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Your Stables?

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Guest Poppers

The Burn

Acid - Lava (Evil Spirit) - Poison (C.H. Threepwood) - Acid II

That is mine off the top of my head.

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Only one stable in my MAW turned WCW game in Nov. 2019


The Absolute Power (87 momentum) - Jay Chord (World Champ/Tag Champ), Spencer Spade (Million Dollar Champ/Tag Champ), Cameron Vessey, Casey Valentine, Darryl Devine, Steven Parker, and Brett Starr.


I guess you could call them my NWO... only difference being faces do go over occasionally. ;)

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Guest codey

The Firm:

Jean Cattley

Cameron Vessey

Casey Valentine


The Brain Trust

(Formerly) Sean Deeley

Freddy Huggins (World Champ)

Ernest Youngman


Eddie Cornell and The Architect (Tag Champs)

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I go mad for stables - they are often a crutch for lacking creative thinking in my case. At many stages I have the whole of my roster in one stable or another, although I've been cutting back since hitting National in my Japan own-created promotion in 2024.




The Temple (used to be part of the Cult but they split)

Stuart Ferdinand (Manager)

Crimson Ghost

Katoh Freak (tag champ)

Blackfire (tag champ)


Fantastic Fliers

El Heroe Mexicano

Extraordinaire Jr

Jacob Jett

Zeshin Makioka

Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr



That's a bit big so the obvious move is to split the Mexicans off into their own stable (and let Yunokawa's contract run out as he isn't improving as I hoped. Or at all, really).


Five Stars When I started the company I had big plans of taking the more skilled workers from 5SSW but loyalty scuppered that plan. Nakajima left because she got too big for them and I out-bidded them for Strong.

Joanne Rodriguez (Manager)

Alicia Strong

Megumi Nakajima




Rule Brittania I'll probably line them up with Darin Flyn at some stage, because, as we all know, if people come from the same country and have the same alignment then they always wind up in stables together.

Joss Thompson (He might not be British, but I'm sure he can do a passable accent).

Adam Matravers

Grave Digger

War Machine - these two have tag chemistry. And they have both developed pretty well. They'd be gold in USPW.

Aurelian Bradley

Mark Adonis (sort of manager


Southern Death Cult Previously the Cult. Champagne Lover's contract is just up so I'm hoping I can lure him away from SOTBPW. Otherwise, basically, you have to have a weird mask and be able to portray a heel and you're in.

Cuervo (Manager)

Rebelde Loco (World Junior Champ)

Soul Taker

The Ferryman

El Sucio

El Serpiente


Only 4 Japanese workers in that lot - not a very Japanese promotion I have to admit. That's what loyalty does to you.

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In my modded PSW game, there's only one at the minute:


The Untouchables

Frankie Future

JD Morgan

Matthew Keith

Greg Keith


Parker was snapped up by SWF and I'd just brought in Greg Keith. On my first show, Matthew Keith turned on Ash Campbell, completing a heel turn. On the second show, Keith is forced by my new Authority Figure to put his title on the line against a debutant...Acid!!! Acid wins the title but is attacked, post-match, by Matt. Acid fights back until Greg Keith hits the ring! They double-team him until Ash Campbell makes the save.


In the main-event of the second show, Johnny Martin & Teddy Powell take on Frankie Future and JD Morgan. The Keith's get involved and a 4on2 attack ensues but Acid & Ash Campbell even the scores. It's revealed on the next show that The Keith's have joined The Untouchables!!!

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Croft Corp.

Montgomery Croft

Rahmel Goode



Echo (mostly since he has excellent chemistry tagging with Croft!)



The RAW Giants (Manhunter and Skyscraper for those that don't know) are the current reigning RAW Tag Team champions, and Echo WAS the first ever RAW Pacific champion... but recently was upset by The Kipper, who has ROCKETED up the card in the last few months (after very slowly building his way from the very bottom of the company to the lower midcared.)

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TCW 2012




Lawbringer - A Goth'd up Rick Law who uses his seductive charisma to command his weak-minded and submissive 'thralls'. Current TCW Heavyweight Champion and a huge help managing the core of my Women's division.

Vampella - A thrall. After 18 months in development has developed into a pretty damn good technician.

Alison Capone - Another thrall. Not as good a worker as Vampella, but a better promo, and useful considering their tag team experience.

Amber Allen - Goth'd her up with a new render, she too has joined Lawbringer's Coven. Only just graduated from development. Probably should rename her.

Thea Davies - Chosen for her excellant tag chemistry with Amber. Also needs renaming... and a goth alt.

Eddie Peak - Not a thrall. Just a raging psychopath who often allies himself with Lawbringer. The pair are former tag champions, but I'm pretty sure Peak would jump at the chance to take Lawbringer's belt if he could only find the opportunity.





Raven Robinson/Nightfall - Former 'thrall' of the Lawbringer until she rebelled from the group a couple of months ago. Current Women's Champion.

Joanne Rodriguez - Formerly Lawbringer's most loyal thrall, until she refused to obey the command to destroy her best friend Raven.

Liberty - Having outgrown USPW, he made a triumphant return to TCW about the same time as the girl's rebellion. I thought his hippy-stylings and message of equality juxtaposed Lawbringer nicely. I actually hired him to just be a trainer, but instead he's getting pushed as the top singles babyface in the promotion. Good for him. Sometimes timing works out nicely.

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Larry Sweeney - Manager, Brought in japanese talent after seing them in their home country

Go Shiazaki

Takashe Moreshima

Naomitchi Marafuji


Bryan Danielson - Joined the team and turned on team Battle arts, ending in the destruction of the group.


Team Battle arts WAS a group united to stop Team Japan, but broke up after Bryan turned on them, they where heels and face's who did not get along..


Davey Richards(KENTA's protoge) now wants to unite a faction to stop them.


Might be updating latter :p

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just made this stable a few days ago in my FCW game


Cult of Agony

Warlord Agony - Mouthpiece/Leader (manager)

Hell's Bouncer - Main Eventer

Java - Tag Team / Upper Mid Card

Tribal Savage - Tag Team / Upper Mid Card

Leper Messiah - Midcarder

Mutant - Bodyguard/ Lower Midcarder

Australian Devil - punching bag / lackey

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I only have 1 at the minute, but i keep telling myself to make more :p. Using the CV 97 mod, in September 2001.


Young Money Generation

(Tom Gilmore used to be the main eventer of the Stable, and the world champion, but was poached by the pesky HGC)

Rich Money

Mikey The Mobster (a.k.a Murderous Mikey) (Not a rip off of Frankie the Mobster...honest :o)

Rick Law


The stable was obviously stronger when Gilmore was still around, but are still going, trying to recreate there former glory. At one point held all the gold except the Womens title, with Gilmore as the world champ, and Mobster and Money being the Tag champs.


I am currently pondering whether to have Mobster and Law win the Tag Titles, promting a Rich Money jealousy storyline, with Money demanding Law give up his title to Money. The biggest problem is that the current champions, the McWades, probably wouldnt want to drop the belts as they are Upper-Midcards/Main Eventers (they keep jumping up and down), wheras Mobster and Money are UMC's and Law is a midcarder.


Will post again if i decide to make more stables, which if HGC release some of the guys they have poached from me will be likely. HGC just fell to Cult, and am hoping they release some of my former talent.

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In my NWA game, Feb. 2011:

Generation Next:

Cody Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes

Matt Bentley

Orlando Colon

René Duprée

Shane McMahon


NWA Soldier

Don Paysan

Jack Evans

Steve Corino


Cornette Camp

Jim Cornette

Mike Mizanin

John Morrison


The Million Dollars' Cabinet

Ted Dibiase Sr.

Mark Copani

Orlando Jordan


In my WWF game, May 1998:


Kip James

Road Dogg





Ministry of Darkness



Paul Bearer



The Hart Foundation




Davey Boy


In my TNA game, December 1989

Sherri's Slave

Brian Knobbs

Jerry Saggs



The Guerreros Familia





The Samoan Destruction Derby





Un-American Army

Ivan Koloff

Nikita Koloff

The Iron Sheik

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The Million Dollar Corporation


Ted DiBiase (Smackdown Champion and Million Dollar Champion)

Ted DiBiase Sr.

Stephanie McMahon

The Big Show

Charlie Hass (Smackdown Tag Champion)

Shelton Benjamin (Smackdown Tag Champion)

Drew McIntyre

The Miz

Katie Lea (WWE Diva's Champion)




The Hart Dynasty


David Hart-Smith (Raw Tag Champion)

Tyson Kidd (Raw Tag Champion)

Natalya (WWE Women's Champion)

Jack Evans



And, for my Wargames storyline...


Team Cena


John Cena

The Undertaker


Matt Hardy



Team Jericho


Chris Jericho




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The Hart Dynasty


David Hart-Smith (Raw Tag Champion)

Tyson Kidd (Raw Tag Champion)

Natalya (WWE Women's Champion)

Jack Evans


Teddy Hart may be a complete assclown, but completely avoiding him isn't cool man! Especially if you signed Jack Evans!

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What about poor Dean Malenko :o ?


While I love Stinko Malenko, what connection to the Hart's does he have? I think Boris Malenko trained him. Though, seeing a Bret/Dean match would probably be AMAZING!


I think Benoit would be a better fit since he was a Dungeon grad.

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Two current (and warring) stables in my SCCW dynasty:


The New Sneer Corporation (based off of The Sneer Corporation in USPW):

Luke Sneer, Shane's son (main eventer and leader...my head booker character)

Matthew Keith (upper midcarder and right hand man)

Ash Campbell (upper midcarder and "left" hand man)

Greg Gauge (midcarder and tag team specialist)

Davis Wayne Newton (lower midcarder and Chosen One of the bunch)

-Stable has "A" momentum right now.-


The SCCW Originals (Face Alumni):

Jesse Christian (main eventer and co-leader)

Whistler (main eventer and co-leader)

Wiley Steinway (upper midcarder and tag team champion)

Coyote Dynamite (upper midcarder and tag team champion)

Elijah Harris (midcarder and old punching bag...might lose his roster spot soon)

-Stable has "C+" momentum right now.-

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What about poor Dean Malenko :o ?


While I love Stinko Malenko, what connection to the Hart's does he have? I think Boris Malenko trained him. Though, seeing a Bret/Dean match would probably be AMAZING!


I think Benoit would be a better fit since he was a Dungeon grad.


Benoit and Malenko are Horsemen with Flair and Hennig, though Flair is out injured and Hennig was suspended...So they're more of a tag team. Tag team champs, though!


Jericho is Bret's protege, and the plan is to pull a Rock/Nation of Domination with him get too big for the group and turn heel.

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Circle of the Black Thorn

Karen Killer

Travis Century

Demon Anger

Demon Spite

Samson Granger

BLZ Bubb

Mysterious Master (hasn't debuted only talked about)


Technical Excellence

Rip Chord

Craig Prince

Brent Hill

Bryan Holmes

Charlie Thatcher (bodyguard)

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SUMATRA Championship Wrestling

The Circle of Blood

Blood Raven

Reaper Cicero

Reaper Dante

Soul Taker(Leader)


Former Members: El Sucio, Hijo Del Mephisto, El Demonio, SPEED D


The Montero Family

Luis Montero Jr

Gino Montero

Luis Montero Sr (Leader)

Chica de Partido


The Sons of the Light

Champagne Lover(Leader)

El Fuerza

Pablo Rodriguez

El Heroe Mexicano

Former Members: Axxis Jr, Amazing Fire Fly, El Leon, El Mitico Jr


The Patriots

Angel De Mexico

Campeon Jr

Capitao Brasil Jr

El Heroe Mexicano(Leader)

Estralla Argentino

Former Members: Tricolor Jr


The Swarm

Swarm I

Swarm II

Swarm III

Swarm IV (A masked Giant Brody)


World Level Wrestling


Emerald Angel(Leader)

Koji Kojima

Koki Ishibashi

The Great Hisato


Red House Nation (Red Guild and Black House Nation merged)

Magnum Kobe(Leader)

Kazuma Narato(Leader)

Mokuami Maita(Leader)

Dark Eagle

Silver Shark


Yoshii Shiomi

Rogue Matsuo SF

Toyokuni Hardcore



Kenko Takemitsu(Leader)

Stone Yoshikawa

Jin Miyamoto




The 505


UK Dragon(Leader)

KC Glenn


Masked Cougar

Insane Machine


The New Circle of Blood

Ketsueki Karasu(Leader)



Nichiren Amagawa

Zero (Flemmy Lemming)



Yosuke Narita(Leader)

Hell Monkey

Eagle Kawasawa

Harumi Okazawaya

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