feud has elevated everyone involved.




Warlord Pain

A wrestling legend at home and abroad, Warlord Pain's purchase of the Piledriver School of Wrestling at first seemed like an odd move. Pain had, after all, been the one to pressure tag partner Warlord Agony into retiring the team for good in 2007, and had never seemed to show an interest in bringing up the next generation of stars. However, in a 2009 interview with WrestleCircle, Warlord Pain said that "old age is damn boring," and that the purchase of the Southeast's most prestigious wrestling school was his attempt to "give back to the business."

It wasn't long after the Piledriver School of Wrestling's 2008 class graduated that Warlord Pain saw a problem with the industry's structure. With the regional system mostly dead, there was a shortage on places for young, up and coming wrestlers to build a reputation or skill base. To this end, Piledriver Wrestling held its first show in February of 2009, with a roster composed mainly of the school's former graduates, but also a few new names.



Freddie Robbins

Freddie Robbins has made a living off of the wrestling industry for years as owner of the famed tape trading company FR Video. When Robbins found out about Warlord Pain's plans to open PDW during the taping of a shoot interview, he offered to handle the promotion's production chores in exchange for the role of announcer. While the first few DVD releases showed Robbins' commentary to be stiff and unenthusiastic, he's become a competent play-by-play man in a very short time, and has even shown interest in possibly opening up a promotion of his own one day.




Warlord Pain's considerably better-looking daughter made her first wrestling appearance in 2009, as manager to the Rock City Stars. Despite a lack of formal training, Modesty has served as a surprisingly decent manager to the team, and led Stan and Ryan to tag team gold in their first PDW appearance.



Jonathan Taylor

Veteran referee Jonathan Taylor is an old hand from SCCW who was happy to take bookings in the Southeast again. He's so far officiated every PDW match, and plans to continue doing so into the future.

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The reason why Adam, along with most of us ignore chunks of the indy scene is those workers just lack the "look" of wrestlers. It's almost as if they were ripping off their gimmicks from comic books, video games or anime or something like that. I really can't get into them.


I like my wrestlers to look like real wrestlers. :p

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I still plan on finishing the PDW bios, but I thought you guys would be interested to know that I spent the weekend researching Motor City Wrestling. I know they're sort of a footnote in the wrestling business, mostly known for production values and matches just this side of a snuff film and their owner's longstanding hatred of Phil Vibert, but the closing of DAVE has allowed Coles to put together a pretty impressive roster. Lee Wright has brought a lot of credibility to the MCW belt in the last year, the Latino Kings have solidified their position as one of the hottest tag teams on the indy scene, and really, how can you not love a promotion that gives steady work to Roderick Remus? If Coles will stop trying to push MCW into a metaphorical or literal knife fight with PSW, the company might be able to make something of itself in the next couple of years.
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I'm not too much of a joshi mark, but I can name at least two joshi promotions that were left out of the 2010 database.


You are mistaken. You have to remember that no joshi promotion can open in Japan without the express consent of the Lizard Queen. If they do open without paying proper tribute, they find themselves quickly drowning in a sea of red ink.


I'm interested to see how many other forgotten/ignored/neglected promotions you'll showcase.

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