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Vice City Underground: Where Lucha Underground meets Hotline Miami

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Αlternative title: Me, Myself and AI

Long, long time ago, I had this idea about a wrestling promotion that would combine everything we all love about Lucha Underground with an edgier tone of 80s neon hardcore ultraviolence of Hotline Miami. Thus, I was able to commission a logo, banner and titles from the wonderful and extremely talented @willr0ck but never really went anywhere since. There have been a few tries to set such a game up, but it never amounted to anything in the save, let alone turn into a proper diary. Until now.


I have been absent from the boards for a bit and struggled to keep my previous diary, Warrior Queen MMXX: A Legacy of Blood, alive and going. However, seeing the new influx of AI generated portraits, I was finally convinced to give this AI thing a chance and ended up generating a few of my own. One thing led to another and soon I found myself in ChatGPT getting ideas for Vice City Underground. I’ve never used the thing before and only expected prompts, but it’s giving me much more than that, like angle and match summaries which in turn got my creative juices flowing. Suddenly, my biggest obstacle of putting the wild thoughts in my head in order on (figurative) paper, was lifted. Instead, I can just type the important bits of it and trust ChatGPT to do the lifting for me, leaving me to edit and format as needed. So yeah, full disclosure here, I’m using AI for portraits and summaries, but I’m still in charge of all other creative processes like hiring, booking and having the final say. That said, let's do this.


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Vice City Underground #1: The Tournament
Held on Friday, Week 1 of January 2020 in Miami FL in front of 228 fans. TV Ratings 0.08 (63.339 viewers on East Coast Today and La Red de la Lucha)

The camera fades in, revealing a dimly lit garage with tools scattered about. The sound of metal clanging echoes through the space. The atmosphere is gritty and raw, setting the tone for Vice City Wrestling's unique brand of action. A burly, blue-collar mechanic is seen working on an engine with grease-stained hands.

Suddenly, the garage door rattles, and a female elegantly steps in, her presence captivating. Dressed in a sleek outfit that perfectly blends allure with danger, she confidently approaches the mechanic, who can't help but glance up from his work.

Woman: (smirking) "Hey there, tough guy. I'm here to pick up my car. I heard you're the best mechanic in town."

The man wipes his hands with a rag and sizes her up.

Man: "You got that right. What's the name?"

Siren: "Call me Siren. I've got places to be, and I need my wheels in top shape for the drive to Miami."

As the mechanic heads to the back to fetch the car, Siren scans the garage with a sly smile.

Man: (returning) "Should be good to go. You're all set… Siren."

Siren nods appreciatively and heads for the exit, but the man's curiosity gets the better of him.

Man: "Hold on a sec. Miami, you said? What's going on there?"

Siren: (pausing, her eyes gleaming) "Vice City Wrestling tournament. Big money, tough competition. You know, the underground stuff.

The mechanic raises an eyebrow, intrigued by the prospect.

Man: "Underground, huh? I've been in my fair share of fights. Can slap on a hold or two, Vice Grip they used to call me sometimes. Might be just what I'm lookin' for. What's the prize?"

Siren: (smirking again) "Enough to change your life, trust me. You'll see."

As Siren walks away, Vice Grip watches her with a thoughtful expression. The scene ends with her driving off in a sleek, expensive car, leaving the garage in a cloud of dust. It's only then that the mechanic realizes the gravity of the situation - he never saw a car matching hers in the garage, if there even was one she’d dropped off at all. A realization dawns on him: he may have just let Siren drive off with someone else's car…


The camera fades into a buzzing crowd in the Vice City Wrestling arena, signs held high and excitement palpable.


The stage is set for a historic night as the promotion's inaugural episode hits the airwaves.

Jimmy Lou Freebush (JLF): "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Vice City Wrestling! I'm your host, Jimmy Lou Freebush, and alongside me is the one and only 'Playboy' Jake Sawyer. Tonight marks the beginning of an incredible journey for all of us!"

Playboy Jake Sawyer (PJS): (smirking) "Indeed, JL. Tonight, we embark on a journey that will redefine professional wrestling. And who better to guide you through the action than yours truly, the Playboy of Vice City."

JLF: "Folks, we've got a spectacular show lined up for you tonight. But before we dive into the action, let's talk about Vice City Underground—the heart and soul of this promotion. It's raw, it's intense, and it's where the most fearless competitors clash for glory and gold."

PJS: "You know, JL, Vice City Underground is where the real talent rises to the top. No fluff, no pretenders. Just pure, unadulterated competition."

JLF: "And speaking of competition, tonight marks the beginning of the tournament to crown the first-ever Vice City Wrestling Champion. The stakes are high, the competition fierce, and the journey begins right here, right now."

The camera pans to the championship belt gleaming in the spotlight.

PJS: "This isn't your average championship, folks. This is the key to greatness, and only the best will claim it. I mean, can you imagine some of the people in that locker room holding this prestigious title?"

JLF: "Indeed, Jake. And speaking of which, our opening match tonight features a clash of styles and personalities. Hurricane Hawk, known for his high-flying antics, faces off against the dominant Python Princess. Let me tell you, Jake, this one's going to be a showstopper."

PJS: "Hurricane Hawk, the so-called 'Sky Hunter,' going up against Python Princess, the powerhouse of Vice City Wrestling. I predict a crushing defeat for Hawk. It's going to be a glorious demonstration of power and skill."

JLF: "Well, there you have it, folks. The stage is set, the anticipation is building, and we're about to witness history unfold right here in Vice City Wrestling. Stay tuned as we kick off the action with Hurricane Hawk taking on Python Princess!"

The arena erupts in cheers as the camera cuts to the ring, and the first match of the night is about to begin.

"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from the mountains of Sierra Madre, Mexico, they call him 'The Sky Hunter', Hurricane Hawk!


Hurricane Hawk comes to the ring with a live falcon perched on his shoulder. Before he enters the ring, he hands that and his cape to a member of the ringside crew, then ascends to a turnbuckle for a pose as fans cheer.

"And his opponent, straight out the snake pit, she is Python Princess!"


Seemingly without an ounce of fat on her body, the muscular woman takes her time to confidently walk to the ring, her mind clearly set on destruction. Her attitude is complemented by her mask and outfit, everything contributing to create a rather menacing aura about her presence and demeanor.

Tournament match: Hurricane Hawk vs Python Princess

The arena pulses with anticipation as the crowd eagerly awaits the first ever match in Vice City Underground history, a clash between Hurricane Hawk and Python Princess. The opening bell rings, and the match kicks off with intense energy. Hurricane Hawk, known for his aerial prowess, attempts to take the fight to the skies early on. However, Python Princess, a dominant force in the ring, cuts him off with powerful strikes and throws, showcasing her strength and control. Hawk manages to squeeze in a few high-flying maneuvers, but his timing seems off, and Python Princess effortlessly counters each attempt. Python Princess thus shifts the momentum entirely, asserting her dominance.

She throws Hawk around with ease, demonstrating her raw power and technical prowess. A spectacular spot unfolds as Python Princess uses the ring ropes to her advantage. She wraps them around Hurricane Hawk's neck, choking the life out of him while maintaining a sinister, confident gaze at the audience. Hurricane Hawk, visibly fatigued and struggling, attempts a last-ditch effort to turn the tide. However, he botches a high-risk maneuver, crashing hard to the mat. Python Princess seizes the opportunity, locking in her signature submission hold, the "Serpent Squeeze." The crowd watches in awe as Hurricane Hawk, with little fight left, succumbs to the excruciating pain. The referee checks on Hawk, who is left with no choice but to tap out. Python Princess releases the hold, standing tall in the center of the ring, her dominance firmly established.

Winner: Python Princess, by submission

Rating: 28


The scene opens in the dimly lit backroom of a Vice City nightclub, where an enigmatic female mob boss is engaged in conversation with a charismatic and stylish figure. A second female figure, imposing, masked and mysterious, lurks in the shadows, seemingly serving as the mobster’s silent guardian.


Man: "I swear Vice Queen, you've been holding out on me. I know you've got the lowdown on everything happening in this city."


Vice Queen (VQ): (smirking) "Ah, if it isn’t Miami Vice, the city's slickest investigator. What brings you to my domain once again?"

MV: "I'm just trying to do my thing, you know. I've been hearing whispers about this Vice City Underground tournament. What do you know about it?"

VQ: (leaning in) "Oh, I know more than whispers, dear. I've got my fingers in every pie. And as for the tournament, well, let's just say, you're not the only one with an interest in it."

The bodyguard’s figure shifts in the shadows, a subtle threat hanging in the air.

MV: "You're involved, aren't you? I wouldn't be surprised if you're pulling the strings behind the scenes."

VQ: (smirking) "Detective, you're more perceptive than most. Yes, I have a vested interest in the Vice City Underground tournament. In fact, I've already committed someone to fight in it."


The bodyguard steps forward, cracking her knuckles in anticipation.

MV: "Her? What's your game, Vice Queen?"

VQ: "Velvet Viper, my silent enforcer, will be making quite the impression in the tournament. But here's a thought, Miami Vice. Why don't you join the fun? I hear they're still accepting applications."

MV: "Me? In a wrestling tournament? You've got to be kidding."

VQ: (chuckling) "Why not, detective? It's a world of opportunity. Plus, who knows? Perhaps your paths might cross inside that ring. It could be quite the spectacle."

Velvet Viper nods, seemingly relishing the idea of facing Miami Vice in the Vice City Underground tournament. The tension in the room thickens as the skit ends, leaving viewers wondering about the unfolding dynamic between these characters.


"The following lucha is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from beyond the wave... Beachcomber, Sunburn... Surf 'n' Turf!"

The arena is bathed in vibrant hues of sunset, with the sound of crashing waves echoing through the speakers. The crowd senses something exciting as a beach-themed melody begins playing. The entrance ramp is transformed into a sandy shoreline as Surf 'n' Turf, Beachcomber and Sunburn, make their way down, surfboards in hand.

Beachcomber, the more muscular of the two and donned in board blue shorts, exudes a laid-back, carefree attitude. He raises his surfboard, using it as a makeshift air guitar, much to the delight of the audience. The skinnier Sunburn just nods along, vibing with a confident grin on his face. As they reach the ring, Beachcomber tosses his surfboard to the side, executing a smooth handspring to slide under the bottom rope. Sunburn follows suit with a powerful leap, showcasing his agility. Inside the ring, the duo shares a fist bump, symbolizing their unity. The crowd is caught in the infectious energy of the surfers, the upbeat music setting the tone for their high-energy style.

"And their opponents, El Diablo Blanco and Voodoo Queen, they are The Darkness!"

The arena plunges into darkness as an eerie, haunting melody fills the air, creating a stark contrast to the sunny atmosphere left behind by Surf 'n' Turf. Fog begins to roll down the entrance ramp, and the crowd is hushed in anticipation. Suddenly, ominous blue flames ignite along the ramp, revealing El Diablo Blanco standing motionless, his white skull mask gleaming in the eerie glow. Beside him, Voodoo Queen, draped in a mysterious cloak, takes slow, deliberate steps forward. The air is thick with an otherworldly energy as they make their way to the ring.

El Diablo Blanco is a silent enigma, following Voodoo Queen's lead. His movements are calculated, and the aura of darkness intensifies with each step. The crowd is captivated, unsure of what to expect from this supernatural duo. As they reach the ring, Voodoo Queen raises her hand, casting a shadowy spell that summons wisps of darkness. El Diablo Blanco kneels in submission, emphasizing the dominance of Voodoo Queen. The ominous fog engulfs the ring, creating an eerie ambiance.

Voodoo Queen, with an air of regal authority, pauses at ringside and spots the championship belt displayed there. She extends her hand, fingers dancing above the title, and then, with a chilling smile, she touches it. The crowd watches in fascination, wondering if there is more to this seemingly innocent gesture. The Darkness has arrived, and their entrance is a foreboding omen of the supernatural encounters that lie ahead in Vice City Wrestling.

Tag Team Match: Surf 'n' Turf vs The Darkness

The arena is electric with anticipation as The Darkness face off against the carefree duo, Surf 'n' Turf. The contrasting energies in the ring create an immediate tension. The match kicks off with Sunburn, apparently the veteran of his team, showcasing his skills with a series of impressive athletic moves. However, the Vice City Underground crowd doesn't seem to resonate with his sunny disposition, showering him with boos. On the other side, The Darkness operates seamlessly as a unit. Voodoo Queen strategically directs El Diablo Blanco, and their chemistry is evident as they control the pace. Surf 'n' Turf, in contrast, struggle to find a rhythm. Despite Sunburn's attempts to rally, The Darkness continues to dominate. Voodoo Queen unnerves the audience with her mystical aura and keeps Beachcomber at bay. El Diablo Blanco moves with precision, executing every move with a sense of foreboding.

As the match nears its climax, Sunburn manages to tag in Beachcomber, hoping to turn the tide. However, the lack of cohesion between Surf 'n' Turf becomes evident. Their miscommunication and mistimed moves leave them vulnerable. Voodoo Queen finds herself with an opportunity to end the match, but rather than going for the pin herself, she commands El Diablo Blanco to finish the job. El Diablo Blanco, obedient to Voodoo Queen's command, ascends the turnbuckle with an eerie calmness. The crowd watches in anticipation as he executes the Hellfire Plunge. Voodoo Queen looks on with satisfaction as El Diablo Blanco pins Beachcomber for the victory. The Darkness stands tall, a testament to their formidable alliance. The audience, despite their reservations about Sunburn, can't deny the dominance of The Darkness and watch as if entranced.

Winners: The Darkness, by pinfall

Rating: 30

As they exit, Voodoo Queen glances at the championship belt and the camera makes sure to catch that glimpse.



The city streets are shrouded in darkness as the camera pans over a dimly lit alley. A group of lowly street thugs is seen menacing an elderly woman, attempting to rob her. The tension in the air is palpable, and the helpless victim's pleas for mercy echo against the cold walls. Suddenly, the alley is bathed in an ominous purple light as a man emerges from the shadows, dressed in a ninja-like costume with taped fists holding a stick and a mask concealing his identity.

Narrator (Voiceover): "In the heart of Vice City, where crime runs rampant, a silent guardian emerges. They call him Midnight Marauder, the city's dark avenger."

Midnight Marauder swiftly takes down the thugs with a series of precise, hard strikes. The old woman watches in awe as her savior defends her with relentless determination.

Narrator (Voiceover): "Fighting for those who cannot defend themselves, Midnight Marauder ensures that justice prevails in the darkest corners of the city."

However, the tone takes a sudden shift. The once-heroic actions become uncomfortable to watch as the attacks seem fueled by an unsettling aggression. Midnight Marauder goes beyond neutralizing the threat, opting for excessive force that leaves the thugs bloodied, battered and bruised. The old woman's expression changes from gratitude to a mix of fear and confusion as Midnight Marauder continues his relentless assault.

Narrator (Voiceover): "But in his pursuit of justice, Midnight Marauder walks a thin line. Sometimes, the shadows he fights cast darkness upon his own actions."

The vignette ends with Midnight Marauder disappearing into the night, leaving the thugs incapacitated and the old woman, once again, in a state of vulnerability and uncertainty.



The scene begins with a man decked out in flashy attire complete with a cowboy hat and boots, wandering the vibrant streets outside Miami's hottest clubs. He discreetly chats up various colorful characters, dropping coded phrases in an attempt to score some... illicit substances.


Between the man's outfit and his actual intentions, the atmosphere is charged with a mix of suspense and comedic energy. The cowboy approaches a few shady characters, each responding with a raised eyebrow or a cautious glance. As he moves through the nightlife scene, the tension builds until he runs into a figure that can only be described as "fabulous".


The cowboy, either unaware or not caring about this man's flamboyant persona, leans in with a conspiratorial tone.

Cowboy: "Hey, man, you got the goods? Looking for a little... sparkle, if you catch my drift."

The glimmering man grins mischievously.

Fabulous man: "Oh, honey, I've got just the thing to make your night shine! Step right up."

The two men exchange something hand to hand, but the camera discreetly avoids capturing the transaction. As the cowboy walks away, never examining his purchase, the fabulous man watches with a glint in his eye.


Back at the venue, the tension is palpable as the main event of the evening is about to unfold.

"The following lucha is your main event and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from the heart of Vice City, this is Siren!"


Siren's entrance captivates the audience, bringing the episode full circle from the opening segment. The anticipation heightens as she awaits her opponent's reveal.

"And her opponent, from the Florida Everglades, Gator King!"

Suddenly, the arena plunges into darkness, and the unmistakable growl of an alligator echoes through the speakers. The musculartGator King makes a formidable entrance in his mask, his presence commanding attention.


The crowd roars as the clash of two unique personas promises an unforgettable main event. Siren does her best to maintain a calm demeanor and not appear intimidated, but clearly this kind of opponent was not what she had in mind. Power aside, how can she expect to charm such a being?

Tournament match: Gator King vs Siren

The match begins with a lightning-fast exchange of acrobatics and power moves. Siren, with her mysterious allure, counters Gator King's brute strength with agility and cunning. The pace is relentless, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. The chaos spills out of the ring, and the two competitors find themselves brawling through the venue's corridors. In an unexpected turn, they stumble into the restrooms, where they crash into a stall and onto the cowboy from the previous scene, who is having a less-than-pleasant encounter with what turns out to be glitter instead of the "substance" he previously thought he was purchasing. The spot fills the screen with wood splinters and sparkling glitter.


Already enraged by his discovery and the disappointment that comes with it, the cowboy's rage boils over when he crosses eyes with Gator King. An impromptu brawl between the two ensues in the restrooms, adding a layer of chaos to the already intense match. Siren seizes the opportunity to catch her breath and regroup as she heads back to the relative safety of the ring, closely followed by the two men trading fists a few steps behind her. Back in the ring, a full on three-way battle unfolds. The cowboy, driven by rage (and probably withdrawal), focuses on Gator King, giving Siren a chance to launch a comeback. However, Gator King's power proves overwhelming. In the closing moments, Gator King executes the Swamp Slam, slamming Siren with brute force. The impact echoes through the arena as Gator King secures the pin, marking a decisive victory.

Winner: Gator King, by pinfall

Rating: 48

As Gator King stands tall in the ring, the episode concludes with the aftermath of the chaotic main event, leaving the audience buzzing with excitement and intrigue for the events to unfold in the Vice City Wrestling universe.

Episode rating: 30

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On 11/18/2023 at 9:07 AM, John Lions said:

I've always loved your diaries @DarK_RaideR. I love that I have no idea who any of these guys are, and I love the art.

Thank you very much! I plan to do individual spotlights after a few episodes, but you can tell by the broadcast team I'm using the (modded) CVerse, so feel free to guess who is playing what character :D

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Vice City Underground #2: Shadows
Held on Friday, Week 2 of January 2020 in Miami FL in front of 228 fans. TV Ratings 0.08 (62.934 viewers on East Coast Today and La Red de la Lucha)

..."Vice City Wrestling tournament. Big money, tough competition. You know, the underground stuff"... "I predict a crushing defeat for Hawk. It's going to be a glorious demonstration of power and skill"... "Velvet Viper, my silent enforcer, will be making quite the impression in the tournament. But here's a thought, Miami Vice. Why don't you join the fun?"... "El Diablo Blanco and Voodoo Queen, they are The Darkness!"... "They call him Midnight Marauder, the city's dark avenger"... "from the Florida Everglades, Gator King!"... "Hey, man, you got the goods? Looking for a little sparkle, if you catch my drift."


The camera transitions to the vibrant Vice City Underground arena, where the enthusiastic crowd is buzzing with anticipation.


The announcing team, positioned ringside, welcomes the viewers with energy and excitement.


"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the heart-pounding world of Vice City Underground! After last week's jaw-dropping premiere, we're in for another wild ride tonight!" exclaims the play-by-play announcer, Jimmy Lou Freebush.

"Oh, it's going to be a night to remember, folks! The drama, the danger, and the dirty secrets – Vice City Underground has it all!" the colour commentator, 'Playboy' Jake Sawyer, adds.

As they discuss the thrilling matches scheduled for the evening, the camera cuts to a backstage area. The brightly dressed cowboy, clearly still feeling the effects of his brutal encounter with Gator King from the previous week, paces back and forth, something obviously weighing heavy on his chest.


"Gator King... We haven't seen eye to eye for a while, but I'm sure you remember everything just as well as I do. You were my brother in arms for so long, until the almighty dollar got between us. You traded brotherhood and loyalty for cold, hard cash. Betrayal stings, my friend, but it's even worse when it's for something as shallow as money."

A bitter smirk lingers on his face as he recounts their fractured camaraderie.

"We hadn't crossed paths since back in the day, not until last week when our worlds collided. How convenient you should show up again on a night that I got cheated on and betrayed once more. Anger blinded me then, but I smartened up since. I've heard about this Vice City Underground tournament you're in, and you better believe it's payback time because now I'm in it too. You thought you could double-cross me then and now stroll back into my life like nothing happened? Nah, that ain't how this story ends."

"This ain't just about a match. It's not about the tournament or the prize. It's about settling scores. You and I, Gator King, we've got a history drenched in betrayal and greed. Now, the Vice City Underground tournament is the battleground for our reckoning. You can't escape what's coming, and the seeds you sowed are about to come back and haunt you. Gator King, you thought you could play the game and come out on top. But in Vice City Underground, the game plays you. Get ready for the reckoning, old friend. The chaos is just beginning."


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from the Florida Everglades, this is Gator King!"


Gator King makes his entrance, walking to the ring with purpose. It is clear he's aware of who his opponent tonight will be and he can't wait for the match to begin.

"And his opponent, Cocaine Cowboy!"

The revelation of the cowboy's name pops the crowd and there's a roar as the man himself heads to the ring, walking fast with a certain gleam in his eye and bad intentions in mind.

Tournament match: Cocaine Cowboy vs Gator King


The atmosphere is electric as Cocaine Cowboy and Gator King step into the ring for a collision of raw power and unbridled aggression. The bell rings, and the audience braces for a battle that encapsulates the gritty essence of Vice City Underground. Cocaine Cowboy opens the match with a barrage of hard-hitting strikes and relentless (drug fuelled?) brawling. Gator King, equally fierce, absorbs the punishment and responds with his own brand of brutal offense. As the match progresses, Cocaine Cowboy utilizes the surroundings, introducing steel chairs and the unforgiving arena floor into the equation. Gator King, undeterred, retaliates with a display of sheer strength, delivering bone-rattling suplexes and power moves. In a defining moment, Gator King sets the tone by executing a thunderous Gator Slam, shaking the ring and leaving Cocaine Cowboy visibly stunned. The relentless assault continues, and Gator King secures the victory with his signature Swamp Slam just under the 9-minute mark.

Winner: Gator King, by pinfall

Rating: 41

Post-match, as Gator King revels in his triumph, the arena darkens. Bright neon lights outline a frame that emerges in the darkness.


Just as suddenly as they appeared, the neon lights go off and the figure is swallowed by darkness. The stage lights come back on, but the man is nowhere to be seen. The scene fades with the promise of more intrigue and chaos in Vice City Underground.



The scene is a crowded bunch of people waiting to enter a nightclub. While waiting in line, Miami Vice is in the process of confronting the fabulous man from last week, the one who sold glitter to Cocaine Cowboy instead of drugs, seeking information on the layout of street level drug deals. The tension in the air is palpable, heightened by the shadowy dealings of Vice City hinted at in the previous episode.


Miami Vice: "Give it up, Glitterbomb. I know you're in the know. Need some details about the blow."


The fabulous man, Glitterbomb by the looks of it, responds with a cautious demeanor, carefully choosing his words to navigate the delicate situation.

Glitterbomb: "You're barking up the wrong tree, detective. I'm just here for the show."

As the exchange becomes increasingly tense, a sudden entrance disrupts the confrontation


Siren, the alluring and enigmatic presence, gracefully steps into the scene, immediately shifting the dynamics.

Siren: "Boys, boys, can't we all just get along? We're here to have a good time! Glitter, darling, let's not keep the nightlife waiting."

Siren's interruption not only diffuses the tension but redirects the narrative. She extends an invitation to Glitterbomb, skipping the line through the VIP lane and ushering him into the club.

MV: "What's a good looking lady like you doing here? You don't seem like the type that frequents a club like this."

Siren: (smiling) "And what would that type be?"

MV: "You know... the queer kind."

Siren: "You might want to loosen your attitude and that tie, honey. Could even join us if you're up for the task. The night's young, and fun doesn't discriminate."

Miami Vice, momentarily taken aback, watches as Siren and Glitterbomb vanish into the vibrant nightlife of Miami.


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Chiapas, Mexico, he is loco en el poco, this is Lucha Loco!"


The upbeat, energetic music sets the tone for Lucha Loco's entrance: his scruffy lion's mane of a hair shakes around as he frantically moves about, babbling and high fiving fans, which establishes him as the babyface in this match, the fun kind of crazy and certainly not the dangerous, unsettling type.

"And his opponent, he is Vice City's Dark Avenger, the man known as Midnight Marauder!"


The music shifts to a bass, menacing drone and the lights dim as Midnight Marauder makes his entrance, the tone immediately shifted. He gives the ringside fans some angry glances, then locks eyes with his opponent in the ring. Never breaking eye contact, Midnight Marauder circles half the ring, then cautiously enters it, ready for combat.

Tournament match: Lucha Loco vs Midnight Marauder


Lucha Loco kicks off the match with some impressive high flying moves that showcase his skill and athleticism, but things quickly take a darker turn when Midnight Marauder deviates from traditional athleticism and introduces a steel chair into the equation. Loco shows he's no stranger to hardcore wrestling himself and the clash intensifies as the two wrestlers engage in a chaotic dance, utilizing foreign objects scattered around the ring. As the minutes tick away, Midnight Marauder seizes control with a calculated series of strikes, setting the stage for his signature move, the Midnight DDT. The steel chair becomes a macabre centerpiece as Midnight Marauder executes his finisher, driving Lucha Loco's skull into the unforgiving metal. The referee counts the pinfall with six and a half minutes on the math timer, declaring Midnight Marauder the victor amidst the wreckage.

Winner: Midnight Marauder, by pinfall

Rating: 47

Post-match, the camera captures a mysterious figure, dressed in a black body suit and lined with strips of neon, complete with a panther shaped mask, silently observing the aftermath from a vantage point high above the ring.


The presence of this new figure hints at deeper layers of intrigue, alliances and rivalries. The announcing team acknowledge this and stress the mystery as they try to guess if he's connected to any of the two competitors, whether he's a friend or ally and if there's more than just the visual aspect connecting him to the other neon clad figure observing the opening match.


The backstage corridors of the venue gradually transform into a realm of mysticism with cracked tiles, sprouting vines and dark stains as the camera delves into the secretive lair of Voodoo Queen. The air ripples with supernatural energy as Voodoo Queen, a priestess with a penchant for the mystical and arcane, performs some sort of ritual. The scene unfolds in a dimly lit chamber adorned with arcane symbols and flickering candles. Voodoo Queen, draped in ethereal garments, stands at the center of the ritual, her eyes glowing with an otherworldly intensity. The eerie ambiance is further heightened by the presence of El Diablo Blanco, silent and foreboding, lurking in the shadows. In the center of it all, the swirling black mists seem to form a shape not unlike the Vice City Underground championship title belt.


Voodoo Queen's incantations and gestures echo through the lair as she channels dark energies. The camera captures glimpses of the championship flickering in the mists, its presence pulsating with an ominous glow. The supernatural forces at play manifest in subtle yet unsettling ways, distorting the surroundings and casting an otherworldly glow upon the lair. Amidst the ritualistic proceedings, Voodoo Queen mentions a blood sacrifice later in the night. The camera lingers on El Diablo Blanco, his enigmatic silence foreshadowing the eerie alliance between the two.

As the ritual reaches its climax, it takes a more visible toll on the surroundings. Objects tremble, shadows dance, and the very fabric of the lair seems to warp under the influence of the mystical forces at play. The segment concludes with an air of ominous uncertainty, leaving viewers to contemplate the unpredictable consequences of Voodoo Queen's actions and the meaning behind her words about a blood sacrifice tonight.


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Velvet Viper!"


A brooding monotone sound heralds the arrival of Velvet Viper, creating a mysterious and slightly menacing atmosphere. The masked luchadora walks out in a skin tight black bodysuit that enhances her athletic figure, adding a touch of sexuality to her silent, dangerous appeal.

"And her opponent, she is the ruler of the underworld, this is Vice Queen!"


Vice Queen confidently struts to the ring while Velvet Viper, even with a mask on, seems clearly surprised and confused her announced opponent. Queen slides into the ring and Viper asks her what she's doing, to which Vice Queens responds by saying she wasn't going to put all of her eggs in one basket; she needed a more hands-on approach.

Tournament match: Velvet Viper vs Vice Queen


The arena is abuzz with anticipation, but Viper doesn't seem to share the sentiment. Vice Queen explains she wasn't expecting the two of them to meet in a match, let alone their first in the tournament, but since things turned out this way, it would be easier if Viper just laid down to take the pin. Viper is hesitant, so Vice Queen repeats her words, this time phrased as an order. Viper hesitantly lays down and Queen puts a leg over her chest as the referee counts the pin. Just before three, whether because of her pride or competitive spirit kicking in or because she felt disrespected by the cocky cover, Velvet Viper kicks out!

Vice Queen is furious at this blatant show of disobedience and slaps her underling in her rage, which in turn gives Viper the excuse she needs to start fighting, which gets the match underway proper. Things begin awkwardly, not just because of the tumultuous relationship between the two but also due to an evident clash in their fighting styles. Vice Queen throws strikes that lack grace and precision due to her rage, while Velvet Viper utilizes a more dynamic and acrobatic style. The awkwardness of their interaction manifests in every exchanged blow and grapple, emphasizing the disjointed nature of their styles. Despite that, the audience is left on the edge of their seats and seem all too happy to cheer for the employee standing up against the abusive boss. About six minutes in, a desperate Velvet Viper seizes a steel chair, ready to swing it and potentially turn the tide. However, Vice Queen, demonstrating her cunning and adaptability, intercepts the impending strike with a Mafia Kick, showing that the best defence is a good offence. The impact sends the chair in Velvet Viper's face and the luchadora to the mat; Vice Queen pounces on top and the referee counts to three, declaring Vice Queen the winner.

Winner: Vice Queen, by pinfall

Rating: 25


"The following lucha is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall! Making their way to the ring, Voodoo Queen and El Diablo Blanco, The Darkness!"

The Darkness make their usual entrance, gloomy and spectacular. El Diablo Blanco seems stiff and robotic in his moves, like a puppet on a string. In another show of subservience, he kneels to pick up Voodoo Queen and lays her on the apron, helping her into the ring before he joins. Yet again, Voodoo Queen looks at the title belt at ringside, a gleam in her eyes.

"And their opponents, they are Neon Fury and Neon Panther, the Neon Knights!"

As The Darkness takes their positions in the ring, the lights flicker, and a pulsating glow heralds the entrance of Neon Knights. Neon Fury and Neon Panther burst onto the scene in a cascade of vibrant lights in the darkness as energetic techno music hits the speakers, their presence a stark contrast to the shadowy enigma of The Darkness. The arena is illuminated with neon hues, Fury dances like a maniac on his way to the ring, whereas Panther does his best to be sleek and cat like.

The Darkness vs Neon Knights


In a clash between the realms of light and shadow, The Darkness square off against the enigmatic Neon Knights. The atmosphere is charged with an otherworldly energy as the bell rings, signaling a battle that intertwines the supernatural with high-flying action. The encounter sees both teams exchanging momentum, with The Darkness demonstrating their tactical prowess and Neon Knights countering with their high-flying maneuvers, the contrast in styles adding a dynamic element to the match. After about eight minutes of back and forth action, Voodoo Queen orchestrates a strategic move when she plays possum to lure Neon Fury into hitting a high risk move and crashing to the outside of the ring. The revivified Queen joins El Diablo Blanco for a two on one attack on Panther, eventually allowing El Diablo Blanco to execute the Hellfire Plunge at the command of his mistress. The devastating maneuver leaves Panther, paving the way for El Diablo Blanco to score the pin. The referee counts to three, declaring The Darkness the victors.

Winners: The Darkness, by pinfall

Rating: 36

The aftermath of the match sees The Darkness, with Voodoo Queen at the helm, shove the referee away in order to perform some sort of spell over the fallen body of Panther. After a few uncomfortable moments, a revived Neon Fury rushes into the ring for the interrupt and forces The Darkness to retreat. Whether he was quick enough to prevent the spell from being cast or not, remains to be seen.


The backstage ambiance sets the stage as Python Princess steps into the frame, a silhouette against the gritty backstage areas of Vice City Underground.


"Ever since Vice City Underground began, in the first ever match, I proved I'm here to dominate. I'm here to win every single one of my matches, all the way to the finals and get that title belt around my waist. There is however one thing I want to make clear regarding that strap. I won't let some mystical mumbo-jumbo stand in the way of my goals. I've faced all sorts of challenges before, and this... this won't stop me. Python Princess doesn't back down from a challenge, no matter its nature. No obstacle can stop me.  I'll go through whatever it takes, curses and magic be damned, to prove that I'm the best in Vice City Underground!"

There is a brief pause to let the statement sink in, before Python Princess continues.

"The curse won't break me. I'll break it. And when it's all said and done, I'll stand tall as the rightful champion. Get ready, Vice City, Python Princess is on the rise, and no curse can stop me. Nothing can."


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall and it is your main event! Introducing first, he can fix a machine, he's a wrestling machine, he is Vice Grip!"


A slow bluesy riff plays as the mechanic from last week's opening segment makes his entrance, high fiving and fist bumping people on his way to the ring. Despite being approachable in such fashion, he does not smile and seems to be all business.

"And his opponent, the Princess of Asgard, she is Thunderstorm!"


A crackling boom of thunder leads to a stomping guitar riff as the tall and muscular Thunderstorm makes her entrance. Unlike her opponent, she is completely self absorbed and takes in the fans' reaction, positive or negative, with her arms outstretched in the entrance ramp, before marching down to the ring.

Tournament match: Vice Grip vs Thunderstorm


The match commences with Vice Grip displaying his technical finesse, countering Thunderstorm's powerhouse assaults and eliminating her size advantage with deft submission holds. Like an imposing force of nature, Thunderstorm responds with raw strength, attempting to overpower her opponent in a display of dominance. As the bout unfolds, Thunderstorm seizes control with powerful slams and strikes, aiming to assert her dominance over Vice Grip. The technical maestro, however, weathers the storm (pun intended), strategically wearing down Thunderstorm's strength with precision and strategy.

The pivotal moment arrives when the two are fighting outside the ropes and Thunderstorm attempts a spear, which Vice Grip dodges, letting her crash onto the pedestal that holds the Vice City Underground championship belt positioned at ringside. Thunderstorm jolts back with a scream of pain, as if a surge of electricity coursed through her, momentarily disorienting her. Seizing the opportunity, Vice Grip capitalizes on Thunderstorm's vulnerable state and throws her back inside the ring. In a seamless transition, Vice Grip slides in and applies the Torque Twist, a signature submission hold, exploiting Thunderstorm's weakened condition. The powerhouse struggles for quite some time against the submission, the pain evident on Thunderstorm's face as she can't even crawl to the ropes in order to force a break. The audience is drawn into the intensity of the moment as Vice Grip torques Thunderstorm's limbs with unwavering precision. Unable to escape the hold, Thunderstorm reluctantly taps out, signaling Vice Grip's victory by submission. The arena erupts in a mix of cheers and stunned silence, acknowledging the unforeseen twist that led to the finish and the episode fades out with Vice Grip standing tall over his vanquished opponent.

Winner: Vice Grip, by submission

Rating: 39


Episode rating: 36

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Vice City Underground #3: Keep your friends close
Held on Friday, Week 3 of January 2020 in Miami FL in front of 225 fans. TV Ratings 0.08 (62.693 viewers on East Coast Today and La Red de la Lucha)

"Gator King, you were my brother in arms for so long, until the almighty dollar got between us"... "You're barking up the wrong tree, detective. I'm just here for the show"... "You might want to loosen your attitude and that tie, honey. Could even join us if you're up for the task. The night's young, and fun doesn't discriminate"... "from Chiapas, Mexico, he is loco en el poco, this is Lucha Loco"... "Introducing first, Velvet Viper... And her opponent... this is Vice Queen"... "they are Neon Fury and Neon Panther, the Neon Knights"... "Python Princess doesn't back down from a challenge, no matter its nature"... "Thunderstorm touched the title belt! And Vice Grip is now in control!... One, two, three!"



In a dimly lit backstage area, Vice Grip stands, the hum of the arena in the background as he addresses the camera directly. His words carry the weight of experience and determination.

"Last week, right here in Vice City Underground, I went toe-to-toe with one Thunderstorm – a powerhouse that could literally shake the very foundations of this place. It was like grappling with a force of nature, overwhelming and relentless. I heard some said I got lucky. Thing is, luck only gets you so far. What saw me through that storm was something deeper – it's the art of wrestling itself, grappling precision, and the tenacity, the grit of all blue-collar workers like myself. You know, in Vice City Underground, it's not just about surviving the storm; it's about thriving in it. Thunderstorm threw everything at me, but here I stand, winner of that match and still in the tournament. This journey is far from over and my grappling skills will see me all the way to the finals."


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...


The pulsating beats of a synthwave soundtrack fill the arena as the lights dim, casting an electric glow over the awaiting crowd. The atmosphere becomes charged with anticipation as the distinctive siren wail echoes through the venue, heralding the arrival of Miami Vice.


The man emerges from the curtain with an air of calculated coolness. Dressed in sleek, pastel-colored attire reminiscent of 80s Miami, he strides confidently down the ramp. The crowd reacts with a mix of admiration and skepticism, uncertain of his true motives. Miami Vice acknowledges the audience with a nod, exuding an aura of mystery that leaves them intrigued.

"And his opponent, he is the dazzling, the fantabulous, he is Glitterbomb!"


As the lights flicker and pulse in sync with the electronic beats, the atmosphere takes on a vibrant, glittering hue. Glitterbomb makes an extravagant entrance, adorned in a sparkling ensemble that catches every glimmer of light. The crowd is treated to a display of flamboyance and charisma as Glitterbomb showers them with handfuls of glitter, dances and twirls down the ramp, radiating an aura of theatrical charm.


Tournament match: Glitterbomb vs Miami Vice


The match kicks off with Miami Vice showcasing his calculated approach. He employs a well balanced mix of precise strikes, well-executed holds, and impactful slams, aiming to control the pace. The audience watches in appreciation as Miami Vice demonstrates his technical prowess. However, Glitterbomb, the maestro of mind games, counters with his own brand of wrestling entertainment. Between the dazzling maneuvers, Glitterbomb takes moments to engage with the crowd, drawing them into the spectacle. He plays to the audience, reveling in their cheers and jeers, creating a dynamic energy in the arena. As the match progresses, Glitterbomb's unpredictability comes to the forefront. He weaves in and out of Miami Vice's calculated offense, surprising him with sudden bursts of agility and flamboyance. The mind games intensify, with Glitterbomb using his theatrical charisma to distract and disorient his opponent until he finally seizes an opportunity to outsmart Miami Vice by executing a sudden roll-up. The referee counts the pin, and to the shock of the audience, Glitterbomb steals the victory.

Winner: Glitterbomb, by pinfall

Rating: 25


The scene opens in Vice Queen's dimly lit office, the air thick with an aura of authority and secrecy. Cocaine Cowboy stands, leaning casually against a luxurious desk on which two briefcases rest, a smirk playing on his face as the two shake hands, seemingly concluding some shadowy transaction. Vice Queen, exuding an air of composed power, looks up from her chair, eyeing Cocaine Cowboy with a mix of curiosity and calculation.


VQ: "Always a pleasure doing business with you, cowboy."

CC: "Likewise, Queen. You know I don't come to places like this for pleasantries."

Vice Queen leans back, steepling her fingers, a subtle smile forming.

VQ: "I appreciate your directness. Still, before you leave, allow me to extend another offer."

Cocaine Cowboy raises an eyebrow, intrigued.

CC: "I got what I came for. What else could you possibly have for me?"

VQ: "I saw your match in Vice City Underground, and I see potential. I'm in need of a formidable partner, someone with your... intensity."

Cocaine Cowboy chuckles.

CC: "I work alone, sweetheart. Been burned before."

Vice Queen leans forward, her eyes narrowing with a glint of determination.

VQ: "Gator King, yes, I'm aware. Consider this however – I have some sway backstage. A few strings I can pull. You've been itching for another round with that man, haven't you?"

Cocaine Cowboy's eyes narrow, the mention of Gator King piquing his interest.

VQ: "You join forces with me in Vice City Underground, and I'll make sure you get that match against Gator King. No waiting, no games."

Cocaine Cowboy takes a moment, contemplating the offer.

CC: "You've got yourself a partner, Queen."

Vice Queen nods, sealing the unusual alliance.



The scene unfolds backstage in the labyrinthine corridors of Vice City Underground. Neon Fury, the flashy newcomer, is shown walking down one, the flickering overhead lights casting an eerie glow that is in stark contrast with the bright strips of neon light in his outfit. Suddenly, from the shadows, Midnight Marauder swiftly emerges, launching a surprise assault on Neon Fury with a hockey stick in hand.


The sudden attack catches Neon Fury off guard as Midnight Marauder delivers a series of stiff strikes and punishing maneuvers. The assault is relentless, and a surprised Neon Fury struggles to counter the unexpected onslaught. However, before Midnight Marauder can inflict further damage, the scene takes a dramatic turn. Neon Panther, Neon Fury's mysterious ally, rushes onto the scene.


Witnessing the scene, Neon Panther springs into action, forcing Midnight Marauder to retreat into the shadows from whence he came before the two can engage in combat. The atmosphere is charged with tension as Neon Fury regains his bearings.


The camera cuts to the ring, with both teams already in the ring. Apparently, introductions and entrances have already happened off camera.


Cocaine Cowboy & Vice Queen vs Surf N Turf

Vice Queen, flanked by the newly formed alliance with Cocaine Cowboy, steps into the ring with a confident demeanor. On the opposing side, the surf-themed duo Surf 'n' Turf, Beachcomber and Sunburn, are ready for the challenge. The match kicks off with the flashy style of Surf 'n' Turf and the strategic synergy of Vice Queen and Cocaine Cowboy. The surfers bring a high-energy, high-flying dynamic to the ring, showcasing their athleticism with aerial maneuvers and swift tags. Vice Queen and Cocaine Cowboy, on the other hand, employ a mix of cunning strategy and impactful strikes to control the pace.

As the match progresses, Vice Queen's tactical brilliance becomes apparent. She creates a distraction, luring Sunburn into a false sense of security. The distraction proves pivotal as Cocaine Cowboy exploits the opening, launching a sudden and ruthless attack on the isolated Sunburn. Seizing the moment, Cocaine Cowboy delivers a decapitating lariat, incapacitating Sunburn. With Vice Queen cunningly preventing Beachcomber from intervening, Cocaine Cowboy seizes the opportunity and goes for the pinfall. The referee's hand hits the mat for the three-count, signaling victory for Vice Queen and Cocaine Cowboy.

Winners: Cocaine Cowboy & Vice Queen, by pinfall

Rating: 35


The camera focuses on the vibrant persona of Lucha Loco, the masked luchador, standing in the dimly lit backstage area of Vice City Underground. The glow of neon lights adds an ethereal aura to his masked visage as he addresses the viewers.


"¡Saludos, amigos y amigas de Vice City Underground! It is I, the one and only Lucha Loco, coming to you with a message from the heart. Recently, I faced a setback in this intense tournament, a moment that left me reflecting on the journey so far. I may have fallen, but mark my words, it's not the end. Every defeat is a lesson, and every lesson is a step toward greatness. The competition here in Vice City Underground is fierce, but I thrive on challenges. I thrive on the energy of the fans who support me, the ones who believe in the spirit of Lucha Loco!  I vow to return stronger, more resilient than ever before. The fire that burns within me will not be extinguished by a single loss. No, it fuels my determination, my passion for the art of lucha libre. I will rise from the canvas, ascend the turnbuckles, and soar through the air with the heart of a warrior!"

He raises his masked face, his eyes gleaming with unwavering resolve.

"To my opponents, I say beware! Lucha Loco is not defeated. I am reborn, reforged, and ready to face any challenge that comes my way. The journey in Vice City Underground continues, and I promise you all, my loyal fans, a spectacle like no other. Prepare for the resurgence, for the triumphant return of Lucha Loco!"


In the secluded recesses of the Vice City Underground backstage area, Python Princess is engrossed in her weightlifting workout when Velvet Viper appears, a subtle serpent-like grace in her movements.


VV: "Princess, we need to talk. This tournament is getting more dangerous by the day, and I believe we could both benefit from a strategic alliance."

Python Princess, intrigued but composed, slowly turns her head around in silent acknowledgment.

VV: "I'm out of the Vice City Underground tournament, which is unfortunate but it has cleared up my schedule. You're still in it. I can offer protection, ensure it stays that way. In return, you will assist me in a little project of mine."

Python Princess cocks her head to the side, considering the offer.

PP: "Protection, you say? What's to stop me from handling my affairs solo?"

VV: "True, you're formidable on your own, but in the chaos of this underground battleground, having someone watching your back is an advantage. I propose a mutually beneficial alliance – you, focused on the tournament, and me, ensuring you're not blindsided by any unwanted surprises."

The feed fades to black as the camera is focused on Python Princess, awaiting her response.


The backstage area of Vice City Underground buzzes with an ominous energy as Thunderstorm, the formidable female powerhouse, storms through the dimly lit corridors. In her path stands The Darkness – Voodoo Queen and her enigmatic follower, El Diablo Blanco.


T: "You! You're the ones who messed with that title and cost me the match last week. Felt like a burn when I touched it! What have you done?"

Voodoo Queen, adorned in mystical regalia, meets Thunderstorm's accusatory gaze with an unsettling calm.

VQ: "Your anger is misplaced, Thunderstorm. The nature of this curse is beyond your understanding and its presence is merely a ripple in the grand tapestry of my plans. There are forces at play here that transcend individual matches and wrestlers."

Thunderstorm, visibly frustrated, clenches her fists.

T: "I don't care about your plans. You caused my elimination from the tournament, and I won't let it slide."

VQ: "Thunderstorm, my plans extend beyond the tangible. The cursed title is but a vessel for the chaos I seek to unleash. Your concerns are but a drop in the ocean of what is to come."

Thunderstorm, fueled by anger, takes a step forward, but El Diablo Blanco steps in to protect Voodoo Queen. Thunderstorm glares at El Diablo Blanco, ready for a fight, but Voodoo Queen intervenes.

Voodoo Queen: "Enough. There will be no fighting now."

Voodoo Queen signals to El Diablo Blanco to stand down, and The Darkness leaves the scene, disappearing into the shadows. As they depart, Thunderstorm is left seething with frustration.


"The following lucha is your main event and it is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from the Florida Everglades, Gator King!"

Gator King, the undefeated powerhouse and reigning force of Vice City Underground, strides to the ring with an air of dominance, his presence alone commanding respect from the audience.

"And his opponent, from New Orleans, Louisiana, introducing Bayou Banshee!"

As the Louisiana swamp-themed music intensifies, Bayou Banshee, making his Vice City Underground debut, emerges in his dungarees and a red bandana around his neck to an uncertain reception from the crowd, his entrance met with a mix of curiosity and skepticism. The audience, unfamiliar with this enigmatic newcomer, eyes him with uncertainty.

Tournament match: Gator King vs Bayou Banshee


The bell tolls, signaling the beginning of a clash between the untamed Gator King and the untested Bayou Banshee. The two lock eyes, a tension building as the audience wonders if Banshee can topple the reigning behemoth. The early moments showcase Gator King's raw strength as he effortlessly overpowers Banshee. However, Banshee, living up to his mysterious reputation, counters with unorthodox strikes and quick movements, surprising the audience with his agility. As the match progresses, Gator King takes control, unleashing a relentless assault on Banshee with big moves and any items he can get his hands on. The crowd, initially hesitant about the newcomer, starts to rally behind the underdog.

The momentum shifts when Bayou Banshee ascends the turnbuckle for a high-risk move. Gator King, quick to adapt, catches Banshee mid-air and delivers a thunderous power slam from the apron to the ringside floor. The impact resonates through the arena, leaving Banshee writhing in pain. Despite the punishment, Bayou Banshee struggles to win the favor of the audience. Gator King, having firmly established himself as Vice City Underground's dominant force, apparently remains the fan favorite. In the closing moments, Gator King continues his assault, demonstrating his prowess with various weapons scattered around the ring. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Gator King prepares to conclude the match. With a final, devastating maneuver, Gator King hits his Swamp Slam finisher and secures the victory. The crowd erupts in a mix of cheers and jeers, acknowledging the indomitable force that is Gator King, while Bayou Banshee, though valiant, leaves with his debut marked by the unforgiving brutality of Vice City Underground.
Winner: Gator King, by pinfall

Rating: 40

Episode Rating: 31

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3 hours ago, Wrestling Machine said:

Cocaine Cowboy is one of hell of a ringname 😂😂

It's catchy on its own, but when ChatGPT came up with it I realized it actually made perfect sense, since I'd asked for a cross between Lucha Underground and Hotline Miami. So I decided to make him a literal cowboy. My first candidate for the role was Blaze Maximum, but I couldn't bring him over from Australia. Kept the Randy Savage-esque gimmick tho.


3 hours ago, Wrestling Machine said:

Also, Glitterbomb is freakin awesome!

Haven't quite figured out the character, but he's giving me strong exotico vibes. By far the best gimmick I've ever seen Garry the Entertainer be saddled with. ;)

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Vice City Underground #4: Some strings attached

Held on Friday, Week 4 of January 2020 in Miami FL in front of 214 fans. TV Ratings 0.04 (31.496 viewers on La Red de la Lucha)

"This bayou boy could not dethrone the Gator King on this night... Lucha Loco is not defeated. I am reborn, reforged, and ready to face any challenge that comes my way... You join forces with me in Vice City Underground, and I'll make sure you get that match against Gator King... I propose a mutually beneficial alliance – you, focused on the tournament, and me, ensuring you're not blindsided by any unwanted surprises... My plans extend beyond the tangible. The cursed title is but a vessel for the chaos I seek to unleash..."


Skipping any introduction by the announcer, the camera cuts cold from the recap montage straight to the ring, where none other than the gritty blue collar working everyman Freddy Datsun stands holding a mysterious briefcase.


"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Vice City Underground! I know you're probably wondering, what's a man like Freddy Datsun doing here. Now, I might have hung up the boots, but that doesn't mean I'm not around or keeping my ear to the ground.

Datsun pats the briefcase with a grin, creating an air of anticipation.

"First things first, in just two days, Vice City Underground is bringing you a spectacle like no other. This Sunday, don't miss 'Coronation', VCU's first supercard event! It's going to be a night of unforgettable action, drama, and, of course, surprises.

The crowd cheers in anticipation as Freddy Datsun raises his hand for attention.

"Now, let's talk about a bit Coronation match I’m here to announce – a three-way tag team showdown! Neon Knights, Surf 'n' Turf, and The Darkness will battle it out to become the inaugural Vice City Underground Tag Team Champions! But that's not all... Tonight, right here on Vice City Underground, we've got the quarterfinals of our prestigious tournament. The stakes are high because the semifinals will take place at Coronation, and the finalists will headline the show, a grueling test since both competitors will be wrestling twice on the same night, with the winner earning the coveted title belt. Now, as if that wasn't enough, I've got something special to add to the mix. You see, someone I'm not authorized to reveal has reached out to me, and they wanted to sweeten the pot for our tournament finalists. So, whoever walks out of Coronation as the Vice City Underground Champion will not only take home the gold but also this right here.

Datsun opens the briefcase, revealing stacks upon stacks of cash.

"Five hundred grand, cold hard cash! That's right, folks, a half-million dollars to the last person standing in this incredible tournament. The stakes have never been higher, and I can't wait to see who walks away with the championship and the cash at Coronation!"

Datsun closes the briefcase with a smile as the crowd cheers in excitement.


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall and it is a quarterfinals match for the Vice City Underground tournament! Introducing first, he is Vice City's Dark Avenger, the man known as Midnight Marauder!"

The arena is shrouded in darkness as the haunting music of Midnight Marauder echoes through the venue. The enigmatic figure emerges, surrounded by an eerie mist, sending chills down the spines of the audience.

"And his opponent, one half of Neon Knights, this is Neon Panther!"

Neon Panther's entrance is a burst of neon lights, high energy music and a display of athleticism as he heads to the ring, showcasing his acrobatic prowess with flips and twists.

Tournament Quarterfinals match: Midnight Marauder vs Neon Panther


The bell rings, and the clash begins. Neon Panther's agility is on full display as he maneuvers around the ring with grace, landing lightning-fast strikes on the ruthless Midnight Marauder. However, Marauder's brutal tactics quickly take center stage as he introduces various weapons into the match. Marauder uses chairs, kendo sticks, and even a steel chain to punish Neon Panther, emphasizing his reputation for unrelenting aggression. The crowd is torn between cheering for Panther's incredible athleticism and cringing at Marauder's merciless onslaught.

As the match progresses, Marauder sets up two chairs in the center of the ring, intending to deliver a devastating curb stomp on his opponent's head sandwiched between them. Neon Panther, battered but not beaten, manages to counter, avoiding the brutal move. However, Marauder, relentless in his pursuit, catches Panther and positions him for another go at the curb stomp. Just as Midnight Marauder is about to execute the potentially match-ending move, the arena lights flicker, and Neon Fury storms down the ramp.


Fury charges into the ring, attempting to thwart Marauder's vicious assault. Despite his intervention, Marauder overpowers Fury, leaving him incapacitated. Neon Panther however seizes the opportunity, capitalizing on the distraction caused by Neon Fury. With a burst of resilience, Panther rebounds and delivers a surprising roll-up on the distracted Marauder. The referee counts to three, and the arena erupts with disbelief and excitement as Neon Panther secures the victory.

Winner: Neon Panther, by pinfall

Rating:  32


The scene unfolds in Vice Queen's familiar opulent office. Cocaine Cowboy stands before her, seemingly concluding a deal. Vice Queen, wearing an air of authority, reclines in her chair with a mysterious grin.


VQ: "Ah, always a pleasure doing business with you, cowboy. But, my friend, our dealings extend beyond mere transactions."

CC, raising an eyebrow: "What are you getting at, Queen?"

VQ: "You see, I'm a woman of my word. You wanted another shot at Gator King, and I've made it happen. But this, my dear Cowboy, is no ordinary match."

Vice Queen leans forward, her eyes gleaming with intrigue.

VQ: "You'll be stepping into the ring with Gator King once more, but this time, it's not just a regular match. No, no, no. This, my friend, is going to be a Miami Deathmatch!"

Cocaine Cowboy's expression shifts from curiosity to a mix of surprise and determination.

CC: "Miami Deathmatch, huh? You really know how to sweeten the deal, Queen."

VQ: "Consider it my part of our agreement delivered, Cowboy. A canvas for your raw brutality. Make it memorable, and who knows, maybe the tide will turn in your favor."

The scene concludes with Vice Queen smirking as Cocaine Cowboy contemplates the upcoming Miami Deathmatch with eyes shining full of murderous glee.


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall and it is a quarterfinals match for the Vice City Underground tournament! Introducing first, straight out the snake pit, she is Python Princess!"

The arena pulses with anticipation as Python Princess, an imposing figure of strength and agility, makes her way to the ring with an aura of raw power.

"And her opponent, she is the ruler of the underworld, this is Vice Queen!"

Vice Queen enters with an air of cunning confidence, arrogantly staring down her opponent who she clearly sees as a dimwitted brute.

Tournament Quarterfinals match: Python Princess vs Vice Queen


As the bell rings, Python Princess and Vice Queen lock eyes, each assessing the other's strengths. The match kicks off with Python Princess showcasing her raw power, executing powerful slams and suplexes that echo through the arena. Vice Queen, ever the opportunist, counters with evasive maneuvers and underhanded tactics to gain an upper hand. Python Princess delivers a thunderous powerbomb, shaking the ring and asserting her dominance early on but after a bit, Vice Queen exploits a distraction, raking Python Princess's eyes and targeting her legs to weaken the powerhouse. Python Princess takes a beating but rallies, launching Vice Queen into the turnbuckle with a brutal Irish whip, displaying her incredible strength. Vice Queen, realizing the match slipping away, resorts to her crafty tactics. She produces something from her trunks, clearly some sort of foreign object, as she keeps it concealed and strikes Python Princess behind the referee's back. Although the blow is not enough to drop her to the mat, Python Princess is momentarily disoriented and thus becomes vulnerable. Just as Vice Queen seems poised for a shady victory, the arena darkens, and Velvet Viper emerges at the entrance.


True to her promise, Velvet Viper, the former employee of Vice Queen who was eliminated by her boss, rushes to the ring. Velvet Viper's presence disrupts Vice Queen's plans, preventing the underhanded victory. The two former allies exchange blows, which provides Python Princess with enough time to recover, rally and mount a fierce comeback, culminating in Python Princess locking Vice Queen in the Python Squeeze. As Vice Queen struggles in the Python Squeeze, unable to escape the relentless grip of Python Princess, she is left with no choice but to tap out. After the match, Python Princess stands tall, victorious, while Velvet Viper looks down, satisfied at Vice Queen's defeat.

Winner: Python Princess, by submission

Rating: 39


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall and it is a quarterfinals match for the Vice City Underground tournament! Introducing first, he is the dazzling, the fantabulous, he is Glitterbomb!"

The crowd is buzzing with anticipation as Glitterbomb, the flamboyant showman, struts down the aisle, leaving a trail of glitter in his wake.

"His opponent, he can fix a machine, he's a wrestling machine, he is Vice Grip!"

In stark contrast to his opponent's entrance, Vice Grip enters with a focused demeanor, embodying technical prowess and determination.

Tournament Quarterfinals match: Glitterbomb vs Vice Grip


The bell rings, signaling the beginning of a clash between two distinct styles. Glitterbomb, known for his flashy and unorthodox approach, faces off against Vice Grip, the technically proficient grappler. In the early goings of the match, Glitterbomb dazzles the audience with agile flips and spins, showcasing his unique in-ring style while - Vice Grip counters Glitterbomb's flamboyant antics with precision and technical expertise, slowing things down and grounding the match in a more traditional wrestling dynamic. The match gradually becomes more and more of a captivating dance of contrasting styles, with Glitterbomb surprising many by keeping pace with Vice Grip's technical acumen. The flamboyant showman weaves between Vice Grip's grapples and submissions, demonstrating his resilience and agility.

Despite Glitterbomb's ability to match Vice Grip move for move though, the match takes a clear turn when Giltterbomb finds himself spending more time than he should on the wrong end of a submission hold. Seeing his opponent stumble, Vice Grip pushes his advantage to keep the pressure on and seizes control. The experienced technician systematically targets Glitterbomb's limbs, setting the stage for one of his many submission holds. In the closing moments of the match, Vice Grip applies the Vice Lock, a painful and precise submission maneuver. Glitterbomb, unable to escape the vice-like grip, valiantly endures the pain but ultimately succumbs. The flamboyant showman, caught in the technical mastery of Vice Grip, reluctantly taps out. Once the bell is rung and Vice Grip releases the hold, he stands victorious in the center of the ring. Glitterbomb, although defeated, receives a mix of applause and admiration for his spirited performance.

Winner: Vice Grip, by submission

Rating: 40


The camera focuses on the vibrant duo of Surf 'n' Turf, Beachcomber and Sunburn, standing on the beach with surfboards propped up against the sand. The sun sets in the background, casting a warm glow on the two men.


Beachcomber: "Aloha, Vice City Underground! The tides are turning, and Surf 'n' Turf is ready to ride that wave to victory!"

Sunburn: "That's right, Beachcomber! We heard about this three-way tag title match, and we're stoked to be part of it. The Darkness, Neon Knights, you better listen up!"

B: "The Darkness, you're stepping into our sunny paradise, I'm telling you, Surf 'n' Turf knows how to bring the heat! Voodoo Queen, El Diablo Blanco, your supernatural antics might work in the shadows, but under the bright lights of Vice City Underground, we're ready to expose the darkness!"

S: "And Neon Knights, you're a mystery to us, but we're no strangers to facing the unknown. Surf 'n' Turf thrives on the unexpected, and we're gonna ride this wave straight to those tag team titles!"

B: "Neon Fury, Neon Panther, get ready for a beach party like no other. You might be fast, but can you catch a wave? We're the kings of the surf and the turf, and we're not just here to compete; we're here to dominate!"

S: "So, Darkness, Neon Knights, and anyone else in our way, prepare for a tidal wave of destruction. The tag titles are within reach, and Surf 'n' Turf is about to make history in Vice City Underground!"

Surf 'n' Turf throws their hands up in a triumphant gesture, capturing the essence of their beach-inspired energy as the scene fades out.


"The following lucha is your main event and it is a Miami Deathmatch! There will be no countouts, no disqualification and anything goes! The only way to win this match is to incapacitate your opponent, to the point where they are no longer able to answer a count of ten. Introducing the first competitor, from the Florida Everglades, Gator King!"

The arena is electric with anticipation as the crowd knows they're in for a brutal showdown. The ominous music hits, and Gator King strides down the ramp, his cold, reptilian eyes focused on the ring.

"And his opponent, he is none other than Cocaine Cowboy!"

Cocaine Cowboy's entrance follows, blending a mix of flashy lights, dark synth music and a gritty urban vibe, showcasing his Miami roots.

Miami Deathmatch: Gator King vs Cocaine Cowboy


The bell rings, and chaos ensues from the get-go. Both men exchange strikes, and the match quickly spills to the outside, where they utilize every inch of the arena as their battleground. Cocaine Cowboy introduces a kendo stick, but Gator King counters with a steel chair shot that echoes through the arena.

Jimmy Lou Freebush: "This is an all-out war, folks! They're throwing everything and the kitchen sink at each other!"

Cocaine Cowboy, not to be outdone, pulls out a bag of powder, throwing it in Gator King's face for a momentary advantage. The match turns bloodier as both men wear the scars of their heated rivalry. The crowd is on their feet, caught in the intensity of the Miami Deathmatch.

Sawyer: "This is Vice City Underground at its rawest. These two are out for blood!!

Gator King, fueled by rage, seems to absorb inhuman levels of punishment, bloodied and moving slower but always coming back for more. Thanks to this resilience, he eventually manages to deliver a thunderous Swamp Slam, planting Cocaine Cowboy onto the unforgiving ringside floor. As the referee counts, Gator King slowly rises back up to his feet again, but it becomes clear that Cowboy is in no condition to continue. He barely even moves, struggling to roll over onto his belly so he can stand back up, until the referee finally reaches ten.

Winner: Gator King

Rating: 45

Gator King stands tall in the ring, bloodied but victorious, while Cocaine Cowboy, battered and bruised, is left sprawled on the mat. The crowd is a mix of cheers and stunned silence as Gator King's dominance continues in the Vice City Underground. The camera capture the aftermath of the brutal Miami Deathmatch in and around the ring as the episode comes to a close.


Episode rating: 39

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Main event: Vice City Tournament finals

Semi main event: Three Way match for the VCU Top Crew titles

Neon Knights vs Surf 'n' Turf vs The Darkness

Vice City Tournament semifinal: Gator King vs Vice Grip

Vice City Tournament semifinal: Neon Panther vs Python Princess

Opener: Hexagon Ladder match

Bayou Banshee vs Hurricane Hawk vs Lucha Loco vs Miami Vice vs Siren vs Thunderstorm

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21 hours ago, DarK_RaideR said:


Main event: Vice City Tournament finals

Semi main event: Three Way match for the VCU Top Crew titles

Neon Knights 

Vice City Tournament semifinal: Gator King 

Vice City Tournament semifinal:  Python Princess

Opener: Hexagon Ladder match

 Miami Vice 


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Main event: Vice City Tournament finals

Neon Panther vs Vice Grip

Semi main event: Three Way match for the VCU Top Crew titles

Neon Knights vs Surf 'n' Turf vs The Darkness

Vice City Tournament semifinal: Gator King vs Vice Grip

Vice City Tournament semifinal: Neon Panther vs Python Princess

Opener: Hexagon Ladder match

Bayou Banshee vs Hurricane Hawk vs Lucha Loco vs Miami Vice vs Siren vs Thunderstorm

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Held on Sunday, Week 4 of January 2020 in Miami FL in front of 740 fans. TV Ratings 0.05 (43.344 viewers on National Pride TV and La Red de la Lucha)

The lights dim, and a hushed anticipation falls over the Vice City Underground arena. The entrance ramp is bathed in a sea of neon lights, and the crowd erupts as the opening video package for "Coronation" hits the big screen. Images of past battles, intense rivalries, and unforgettable moments in Vice City Underground history flash across the screen.


"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 'Coronation'!"

The music swells, and pyrotechnics explode, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of wrestling. The camera pans across the excited crowd, signs waving, as they eagerly await the start of the action. Meanwhile, Freddy Datsun stands inside the ring with a microphone in hand.


FD: (With enthusiasm) "Ladies and gentlemen! Tonight, we make history in Vice City Underground. We've got a card stacked with incredible matches, but let me remind you of what's at stake in our main event. Whoever wins the main event tonight not only becomes the first-ever VCU International Champion but will also walk away with a jaw-dropping $500,000! That's right, half a million dollars!"

The crowd roars in response, fully grasping the gravity of the prize money up for grabs.

FD: "So, without further ado, let's get ready for an unforgettable night! Welcome to "Coronation"!"

Freddy Datsun hands the microphone to a ringside crew member and exits the ring, everything is ready to kick off the night's festivities.


"The following lucha is a Hexagon Ladder match! The only way to win this match is for one out of the six luchadores to retrieve the Amulet hanging above the ring. Whoever holds the Amulet can cash it in at any time in order to get a shot at any title!"


The sounds of Coronation's theme hit as the participants make their entrances. Hurricane Hawk storms down the ramp, full of energy. Bayou Banshee emerges from the shadows with an eerie calmness. Lucha Loco bounces around, ready for action. Siren, accompanied by Glitterbomb, struts confidently. Thunderstorm imposes her presence, and Miami Vice, cool and confident as ever, flaunts his charisma.

Hexagon Ladder match for the Vice City Amulet


Hurricane Hawk vs Bayou Banshee vs Lucha Loco vs Siren (with Glitterbomb) vs Thunderstorm vs Miami Vice

The bell rings, and the madness begins. Hurricane Hawk and Bayou Banshee immediately take center stage with jaw-dropping stunts off ladders. Hurricane Hawk performs a breathtaking dive onto a cluster of opponents, and Bayou Banshee takes a wild bump, crashing through a ladder set up on the outside. Lucha Loco, slightly less flashy but no less daring, executes a daring leap from the top rope, creating a thrilling mid-air collision with Hurricane Hawk. Thunderstorm showcases her raw power, dominating the chaos with her strength. Meanwhile, Miami Vice weaves through the chaos, planning his next cunning move. As the match reaches its crescendo, Bayou Banshee and Hurricane Hawk find themselves in a precarious position, each perched on a ladder. In a spine-chilling moment, Thunderstorm pushes both ladders aside, sending both competitors crashing to the mat in a shocking collision.

JLF: "Did you see that?! Hurricane Hawk and Bayou Banshee are throwing themselves around like there's no tomorrow!"

Thunderstorm goes to set up a ladder herself, but in doing so walks into a handful of glitter to the face, courtesy of Glitterbomb. This allows Siren to knock Thunderstorm out of the ring and maneuver through the chaos to ascend the ladder Thunderstorm set up, overcoming the battered competition. The crowd erupts as Siren claims the amulet.

JLF: "Siren has done it! In the midst of this car crash of a match, she's secured the amulet!"

PJS: "What a way to kick off Coronation!"

Glitterbomb joins Siren in the ring, celebrating their victory. Siren holds the amulet triumphantly in the air, before Glitterbomb requests it and puts it around her neck, leaving the audience buzzing with anticipation for the unpredictable future this new situation promises.

Winner: Siren

Rating: 40


The dimly lit room is adorned with the eerie glow of flickering candles. Midnight Marauder, clad in his mysterious attire, steps forward, a haunting silhouette against the shadows. The camera focuses on his intense gaze.


"Neon Panther, you've been a thorn in my side since day one. You followed me into the darkness, and now, you've found your way to Vice City Underground."

He paces with an unsettling calmness, hands wrapped in tape, exuding an air of calculated menace.

"Neon Panther, your presence nearly cost me everything against Lucha Loco. I tried to send a message when I struck down your partner, Neon Fury, and I requested a match against you. I wanted to make it clear that I stand alone, that I thrive in the shadows without interference."

His eyes narrow, revealing a hint of frustration.

"But you two just couldn't resist, could you? Neon Fury had to meddle in my business, knocking me out of the tournament. You see, Panther, vengeance is a relentless force, and I assure you, it's about to rear its ugly head. Both of you —prepare yourselves. Your interference won't go unanswered. There will be hell to pay, and Neon Knights, remember this: vengeance is a relentless, unforgiving force, and it's knocking on your door."

The ominous words hang in the air as Midnight Marauder fades back into the shadows, leaving a lingering sense of foreboding in his wake.


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall and it is a semifinals match for the Vice City Underground tournament!"

The ominous atmosphere from Midnight Marauder's earlier promo lingers in the air as Neon Panther, accompanied by Neon Fury, makes a dynamic entrance with neon lights flashing and an energetic crowd response. The contrasting stillness heralds the solo arrival of Python Princess.

Tournament Quarterfinals match: Neon Panther (with Neon Fury) vs Python Princess


JLF: "The stakes are high tonight, folks. The winner of this match moves on to the finals of the Vice City Underground tournament."

PJS: "And the absence of Velvet Viper by Python Princess's side is quite noticeable. Will it affect her chances here?"

As the bell rings, the tension is palpable. Neon Fury, ever watchful, constantly scans the surroundings for any sign of Midnight Marauder. However, the dark vigilante remains absent, leaving Neon Panther to focus on the task at hand. The match unfolds with Neon Panther showcasing his athletic prowess and high-flying maneuvers. Python Princess, known for her power and submission skills, counters with impactful strikes and grapples. The turning point arrives when Python Princess counters one of Neon Panther's acrobatic moves into the Serpent Squeeze, her signature submission hold. Neon Fury watches anxiously and tries to amp up his tag team partner as Neon Panther struggles, but ultimately, he succumbs to the excruciating pain. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Python Princess, by submission

Rating: 43


The arena darkens, and an eerie hush falls over the crowd as Vice Queen's haunting theme begins to play. The nefarious mob boss steps out onto the stage, microphone in hand, a wicked smile adorning her face.


"Velvet Viper, my dear, it's time we settle our little dispute. Come on out."

The crowd buzzes in anticipation as Velvet Viper's music hits.


The masked women emerges but she hesitates to head to the ring.


Suddenly, from the shadows, Cocaine Cowboy launches a surprise attack on Velvet Viper, dragging her into the harsh spotlight.

JLF: "What in the world? Cocaine Cowboy attacking Velvet Viper from behind!"

PJS: "Vice Queen has orchestrated this, and it looks like she's got a plan."

Cocaine Cowboy throws Velvet Viper into the ring, demanding the bell to be rung. Vice Queen joins the commentary table, reveling in the chaos she's unleashed.

VQ (through the headset): "Oh, my dears, this is just the beginning. Watch closely."

JLF: "This is a setup, a trap! And Cocaine Cowboy seems more than happy to oblige."

VQ: "Of course it is! And Velvet Viper is just as naive as you, Jimmy Lou. She walked right into it"


Cocaine Cowboy vs Velvet Viper

The impromptu match begins, with Cocaine Cowboy dominating from the outset. He ruthlessly beats down Velvet Viper, but she refuses to stay down, displaying resilience that earns the respect of the audience. Frustrated, Cocaine Cowboy, turns to Vice Queen at ringside for guidance. The Queen of Vice smiles and claps, reveling in the destruction as she urges her latest henchman to carry on with the violence, but this brief moment of respite is just enough for Velvet Viper to collect herself and make a desperate attempt for a comeback. Velvet Viper rallies, gaining sympathy from the audience but comeback is short-lived as Cocaine Cowboy delivers a bone-crushing lariat, nearly taking her head off. Cocaine Cowboy covers Velvet Viper, and the referee counts the three, sealing her fate.

Winner: Cocaine Cowboy, by pinfall

Rating: 38

Vice Queen enters the ring, standing over the fallen Velvet Viper with a sinister grin.

Vice Queen (into the microphone): "I am a generous person. I could have overlooked your failure to follow orders when we first met inside this ring. But you had to go out of your way and actively plot against me. This, my dear, is what happens when you betray me. Enjoy the consequences."

Vice Queen and Cocaine Cowboy exit the ring, leaving behind a battered and broken Velvet Viper.


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall and it is a semifinals match for the Vice City Underground tournament!"

JLF: "This is it, folks! The clash of styles we've all been waiting for. Gator King's raw power against Vice Grip's technical prowess."

PJS: "Both these men have been dominant in the tournament, and now, only one can advance to the finals."

Tournament Quarterfinals match: Gator King vs Vice Grip


The match starts with a feeling-out process, Vice Grip attempting to outmaneuver Gator King, who relies on his brute strength. Vice Grip locks in various submission holds, showcasing his technical prowess, but Gator King powers out of each one. As the match progresses, Gator King slowly but surely begins to assert his dominance. He delivers thunderous slams, punishing Vice Grip with each move. Vice Grip, however, refuses to back down, countering with expertly executed joint locks.

JLF: "These two are pushing each other to the limit. It's a masterclass in the ring!"

PJS: "The chemistry between Gator King and Vice Grip is incredible. They're delivering a classic here tonight."

The turning point comes when Vice Grip tries to change his tactics and attempts a high-risk maneuver, leaping off the top rope. Gator King catches him mid-air, showcasing his incredible strength, and delivers a devastating Swamp Slam. From there, Gator King covers Vice Grip, and the referee counts the three.

Winner: Gator King, by pinfall

Rating: 47


"The following lucha is a Three Way match scheduled for one fall and it is for the VCU Top Crew titles!"

The arena buzzes with anticipation as the three teams prepare for the historic three-way tag team match to crown the first-ever Vice City Underground Tag Team Champions.

JLF: "This is it, folks! The culmination of weeks of intense competition. Who will emerge as the inaugural Top Crew of Vice City Underground?"

PJS: "The atmosphere is electric! Tag team gold is on the line, and these teams are ready to leave it all in the ring."



Neon Knights vs Surf 'n' Turf vs The Darkness

The match kicks off with frenetic action, all three teams jockeying for position. Neon Knights showcase their unique tandem offense, Surf N Turf display their high-flying, acrobatic style, and The Darkness employ cunning tactics, picking their spots and jumping on every opportunity to gain the upper hand without taking much risk themselves. The turning point comes when Neon Fury is on a roll, delivering a spectacular sequence of moves. He goes for the pin on El Diablo Blanco, seemingly about to secure the victory.


Suddenly, the arena plunges into darkness. When the lights come back on, Midnight Marauder is in the ring with a crowbar in hand, which he uses to brutally attack Neon Fury. Outside the ring, Sunburn takes advantage of the chaos. He ascends to the top rope and dives off of it, crashing outside onto all the competitors with a high-risk maneuver. Back inside the ring, Midnight Marauder rolls out of the bottom rope, leaving the crime scene once he's dealt enough damage to Neon Fury. With El Diablo Blanco still on the mat, Beachcomber of Surf N Turf seizes the opportunity and hits a decisive move on the dazed luchador for good measure.

PJS: "Beachcomber hooks the leg! This could be it!"

JLF: "1... 2... 3! Surf N Turf is the first-ever Top Crew!"

The bell rings, and the crowd erupts as Surf N Turf is declared the inaugural Vice City Underground Tag Team Champions. Beachcomber and Sunburn celebrate their hard-fought victory amid the wreckage in the ring.

Winners AND NEW Vice City Underground Top Crew: Surf N Turf, by pinfall

Rating: 34


"The following lucha is your main event and it is scheduled for one fall! The winner of the match will also win the Vice City Underground tournament, the VCU International title and five hundred thousand dollars!"

The main event of Coronation is set, the atmosphere thick with anticipation as the crowd eagerly awaits the clash between the two titans of Vice City Underground. Gator King, the powerful force of nature, and Python Princess, the relentless powerhouse, make their entrances with a sense of purpose.

Tournament Quarterfinals match: Gator King vs Python Princess


The bell rings, and the match explodes into action. Gator King charges, Python Princess meets him head-on, and the collision echoes throughout the arena. The two engage in a fierce exchange of strikes and power moves, each trying to assert dominance. Python Princess gains the upper hand, delivering a series of bone-rattling suplexes, showcasing her incredible strength. Gator King, undeterred, counters with devastating slams and strikes of his own. Despite the big moves on display though, the match flow is a bit awkward, as if each competitor is doing their thing instead of putting together a comprehensive bout. The pace is relentless however, and the crowd is on the edge of their seats.


Suddenly, in the midst of the chaos, Vice Queen appears at ringside. Her presence distracts Python Princess momentarily, and the powerhouse turns her attention to the woman responsible for the beating of her ally, Velvet Viper, earlier in the night. This confrontation allows Gator King to recover and capitalize on the distraction. As the match resumes, Gator King delivers a powerful Swamp Slam, but somehow Python Princess kicks out at the last possible moment. The resilience of both competitors is on full display and the announcers make sure to point out that this is the first time ever that anyone has kicked out of the Swamp Slam. The intensity of the bout reaches new heights when, in a brutal exchange, Python Princess's jaw appears dislocated or broken. Despite the visible pain, she continues to fight on, showcasing incredible toughness and determination.


Just as the match seems to be reaching its climax, chaos ensues. Cocaine Cowboy, harboring a personal vendetta against Gator King, storms the ring and attacks him. The two former allies engage in a brawl, with the entire arena caught in the frenzy. As the announcing team discuss, there is no such thing as disqualifications in Vice City Underground, but even if there were, the referee wouldn't dare end such a huge match like this. Amid the bedlam, Python Princess regains her focus and launches herself at Gator King. However, he dodges the charge at the last possible second and Python Princess ends up spearing Cocaine Cowboy out of his boots. Lining up his attack, Gator King waits for her to get back up and hits Python Princess with a thunderous Swamp Slam. The referee counts: 1... 2... 3! The bell rings, and Gator King is declared the winner .

Winner: Gator King, by pinfall

Rating: 39



The atmosphere inside the Vice City Underground arena is absolutely electric as Freddy Datsun, holding the VCU International title belt and the briefcase containing $500,000, stands in the center of the ring. Gator King, the newly crowned champion, basks in the adulation of the crowd. Datsun, with a nod of respectful recognition, extends the title belt and the briefcase toward Gator King, signifying the pinnacle of victory. The crowd erupts with cheers as the celebration begins.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Gator King, whether driven by a desire to establish dominance or influenced by the mysterious power of the cursed title, suddenly and violently swings the briefcase, striking Freddy Datsun across the face. The arena falls into a stunned silence as Datsun crumples to the mat. The celebration takes a dark turn as Gator King, with a cold and calculating demeanor, grabs Freddy Datsun and hoists him up for a devastating Swamp Slam. The impact echoes throughout the arena, and the crowd watches in disbelief.

With Freddy Datsun lying motionless in the ring, Gator King stands tall, the VCU International title belt draped over his shoulder. The once celebratory moment now lingers in an unsettling quiet as the feed goes off the air.

Show rating: 39


@christmas_ape: 2/4
@KyTeran: 0/5
Thanks for your participation, gentlemen! Good to know the booking is still quite unpredictable at this early point 😁

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Vice City Underground #5: A New Reign

Held on Friday, Week 1 of February 2020 in Miami FL in front of 210 fans. TV Ratings 0.04 (33.027 viewers on La Red de la Lucha)

"He has done it, Gator King wins the match, title and money!... Swamp Slam on Datsun! He is out of control!... Your interference won't go unanswered. There will be hell to pay... Vengeance is a relentless, unforgiving force... Surf N Turf have won the Top Crew title belts!... Hang on, that's Cocaine Cowboy! It's a trap!... Siren's got the Amulet, she's got the Amulet, it's over!"


The aftermath of Coronation still lingers in the air as Vice City Underground returns for another explosive episode. The camera pans across the electrified crowd, capturing the mix of excitement and lingering shock from the shocking events of the big show.


The enthusiastic announcing team welcomes the viewers back to the gritty world of Vice City Underground, promising more intense action, unexpected twists, and unrivaled drama.


As the camera sweeps through the arena, a familiar face in the front row catches the attention of both fans and commentators alike.


It's none other than the veteran wrestler "Southern Justice" Jack Griffith, a seasoned competitor with a storied history in the world of professional wrestling. His presence adds an extra layer of excitement to the already charged atmosphere. With the stage set for another night of high-stakes competition, the Vice City Underground faithful brace themselves for the rollercoaster ride that is sure to unfold. The stakes are higher, the tensions are palpable, and the unpredictable nature of VCU promises that anything can happen.


The camera ends its movement to face the ring, where Neon Knights are already standing with a microphone. Neon Fury takes the microphone, the vibrant lights reflecting off his dazzling attire, as he addresses the cheering crowd.

Neon Fury: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Vice City Underground! Now, you all witnessed the chaos at Coronation, and we're here tonight to address one man – the Midnight Marauder. You see, Marauder, you've been causing quite a ruckus and at Coronation, you cost us the chance to become the first ever tag team champions in Vice City Underground."

Neon Panther: "That's right! You like to tell yourself you employ terror tactics, but we know your hit and runs are only an illusion, a veneer to stop others from seeing what you really are: a coward! Enough with your little games! Step into the spotlights and let's settle this the VCU way – in the ring! That is, if you can find yourself a partner..."

The Neon Knights drop their mics and strike a pose, their neon-lit presence creating a captivating spectacle in the dimly lit arena before they depart.


Siren stands in the backstage area, the Amulet proudly hanging around her neck. Glitterbomb approaches, his sparkling presence adding an extra layer of shimmer to the scene.


Siren: "Coronation was a success for me, a return to form. I've got the Amulet now, and I can cash it in for a title shot."

Glitterbomb: "Yas, baby girl! I’m real proud of you, but I’m also a little concerned. See, you’ve already wrestled the brand new VCU International champion in the past and as far as I remember, it didn’t go too well for you. Know what did go well though? Me and you at Coronation. Not to toot my own horn here, but that was one hell of an assist. We make a good team, so let me throw something your way and it isn’t glitter, babe. How about we set our sights on the Top Crew titles?"

Siren: "I guess that’s one way of seeing it, but regardless of what I’m doing, there’s a bit of business to take care of first. See, you mentioned Coronation and I’m grateful for your help, but you know who isn’t? Thunderstorm. She’s managed to get herself a one on one match with you and she's out for revenge. Maybe you could put on a good show against her, deal with her and prove yourself a worthy tag team partner for me. Two birds with one stone, and all that. I’ll even walk you to the ring, take a closer look at the action."

Glitterbomb considers the suggestion, nodding in understanding.


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Siren, he is the dazzling, the fantabulous, he is Glitterbomb!"

The arena is charged with anticipation as Glitterbomb makes his entrance, bathed in a shower of glitter, accompanied by the confident Siren.

"And his opponent, the Princess of Asgard, she is Thunderstorm!"

Thunderstorm storms into the arena, determined and focused, ready for retribution.


Glitterbomb (with Siren) vs Thunderstorm

The match kicks off with Glitterbomb's dazzling agility, but Thunderstorm's raw power quickly takes control. Siren, standing at Glitterbomb's corner, tries to be supportive, but her presence becomes a distraction rather than an aid. Thunderstorm, unfazed, capitalizes on the confusion. Thunderstorm delivers thunderous blows, showcasing her strength, while Glitterbomb relies on his flamboyant and acrobatic style. Siren attempts to rally the crowd behind Glitterbomb, but her involvement proves counterproductive. In the final moments, Thunderstorm catches Glitterbomb mid-air, hitting a powerful Thunderclap Slam. The impact shakes the ring, and Thunderstorm secures the pinfall for the victory.

Winner: Thunderstorm, by pinfall

Rating: 25


Backstage in the dark hallways, Velvet Viper seeks out Python Princess and finds her in a locker room. Python Princess, still nursing the effects of her brutal match at Coronation, looks up as Viper enters.


Velvet Viper: "There you are. Listen, I'm sorry for what happened at Coronation. I got hit on my way to the arena, someone rammed their car into my motorcycle and drove off, almost left me for dead. I have a feeling it was a setup."

Python Princess listens as Velvet Viper continues. Although she's got her mask on, it's easy to tell she's probably raising a curious eyebrow behind it.

Velvet Viper: "I have reasons to believe Vice Queen orchestrated the whole thing. First the attack, then the beatdown once I finally made it to the venue. We need to stand up to her and that cowboy lackey of hers. Us two against the two of them, in a tag team match."

Python Princess holds her jaw and moves it around a bit, testing its state.

Python Princess: "I'm not cleared to wrestle yet. Won't be for a while... but I've already done something about it. Reached out to someone who can help."

A mysterious figure in a cobra mask steps into the frame, silent and imposing, creating an air of intrigue.


The scene ends with the enigmatic wrestler's presence, leaving the audience curious about the role this mysterious figure will play in the unfolding drama of Vice City Underground.


The scene changes to a dimly lit exterior area, apparently some sort of swamp, the air thick with an eerie tension.


Bayou Banshee is shown nervously glancing around, feeling a palpable sense of unease. The haunting melody of crickets in the distance is the only sound that accompanies him.


Bayou Banshee:(whispering): "Ah know y'all there, lurkin' in the shadows. But I reckon y'all better stay back. Ah ain't one to be trifled with."

As he speaks, Bayou Banshee clutches a small mojo bag filled with herbs, muttering some sort of incantation under his breath. The shadows seem to come alive, and Voodoo Queen, the mystical priestess, emerges with an ethereal grace and a wicked smile across her face.


Voodoo Queen: "Your hoodoo charms won't save you, Banshee. We dance with the spirits, your incantations mean nothin' to us."

Bayou Banshee continues to chant, holding out a makeshift protective charm towards Voodoo Queen. The dimly lit scene accentuates the mystique and dread surrounding her as she closes the distance towards him. Suddenly, as Bayou Banshee steps backward, he bumps into something, and the shadows reveal El Diablo Blanco.


Silently, El Diablo Blanco grabs Bayou Banshee, pulling him further into the shadows. The skit ends with Voodoo Queen's haunting laughter echoing through.


"The following lucha is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, they are Neon Fury and Neon Panther, the Neon Knights!"

The familiar pulsating glow heralds the entrance of Neon Knights. Neon Fury and Neon Panther burst onto the scene in a cascade of vibrant lights in the darkness as energetic techno music hits the speakers. The arena is illuminated with neon hues, but the two men are in no crowd pleasing mood tonight. Instead, they head straight to the ring and assume their position, turning their attention towards the entrance ramp.

The atmosphere is charged with mystery as the announcing team speculates on who will answer the call and join forces with Midnight Marauder. Suddenly, the arena plunges into darkness. The audience collectively holds their breath, and then, the signature sounds of Midnight Marauder's entrance pierce the air. The lights return, revealing not just Marauder but an unexpected ally by his side...


Neon Knights vs Midnight Marauder & Miami Vice

The bell rings and Neon Knights exhibit their acrobatic prowess, with Neon Fury's lightning-fast strikes and Neon Panther's agile maneuvers. Midnight Marauder and Miami Vice, an odd but intriguing pairing, showcase their contrasting styles – Marauder's ruthlessness and Vice's calculated precision. The match unfolds with unpredictability, each team trying to outsmart the other. Neon Fury, fueled by the earlier challenge, targets Marauder, while Neon Panther faces the relentless offense of Miami Vice. The crowd is on the edge of their seats, absorbing every twist and turn.

Eventually, Midnight Marauder gains control over Neon Fury, isolating him from his partner. After a brutal beatdown, Marauder tags in Miami Vice, who keeps applying the pressure as he unleashes a barrage of calculated strikes. Although he doesn't deliver the sheer violence of Marauder and doesn't seem to take this as personally, he still hits hard like a pro who takes his job seriously. The audience roars with approval at the unexpected synergy between Marauder and Vice. After a few tags to wear Fury down, Panther gets the hot tag but Miami Vice quickly manages shut him down and apply his "Arrested Development" submission finisher on him. The crowd erupts as Neon Panther, caught off guard, finds himself trapped in Vice's relentless hold. Despite a valiant effort from Neon Fury to make the save, Midnight Marauder assaults him to prevent interruption. Beaten, exhausted and caught right in the center of the ring, Neon Panther ultimately succumbs to the pain and taps out.

Winners: Midnight Marauder & Miami Vice, by submission

Rating: 36


The crowd roars as Freddy Datsun's music hits the sound system and the man himself makes his way to the ring, microphone in hand.



Datsun, with the scars of a storied career etched on his face, as well as a fresh bruise on the side of his face from the events at Coronation, stands in the center of the ring.

Datsun: "I've been in this business for a long time. I've been in the dirty bingo halls of the indies and I've been in the big leagues in packed arenas. I've faced the best, taken my fair share of beatings, and earned every scar you see on my face. But there's one thing I won't stand for – disrespect. Gator King, you may have left me battered and bruised, but I won't hold a grudge. This business is unforgiving, and I've dished out my fair share of punishment. But as the face of Vice City Underground, you've got responsibilities. You represent something bigger than yourself now."

Gator King's music hits, and the champion emerges, his imposing figure creating an uneasy tension. The audience wonders how the champion will react to Datsun's words.


Gator King's confident posture does not signal a hint of remorse as he enters the ring. The tension escalates and Datsun extends a hand, an invitation for an apology. Gator King grabs it, but only to pull Datsun in for a vicious lariat! Datsun hits the mat and Gator King stomps him down, continuing the beatdown from Coronation. The crowd reacts with shock as Datsun falls victim to Gator King's ruthless assault. Just as Gator King picks Datsun up to inflict more damage with the Swamp Slam, "Southern Justice" Jack Griffith, shown to be in attendance at the start of the episode, leaps over the barricade to confront Gator King.


On commentary, Jim Lou Freebush provides insights into the potential friendship between Datsun and Griffith from their shared history in DAVE, speculating on the motives behind Griffith's sudden intervention. Meanwhile, "Playboy" Jake Sawyer dismisses Griffith's actions, suggesting he's merely clinging to past glories and refusing to accept the inevitability of aging. Amidst the chaos, Datsun rolls out of the ring to escape the beating, while a referee slides in and motions for the bell to be rung. The decision is made to turn this into an impromptu match between Gator King and Jack Griffith!

Non title match


Gator King vs "Southern Justice" Jack Griffith

As Gator King and Jack Griffith engage in a fierce battle, despite Griffith's storied past and recent events, the fans seem somewhat hesitant to cheer for him, or at least split roughly in half, with a good chunk of the audience actually supporting Gator King. From the opening bell, Gator King and Griffith engage in a hard-hitting contest. The champion, fueled by his recent victory and displaying the aggression that has defined his career, takes control early on. Griffith, a seasoned veteran, showcases resilience and counters with glimpses of his past brilliance as well as the ring intelligence of a crafty veteran that's been hardened through a long career of battles. As the match progresses, Gator King's raw power comes to the forefront. He overwhelms Griffith with a relentless offensive assault, demonstrating why he is the reigning VCU International champion. The crowd watches, torn between respecting Griffith's legacy and witnessing the emergence of a new dominant force that will send the veteran into forced retirement. In a decisive moment, Gator King hoists Griffith onto his shoulders, delivering the devastating Swamp Slam. The impact resonates throughout the arena, and Gator King goes for the cover. The referee counts to three, sealing the victory for Gator King.

Winner: Gator King, by pinfall

Rating: 37

With the victory secured, Gator King stands tall, asserting his dominance. The crowd, though perhaps not fully embracing his actions, acknowledges the champion's prowess.


Episode rating: 35

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Vice City Underground #6: Deal with the devil

Taped on Friday, Week 1 of February 2020 in Miami FL in front of 210 fans. Shown on Friday, Week 2 of February 2020 TV Ratings 0.04 (33.027 viewers on La Red de la Lucha)

"Jack Griffith has had enough, he's taking matters into his own hands... It's Miami Vice! What's he doing with Midnight Marauder?... Your hoodoo charms won't save you, Banshee. We dance with the spirits, your incantations mean nothin' to us... We make a good team, so let me throw something your way and it isn’t glitter, babe. How about we set our sights on the Top Crew titles?... I'm not cleared to wrestle yet. Won't be for a while, but I've already done something about it..."



In the backstage area of Vice City Underground, Freddy Datsun spots Vice Grip, who's in the middle of wrapping some wrestling tape around his wrists.


Datsun: "Hey man! See you're already preparing for your match against Lucha Loco tonight."

VG: "Freddy, what's going on?"

Datsun: "Pretty impressed by your technical prowess, my man. You've been tearing it up in the ring."

VG (smirking): "Not enough to win the tournament apparently, but I appreciate that, Freddy. Especially from one such as yourself."

Datsun (grinning): "Speaking of that, I heard a little birdie mention that it was the monetary prize that brought you into the Vice City Underground tournament. Is that true?"

VG (nodding): "Yeah, I'm not one to shy away from a good payday. It's what's kept me around too. Can make more here than back at the garage."

Datsun: "Well, Vice, there's more money where that prize came from. And if you're willing to help me keep Gator King in check, I can talk to some influential folks. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your assistance. You scratch my back, and I'll make sure your pockets get a little heavier."

VG: "He's a tough bastard, but I know I can take him. Almost had him at Coronation. Plus, a man's got to look out for his future. Count me in."

Datsun: (extending a hand): "I knew I could trust you to put the work in and get the job done. Oh and good luck in your match tonight."

The two shake hands, sealing their deal to collaborate in maintaining control over the tumultuous situation involving Gator King.


Backstage in the ominous corridors of Vice City Underground, Vice Queen and Cocaine Cowboy confront The Darkness—Voodoo Queen and El Diablo Blanco. A clandestine air permeates the encounter.


Vice Queen: "Voodoo Queen, Diablo. You've been quietly making waves with your mystical antics. It escapes a lot of people's attention, but not mine."

Voodoo Queen (smirking): "The currents of mysticism flow where they will. What do you want, Queen of Vice?"

Cocaine Cowboy: "We know about the curse you placed on the title belt. Clever move."

Vice Queen: "My associate here has history with the current holder of that title and me... let's say I am attracted to power. As such, both of us have an interest in his vulnerabilities. We wanted to inquire as to what you might ask for in exchange for that information."

The room is draped in an eerie silence as Voodoo Queen contemplates her response. The camera fades out before there can be an answer.


The arena pulses with anticipation as the energetic chords of Thunderstorm's entrance music shatter the air. Strobe lights flicker, casting an otherworldly glow on the electrifying atmosphere. Thunderstorm strides with purpose down the ramp, an imposing figure radiating power.


The audience erupts in cheers and jeers alike, captivated by the fierce aura of the powerhouse wrestler. Thunderstorm, draped in an aura of controlled chaos, makes her way to the commentary table. The crackling energy surrounding her is palpable. Jim Lou Freebush and "Playboy" Jake Sawyer acknowledge Thunderstorm's presence, and the camera catches the intensity in her eyes as she takes her seat at ringside. The promise of her watchful gaze adds an extra layer of intrigue to the upcoming match, intensifying the air of anticipation within the arena.

"The following lucha is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Glitterbomb and Siren!"

The arena buzzes with excitement as Glitterbomb and Siren make their way to the ring. The crowd is eager to witness this unique pairing and Glitterbomb, still reeling from last week's loss, looks determined for redemption as he catches sight of Thunderstorm in the commentary table. As they prepare for the match, the commentators highlight the unusual alliance formed by Siren and Glitterbomb, emphasizing Siren's desire to give Glitterbomb another chance to maybe team with her in chase of the VCU Top Crew titles.

"And their opponents, Voodoo Queen and El Diablo Blanco, The Darkness!"

The eerie opening notes of The Darkness's theme fill the arena, signaling the arrival of Voodoo Queen and El Diablo Blanco. The audience's excitement heightens as the mysterious tandem makes their way to the ring.


Glitterbomb & Siren vs The Darkness

The match kicks off, and chaos ensues as Glitterbomb and Siren attempt to work together but their lack of coordination is painfully evident. The commentators emphasize the awkward dynamic between the two, providing comedic relief amid the chaos. As the match progresses, Voodoo Queen unexpectedly tags in El Diablo Blanco and exits the ring. The commentators express confusion, speculating about The Darkness's motives. Diablo however does not seem phased and valiantly fights on, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity. He cannot keep this up forever though and eventually the numbers catch up to him, so Siren seizes an opportunity and delivers the Florida Upswing. The referee counts the pin, declaring Glitterbomb and Siren the unlikely victors.

Winners: Glitterbomb & Siren, by pinfall

Rating: 30


The ominous theme of Midnight Marauder reverberates through the arena, signaling the arrival of the masked vigilante. As Marauder stands in the center of the ring, he grabs a microphone, his piercing eyes focused on the audience.


Midnight Marauder: "Last week, The Neon Knights issued a challenge, thinking I was too much of a lone wolf to find someone that would join me for a match against them. They severely underestimated the lengths some people are willing to go to in order to serve justice."

The crowd erupts as the camera pans to the entrance, where Miami Vice emerges to a mix of cheers and jeers. Vice confidently joins Marauder in the ring, both men sharing a common purpose.


Miami Vice: "Crime doesn't wait for rules and regulations. Sometimes, justice demands a different approach, an unorthodox one. Midnight Marauder and I understand that. We know the ends justify the means, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to bring down those who think they're above the law."

The audience absorbs the words of Marauder and Vice, intrigued by the alliance formed between the mysterious vigilante and the unconventional (crooked?) cop. The duo's shared commitment to justice creates an atmosphere of anticipation and curiosity among the fans.

Midnight Marauder: "Neon Knights, you think yourselves holier than us, but justice will prevail and your actions cannot stop it. Get ready for a taste of Midnight Justice Unleashed."


"The following lucha is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Hurricane Hawk!"

Hurricane Hawk, resilient and ready for battle, dashes to the ring.

"And his opponent, Cobra Crusher!"

The arena pulses with anticipation and the mood shifts when the menacing Cobra Crusher makes his ominous entrance, his cobra mask glinting in the dimmed lights.


Hurricane Hawk vs Cobra Crusher

The match kicks off, and Cobra Crusher dominates from the get-go, showcasing his powerhouse prowess. Hurricane Hawk, despite his agility, is unable to find an opening against the relentless serpent-themed wrestler. The crowd gasps as Cobra Crusher executes a release powerbomb off the apron, sending Hawk hurtling through the air to crash spectacularly through the announcers' table. The referee checks on Hawk, but Cobra Crusher shows no mercy. He retrieves his opponent, dragging him back into the ring. The end draws near as Cobra Crusher hits his finisher, the Snake Bite. The crowd watches in awe as Hawk succumbs to the power of his opponent, who pins him with minimum effort. The referee calls for the bell, declaring Cobra Crusher the dominant victor in this one-sided squash match.

Winner: Cobra Crusher, by pinfall

Rating: 25

As the echoes of Cobra Crusher's triumph reverberate through the arena, the ominous beats of a serpentine melody fill the air, signaling the arrival of Velvet Viper and Python Princess. The duo strides purposefully down the ramp. Entering the ring, Velvet Viper and Python Princess flank Cobra Crusher, creating an imposing trio.


The cobra-themed warrior looms over the fallen Hurricane Hawk, while Velvet Viper and Python Princess share a knowing glance. Velvet Viper motions for a mic.

Velvet Viper: "Vice City Underground, behold The Snakepit! Cobra Crusher, Velvet Viper, and Python Princess - a force united by power, cunning, and the unwavering pursuit of victory."

Python Princess: "Our venom shall course through the veins of anyone who dares to cross our path."

The trio raises their arms in unison, cementing The Snakepit's presence in Vice City Underground. The crowd, initially stunned, begins to buzz with speculation and excitement as the alliance promises a new era of dominance in the ring. The Snakepit stands tall, a formidable force ready to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.


"The following lucha is your main event and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Chiapas, Mexico, he is loco en el poco, this is Lucha Loco!"

The pulsating rhythms of Latin-inspired music flood the arena, heralding the arrival of Lucha Loco. Dressed in vibrant, intricate attire, he strides down the ramp, his masked visage exuding confidence. The crowd erupts in cheers for the high-flying luchador, a fan favorite with a penchant for acrobatics.

"And his opponent, he can fix a machine, he's a wrestling machine, he is Vice Grip!"

On the opposite end, the thunderous beats of Vice Grip's entrance theme signal the emergence of VCU's ring technician. Vice Grip walks to the ring with an air of calculated focus. The contrast in styles and personas sets the stage for an exhilarating contest.


Lucha Loco vs Vice Grip

The bell rings, and the two shake hands in a show of respect before they lock up in the center of the ring, showcasing their grappling prowess. Lucha Loco employs his agility, executing lightning-fast flips and evasive maneuvers to keep Vice Grip at bay. Vice Grip, in turn, relies on his wrestling acumen, countering with snappy slams and intricate holds. The match unfolds with a seamless back-and-forth, each competitor gaining moments of dominance. Lucha Loco dazzles with aerial assaults, diving off the ropes to land precision kicks and splashes. Vice Grip, however, showcases his technical mastery, grounding Lucha Loco with submission attempts and power moves. In a climactic sequence, Lucha Loco ascends the turnbuckle, ready to unleash a high-risk maneuver. Before he can take flight, Vice Grip rushes up to the middle rope and wraps his arms around Loco's waist, redirecting the momentum with excellent flow as he falls backwards, transitioning seamlessly into an avalanche release suplex. The crowd pops for the spot and it is the moment where Vice Grip takes control of the match for good. As the match nears its conclusion, Vice Grip locks in his signature submission hold, the Torque Twist. Lucha Loco, caught in the vice-like grip, valiantly struggles but ultimately succumbs to the excruciating pressure. He taps out, signaling Vice Grip's victory.

Post-match, the two competitors share a respectful nod, acknowledging each other's skill and determination. The crowd, appreciative of the hard-fought battle, erupts in applause for both Lucha Loco and Vice Grip.

Winner: Vice Grip, by submission

Rating: 43


In the dimly lit backstage area, Freddy Datsun leans against a wall, engrossed in a hushed conversation over the phone. The low hum of the bustling arena provides a backdrop to his words.


Freddy Datsun: "Yeah, Vice Grip's on board. Make sure the money is good for what you're asking him to do."

As Datsun hangs up, a mischievous glint in his eyes hints at the intricate web of plans unfolding behind the scenes. The camera fades out, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the Vice City Underground saga.

Episode rating: 32

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On 3/6/2024 at 5:55 AM, MorbidMoses said:

What AI websites and tools did you use to generate these images?

The images are made using Bing, think it employs the DALL-E algorithm. Pretty satisfied, I usually get what I'm looking for in the first go, if not, I see where it missed, correct it and get a fresh batch.

The text is ChatGPT, with editing from myself. Life's been busy and I haven't played any TEW, let alone post shows here, but as a general impression I'd say ChatGPT more or less does what I wanted it to. I've been doing the work in the same dialog string, so it does use prior information again pretty well, with the few exceptions of misgendering certain characters. That kind of stuff I usually pick up during editing. The bad part is it tends to be a bit formulaic, especially when describing the start of the show or entrances before a match. That does involve a bit of work on my part and it still feels a bit soulless and repetitive after a few shows. Combine that with my extensive typing of input information in order for ChatGPT to give me what I'm asking for, I'd say in terms of sheer workload, it's not that different from doing a diary all by myself.

That said, I just started a new job, so it'll take a while until I can tell how that affects my daily life. Might come back to this, might start something new, might disappear from the forums for a while again.

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