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**All work by Matt Shannon are freeware. Any data, graphics, etc. that you need for whatever you're making is free to use.**


**There are NO ETAs for anything.**


NB: Risky Business utilizes justtxyank's nGo pic pack, found in the link below:




An idea taken from Fleisch when he created a one-stop shop thread for his mods for TEW 2013, I have decided to do the same for any and all mods that I will be making for TEW 2016. The first post will be where I'll post links to any and all releases. The second post will be where I'll post updates to anything I'm working on for my mods.







It's January 1985, and Vince McMahon is betting the house on an upcoming supercard unlike any other: WrestleMania. It's such a huge risk that he's signed on celebrity talent such as Cyndi Lauper, Mr. T, Liberace, Billy Martin and Muhammad Ali in order to gain mainstream attention. And the junior McMahon hasn't even signed all the in-ring talent that he has had an eye on yet! The various territories proclaim that they think that what Vince is doing in trying to take wrestling national is hurting the business, but many seem to think these regional promoters are just mad that they didn't think of it first. Can the WWF pull off the gamble of a lifetime? Can the territories survive?





Download link coming soon!



Based on the location found in Justtxyank's Rising Storms mod and expanded upon to add more locations, this will be plug and play data that can be used for any mod. This will utilize the open and close dates that apply to various venues. This means that future venues will be included for mods taking place in more recent times, and open/close dates will be used to help simulate venues changing their names, i.e. the Meadowlands becoming the Izod Center.


Locations finished so far


Mid South

South East

Mid Atlantic

Tri State




British Columbia




The Maritimes



Central Europe





Eastern Europe

South Eastern Europe



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*List of updates/fixes for upcoming Risky Business update*

To Do List:

-Updating Yet to Debut workers

-Setting open/close dates to venues

-Various other stat tweaks



-NWA World Tag Team & NWA World Jr Titles exclusive to JCP

-Deleted Jim Cornette relationships w/George Scott & Bob Caudle

-Fixed hiring rules for W*ING

-Updated free agents

-Updated tag teams

-Tweaks to some workers' gimmick ratings in their contracts

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Thanks for the kind words, folks! Most likely, Risky Business will be the first one released as I'm pretty much happy where the data is at currently. All that will need to be done will be to make tweaks in order to get it up to speed with the new features of TEW 2016. The only thing that will hold it up will be waiting on an updated nGo set from justtxyank now that TV Networks and PPV Carriers will all be in one folder known as Broadcasters.


After Risky Business, I'll look to finish updating Main Event. Then I will FINALLY move on to trying to complete Young Guns. After that, I may hold off on modding for awhile as I want to get some game time in. :p

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Best of luck, Matt. Your mods are fantastic, top drawer stuff and among my favourites to play. Ages ago, I started work on a '92 mod called "Card Subject To Change" and used a graphic very similar to your '93 pic you've posted above. It's such a fascinating time to take over pretty much any promotion as there was change everywhere: USA's big two, Mexico with AAA's formation, and Japan's rising new guard in All Japan, New Japan, All Japan Women's, and the independents. Super hyped for that one!


Converting is going to be a very long process because of the new contract features alone. Finding out recent turns and gimmick freshness could be a pain in the butt. Do you plan on tackling those for the bigger promotions? Leaving it all random?

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Converting is going to be a very long process because of the new contract features alone. Finding out recent turns and gimmick freshness could be a pain in the butt. Do you plan on tackling those for the bigger promotions? Leaving it all random?


It'll depend on the circumstances. Most of the ones in companies I'm not as familiar with will most likely be set to random. Ones I'm more familiar with will most likely have theirs all set. Keep in mind I didn't even touch employment histories as I felt that wasn't as big of a priority as making sure I had everyone's pop set correctly.


I want to play all of these right now.


It's a shame I know how busy you are, or I would complain. :p


As long as it's in the form of a haiku or set to music. :p


2008, is that you?


2007/2008 was pretty rough with everyone wanting to dog wrestling fans because they continued to watch after the tragic events of 2007. But wall to wall coverage of psychopaths who shoot up schools and businesses and making them into superstars, that's perfectly fine. :rolleyes:


Glad to see Risky Business will be out. Still one of my favourite mods on TEW 2013.


And now with one night contracts for local workers and TV specials being possible, it'll make old school mods all the more fun to play! :D

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The furthest back I've gone in playing a TEW mod, is Genadi's 1987 mod.

But I was always tempted to play your Risky Business mod, though I never got around to it. This time around, it's gonna be one of the first mod's I'm downloading! Getting to book WrestleMania from the very beginning appeals to me.

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Question...can I use some of the data out of the Risky Business mod for an earlier 1980s mod I'm working on. Workers mostly...considering I'll have to tweak the stats dramatically to make it all work.


All my mods are freeware (I should have noted that earlier), so most definitely feel free to use whatever you need! :D

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Again, thanks for the kind words, everybody.


Just looking at the editor without even converting anything, it looks like it will definitely take some time to get these mods out. Hence why I'm going with Risky Business first as it's the most complete.


Something I will definitely take advantage of in the editor will be Starting Absences, as now I can properly simulate Hulk Hogan not being available until it was time to hype WrestleMania IX for the Young Guns mod.

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Risky Business is one of my favorite and an easy all-time "Go To" mod for 2013, and I expect more of the same for 2016!


Also I'm amped up for 93, I just hope somebody does a 92 so I can properly handle Ric Flair's first WWF run...

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