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As I'm sure you're all aware, "Other TV Shows" is once again going to be a thing in TEW20 but just in case you missed it, here is the all important extract from the "TEW2020 Announcement & Developer's Journal":


In addition to this, Other TV Shows are returning to the game. These are non-wrestling shows. They can either be one-offs (like the Super Bowl) or serial (i.e. running on a regular basis) and have controls that allow them to be set to run only in specific times (both in terms of years and what days / weeks / months they are on air). This is intended to be used for big shows that actually impact the wrestling world, not an exhaustive selection of what is on TV. These shows also tie-in to the "rating disruption" feature described above, so you can simulate things like getting killed in the ratings if you try and run opposite a ratings behemoth or major cultural event.


As it's going to be making its return, I thought I'd open a conversation about what people consider "ratings behemoths" or "major cultural events" in their respective countries for real life modifications. Because although I'm confident I could piece together a good British scene being British myself, I wouldn't really know where to start with the rest of the world apart from the Superbowl. So yeah, if you'd be so kind as to give me a list of events that you would classify in either of those two groups, I'd love to hear about them and eventually include them in my future modifications... and I'm sure it'll help other modification makers from having similar difficulties too. :)

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For Australia big tv events (These are like the biggest televised events I can think of, all are sporting really) -


Boxing Day Test - Cricket on the 26th of Dec. (Day after xmas)

NRL Origin 3 Days - First Wed June, Third Sun June, Second Wed July

NRL Grand Final - First Sun Oct

AFL Grand Final - Last Sat Sept

Melbourne Cup - First Tue Nov

Ashes Test - Held every second year throughout November (Australia vs England)

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Wikipedia has a list of the top TV broadcasts of 2019 by week. That would be a good place to start. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_watched_United_States_television_broadcasts_of_2019


Some highlights from there:

  • Super Bowl LII had 98.19 million viewers
  • AFC Championship (more American football) had 53.92 million viewers
  • NFC Playoff (again, American football) had 33.35 million viewers
  • 91st Academy Awards had 29.56 million viewers
  • 61st Annual Grammy Awards had 19.88 million viewers


Other than those big one-off events, I would suggest that shows like The Big Bang Theory, America's Got Talent, 60 Minutes, and other popular shows or regular sporting events could eat into viewership.

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Another thing- sweeps. Here in the states, the months of November, February, and May are when the networks renegotiate with advertisers. This was originally referred to as "Sweeps Week", but gradually expanded out to the whole month. These are the times you see "special episodes", big budget mini-series, specials, and the like. Now, in the age of cable and then streaming, it's not quite as big a deal as it used to be, but old habits die hard.
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Calendar of Events based on TEW2020 calendar:


(all shows are primetime unless otherwise noted)


Golden Globe Awards: Medium, January, Week 1 Sunday (NBC, 3hrs)

CFP Championship Game (College american football): Medium, January, Week 2 Monday. (ESPN, 3 hrs 30 min)

AFC Championship (American Football): Very Big, January, Week 3 Sunday. (CBS, 3 hrs 30 min)

NFC Championship (American Football): Huge, January, Week 3 Sunday. (FOX, 3 hrs, 30)

NOTE: The Conference Championship Games rotate time slots annually. One will be an afternoon slot on one network (Very Big), while the other will be an Evening start (Huge).

NFL Super Bowl (American Football): Enormous, February, Week 1 Sunday. (Rotates between CBS, FOX, NBC, 4 hrs)

State of the Union Address: Big or Huge, February, Week 1/2 Tuesday. (Held on every major network in the USA).

Grammy Awards (music awards): Huge, February, Week 2 Sunday (although its this Sunday odd enough). (CBS)

Academy Awards (movie awards): Huge, February, Week 3 Sunday. (ABC, 4 hrs)

NCAA Final Four (college basketball): Big, March, Week 4, Saturday (CBS, 2hr 30 min)

NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Very Big, April, Week 1, Monday (CBS, 2hr 30 min)

Primetime Emmy Awards: Big, September, Week 3, Sunday (Rotates between CBS, FOX, and ABC, 3 hr)




Football Night in America: Big, Weekly, Week 1 September thru Week 4 December. (NBC, 3hr 30 mins)

Monday Night Football: Medium, Weekly, Week 2 September thru Week 3 December. (ESPN, 3 hr 30 mins)

Thursday Night Football: Big, Weekly, Week 1 September thru Week 2 December. (FOX, 3 hr 30 mins)

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In the UK


Big football matches - FA Cup Final, two big teams, final day of the season.

News events - Royal births, deaths, marriages

Worldwide news events - disasters (think 911 level)

Climax to massive soap story lines

End of a show - the final episode of a beloved TV institution (Only fools and horses 1996) (Turn out not to be the final episode but this wasn't expected at the time).

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But Games 5-7 could be a big deal in a particular year...


The series format also makes it hard to implement for game purposes. You’re dealing with “If Necessary” games, irregular schedule based on how long the other playoff series are etc.


I’d also add political debates every 4 years (one primary & presidential) that crush whatever happens to be on.

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