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The Return of BSC (2013) - The Kate Avatar Story Continues

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Kate Avatar 3.jpg

November 2012 - The Piper Casino is Closed

Kate Avatar was near the Vegas Strip when she veered off and wandered by the former home of BSC wrestling, the Piper Hotel.  It had been a little over 20 months since BSC shut its doors at the end of March 2011.  The Piper Hotel was closed by the City of Las Vegas just 7 months later.  Kate stood out front and wondered where it all went wrong.  

With her wrestling career essentially over because of her being blacklisted by Catherine Quine.  She had wrestled a few matches earlier in 2012 for her mentor Tamara McFly and her brother Sean in Rocky Mountain wrestling.  She had donned a mask for her 3 appearances that were in between her giving birth to twin daughters in November 2011.  She has also been still training a few gals in town and had also fought two MMA matches this summer.  While she won her MMA matches in dominate fashion, she wasn’t as excited about the sport as she was about wrestling.

But for now she was on the sidelines again as she was pregnant and expected to give birth in late May 2013.  As she stood outside a Dad and his daughter walked by.  The young girl looked to be about 13, and she stopped near Kate and asked her “Are you Kate Avatar?”  Kate was a little startled as she had been in deep thought about what had happened to BSC, the rise and quick fall of her career.  But Kate turned around with only the smile she could flash, looked at the young teen and said “Yes I am Kate Avatar.”  The teen girl said she had watched a lot of the BSC action in 2010-11 and was a big fan of hers.  “When will you be back in a wrestling ring?  You were the best!”  Kate blushed “ Well thank you, what’s your name?”  The girl said her name was Kylee and she was 13 years old.  “I want to be a wrestler someday, just like you!  I hope that BSC comes back again someday and is at a venue that it’s easier for kids to go to the matches.”  Kate hadn’t thought about the matches being at the Piper had limited the crowd and especially the kids from coming to the matches. “ “I hope we can have wrestling here again someday too.  Here let me give you a business card and it has my phone number and email address.  If it’s ok with your parents I’d love to show you something’s if you are really serious about wanting to wrestle someday.  As long as you take it easy on me, as I’m limited while I’m pregnant right now”. The young girl was very excited!  “ You mean it you’d actually take the time to do a workout with me?  Dad did you hear that?”  The dad nodded and smiled.  Kate said “Yes as long as it’s ok with you Dad, I’d be happy too.”  The Dad looked a Kate, smiled and nodded an approval.  Kate said “Then it’s a deal Kylee.  You talk with your folks and let me know when we can set it up.”  Kylee excitedly said “ Dad maybe someday I’ll be Kate’s tag team partner!  That would be so awesome!  Thank you so much Kate!  You’re the greatest!”  The Dad said then “ok honey let’s go, we need to meet Mom and I’m sure Ms Avatar has other things to do.

Before Kylee and her Dad left, she asked Kate if she could sign the card Kate at handed her.  Kate obliged and then said “ Don’t wait too long (as she patted her tummy) to teach out.  Your first training session begins soon”. The girl gave Kate a hug and then left with her Dad.  Kate reflected back on the encounter with Shelby and her Dad, smiled to herself and said “someday…someway”

OOC - I was working on a BSC Diary several years ago and we left off in March 2011.  Several things happened, 1.) Real Life and 2.) A twist that happened in the game that I was not prepared for, and with the first issue I just didn't have time.  But I did enjoy writing a women's promotion that was based on in ring talent and not just the tradition BSC T&A.  So I will be bringing it back for the New Year.  The story will move forward to the summer of 2013 for reasons which will be explained.  There will be some posts during the holidays that explain some of what happened in the past and how the company is coming back.  New events will not start until after the New Years Day Bowl games and if the Washington Huskies are in the Championship game perhaps not until after that event happens.

Right Now I want to give a huge Thank You to @johnlions https://forum.greydogsoftware.com/profile/4736-john-lions/ who did a great job rebranding the Logo's, banners and events logos for the BSC.  He also did the titles belts and trophy. I am also going through both the AI generated images and also the renders.  All these images are done by a tremendously talented group here who help bring TEW alive.  Much thanks to those individuals.

This diary and the previous story were inspired by @MrWolf101 https://forum.greydogsoftware.com/profile/8180-mrwolf101/ amazing TEW 2016 dairy of Dark Phoenix Wrestling.  


BSC Logo.jpeg

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What happened to BSC.  A brief history and the demise of the promotion


BSC in mid 2009 had brought in Tamara McFly to help change the focus of the company from dancers and strippers, to actually having more serious and professional wrestling matches.  McFly started to bring in real wrestlers and after a young woman in the PNW who had been trained by Catherine Quine had a major falling out.  McFly brought in 19 year old Kate Daniels (Avatar) who started training with McFly and debuted as “The Angel”.  McFly was so impressed with her newfound rookie that she also inserted her under a mask into the new heel faction of “The Family” as the Mob Assassin.


While interest in BSC was gaining attention, there were issues.  Owner Honey GoLightly’s right hand, the veteran Marilyn Stardust was found dead in her hotel room in early 2010.  While McFly had already taken over the booking, even more responsibility.  It also brought much closer scrutiny to the promotion from Vegas Law Enforcement.  There had been rumors for years that Golightly was also running a “gentleman’s club” using some of the wrestlers.  There were also a lot of rumors of Honey’s business associates that were getting closely watched.


The company continued into the late summer of 2010 when Kate, now known as Kate Avatar after the Family had turned on her, convinced McFly to bring in her best friend to the company.  Jaime Quine was the half-sister of the star of Anne Stardust AAA promotion in Seattle.  Like Avatar, McFly had a poor relationship with the elder Quine and was reluctant to bring Jaime in.  The BFF’s tag team was born (Kate and Jaime) and they would begin to battle with the Family.  Unfortunately the issues (on screen) between McFly and Jaime spill over and Jaime turned on Kate in a tag match.  The reason for this was Tamara McFly had been grooming Kate as her Asst Booker.  The reason for this was  because Tamara and her brother Sean who had left NOTBPW and was in the middle of a divorce from his wife Valerie Stone-McFly were making plans of their own.  The McFly siblings had decided to open a new promotion that would have men's and women’s wrestling and be based in Denver called Rocky Mt Wrestling.  


Kate married her long time boyfriend who had moved down to Vegas after graduating college.  Jaime joined the Family after turning on Kate and finally defeated Tamara McFly for the Queen of the Ring title in early 2011.  Tamara was still wrestling and advising BSC, but was spending most of her time in Denver.  Kate took over the booking with Jaime helping her as things headed into February 2011.  Now while things were continuing to move forward with BSC in the ring, trouble was brewing outside of it (game note on an unplanned issue with BSC owner Honey Golightly).  Honey’s associates were putting more pressure on her but so was the Vegas police department.  There were rumors of money laundering involving Honey and her associates, but also theft.  


As the company finished the February show, things were about to change for BSC in more ways than one.  One issue that came up was Kate’s major program with Jaime Quine was going to have to be put on hold.  Kate had just found out that she was pregnant.  While Kate had been training with a young up and comer by the name of Talia Quinzel, they were working to slowly move Quinzel up into a main event spot.  At the March show Quinzel and Avatar worked a tag team match against Alison Capone and a partner.  Kate only made brief appearances in the match as Quinzel worked the majority.  Kate’s popularity in Vegas had really exploded over the 18 months she had been there and she wanted to give that “rub” to Talia.  Jaime on that show had also won a rematch against Tamara McFly to cement her claim as the champ.  The plan was that Kate would be injured by the Family in a backstage segment and Talia to come to the rescue and take Kate’s place in the feud with the Family.


Unfortunately for BSC those plans never got to materialize.  On the day of the show, BSC owner Honey Golightly had been invited to a “business” meeting at Lake Tahoe, but she promised she would be back in time for the show.  Golightly had an interview segment on the show (Honey’s VIP Lounge), but unfortunately she no-showed.  It was much later that night that reports of an accidental boating accident occurred up in Tahoe.  A boat exploded and one of the victims was presumed to be Honey GoLightly.  The Vegas police and the FBI quickly combed the offices of BSC at the Piper Hotel and BSC closed before the April show.  


Several months later the company (BSC) was sold at an auction.  AAA had been one of the interested parties but bowed out when it couldn’t pick up the company at a bargain basement price, rumored to be $25,000.  A private buyer purchased the assets for $100,000, what little there was as far as equipment and the video library and other property along with the name and title belts.  It has been 18 months since BSC ran its last show.

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Why is there Heat between Kate Avatar and Catherine Quine

Catherine Quine 2013.jpgKate Avatar 3.jpg


Kate Avatar joined the Cat’s Lair training school right after graduating high school as a 3-time state wrestling champion (the state of Washington didn’t have an official girls tournament her freshman year but she won an event that was held in conjunction with the state tournament) in 2008.  It was at the wrestling school where she met Jaime Quine who wasn’t much older and was the kid sister of AAA legend (in her own mind) and head trainer Catherine Quine.  

(In Kate’s words) My early success since coming onto the main roster at AAA had been more than I dreamed of. Things had gone really well or so I thought. Jaime and I had become best friends while we had trained together at the Cat’s Lair. We were the top students in the class. I was the more the amateur based technically sound wrestler and Jaime was more the polished high flyer who could really hit some powerful strikes when needed. There was talk of making us a tag team and seeing what we could do. Catherine was always hard on Jaime in training and it was tough on Jaime. They were half-sisters and a good 15 years apart in age. The relationship was more strained than I first realized, but as we got closer, Jaime would confide in me about it.  

Jaime and I had both started appearing on shows in January 2009.  I had put together a nice little winning streak of 6-0 against lower card and enhancement wrestlers while Jaime was 5-1 in her matches. I was getting my big break as Cat was going to use me in a semi-main event tag team match with me teaming with her. I was surprised she wasn’t going to use her sister as Jaime had progressed really well and was a future star. Whether it was because Catherine wanted to make Jaime “earn it” so others wouldn’t think she was playing favorites or something else, I didn’t know. I would soon find out that it was the something else reason why I was picked.

What I didn’t know was that Catherine had gotten upset with me at the last show. Maybe it was the crowd reaction to me since I was well known from my high school days. Maybe it was the bond that Jaime and I were forging. Maybe it was just that she was getting older, couldn’t compete the way she used too and was jealous. Perhaps she felt my head was too big after early success and positive crowd reaction.  I found out later that at the last show while I was in the ring her lecherous husband (soon to be ex) made some rather distasteful comments about my looks and that he’d like to work out with me. Whether this is what caused the change of plan, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know anything about Damien’s comments until Jaime talked to me several days later after the chaos of that September show.  

So the match was me and Catherine Quine vs the AAA Tag Team Champions Dezmella Wade and Nadia Snow. Catherine was billing it as the greatest AAA wrestler of all-time taking on a young partner to dethrone the tag team champs. What happened was Catherine started out the match against Nadia Snow. They wrestled extremely slowly without a lot of action. The crowd was chanting for me to be tagged in, which in hindsight seemed to annoy Catherine a great deal, even more than the champs. After about 5 minutes of basic action with no real advantage or damage done, Catherine smiled and tagged me in saying “go get em kid”. I came out with a lot of fire as the crowd was chanting my name. I had the tag team champions rocking and reeling. After several near falls Wade came down with a hard elbow to break up a pin fall and then tagged herself in. The heels had me on the defensive for over 5 minutes with constant double teams. I made it over for a tag but Catherine wasn’t there, as she was arguing with Snow on the outside. Then on another attempt she was off the apron again chasing Wade back to the corner. At the 15 minute mark I had been in the ring for over 10 minutes and while I had tremendous stamina, the all out action had truly worn me down.  I finally broke free and dove to my corner for a tag. What I got was a potato punch to the chin and it was a live round. Catherine without my knowledge beforehand had turned on me in the match and it appeared like she really had apparently. She was now working with Snow and Wade as they were holding me while The Cat was taking some stiff shots. The crowd watched in stunned silence but I was still thinking this was an angle.  That was until they completely humiliated me by stripping me down to my bra and panties and then held me down. Catherine then got some chocolate sauce and poured it all over on me. After that she took out a bag with feathers and dumped it on me. If I had known about the turn and the angle it probably wouldn’t have caused the reaction that came next. As the 3 were in the ring laughing at me Catherine was on the mic running me down and then made a comment that I was just some young slut and I snapped. I sprung to my feet and charged, tackling Catherine down. I then reigned down punches on her face, busting her open hard way before Snow and Wade could pull me off saying “kid take it easy”.  Then they tossed me out of the ring. A dazed and bloody Catherine wasn’t able to stand until Snow and Wade helped to her feet. Then Cat grabbed the mic and yelled “you're finished you bitch! YOU’RE FIRED!  You will never work in this industry again!” before collapsing again. The crowd still wasn’t sure what they had just seen as security took me out of the arena to the back.

After about 5 minutes Jamie brought my boyfriend Marty backstage and told him to get me the hell out of the arena. Jaime said she would talk to me tomorrow.  

This September night changed the course of my wrestling career. I was officially fired the next day from AAA for “unprofessional behavior” and was blackballed by Catherine and Anne Stardust.  My dream of being a professional wrestler was over, and all because of Catherine Quine and some petty jealousy.



OOC - I want to thank @walterSobchak for his great AI renders of Catherine Quine.  I think he captured her very well as the 41-year veteran who unlike canon in this world is still competing in the ring.  You can see all the great creations that @walterSobchak has done on the Mods page.  


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Kate Avatar 2.jpgJaimeQuine_alt6.jpg..jpg

The Day before Thanksgiving 2012


Jaime Quine calls her best friend.

Jaime - Kate, so what is the big news that you texted me about.  Is everything ok?  Marty, the twins?

Kate - Yes everything is perfect, well almost perfect.  The big news is, I'm expecting in late May/early June.

Jaime - OMG Kate.....that's wonderful.  You and Marty sure do have a great family and now, another child.  I can't believe it.

Kate - Guess that puts off that 3rd MMA fight I was scheduled for in February.

Jaime - Oh I'm sorry, yes will be not be able to do that until next fall.

Kate - It's ok, its not exactly like wrestling.  I mean sure it's "real" but I just haven't found the same passion for it as I do wrestling.  I'd really like to get back into the ring again.  I went walking by the Piper yesterday.

Jaime - Isn't it closed?

Kate - Yes, but I was meeting Marty for lunch at Jimmy Buffett's on the strip and well I arrived early.  I just had something that was pulling me towards it.  When I was there a man and his young daughter were there.  The young teen was a wrestling fan, and she wanted to know when I was getting back into the ring.  It just, it made me think what is missing.

Jaime -  Well, I am sure that I could talk to Catherine...

Kate - No, I won't put you in that position.  I'll just start working some indy shows next fall.  There are enough of them here and in Phoenix and SoCal.  

Jaime - Someday Kate this has got to stop.

Kate - (sighs) Maybe someday...I miss you Jam's.  I wish we could go Black Friday Shopping together like we have so many times the last 5 years.  

Jaime - Yes it will be the first one we miss in a long time.  We will get together soon, I promise.  I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a very special year for us both.

Kate - I sure hope so....I mean it will be.  I am going to be a mom again

The ladies keep talking for several hours, little does Kate know that there are big plans in store for her, Jaime and Marty.

OOC-  Just a little post.  Again much thanks to @WalterSobchak for the new image of Jaime Quine.  Once we are through the holidays, BSC will return to the ring for more action.  But there will be a few more setup posts to set the game up.  Plus will also refill the title history for the company and also will give a little walk through of the Cverse wrestling world that will be in place in July 2013 for the restart of the diary.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and to all a Happy New Year 2024!

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Kate Avatar 3.jpgDD Martin.jpg

It’s New Year’s Eve 2012 at the Douglas’s home just outside Las Vegas.  Kate (Avatar) Douglas has kept a fairly low profile after BSC closed its doors at the end of March 2011.  Since then Kate gave birth to the couple’s twin daughters and is expecting once again in just a little under 5 months in late May.  

Kate - The girls are down and it’s New Years Eve.  Sorry we aren’t out celebrating tonight but….

Marty - It’s ok Katie, besides a nice quiet evening with just the 3 of us is a perfect way to start the New Year.

Kate - What do you mean the 3 of us? (Then looks down at her belly) Oh right the 3 of us.

Marty - Well I have a couple of surprises for you and the first one should be arriving any minute.

Kate - What do you mean arriving? (Just then the doorbell rings)

Jaime Quine.jpg

Marty - I’m going to let you get that…..

Kate - (Who was already up and near the door goes to open it when she sees a very familiar face.  She hurriedly opens the door and standing there with her suitcase is her best friend Jamie Quine).  Oh my god Jamie i can’t believe your here.  

The ladies embrace as Marty comes up to welcome their guest.

Marty - Thanks for coming down tonight, Jamie.  How was the flight?

Jamie - (Answering Marty) It was quite the party coming down let me tell you.  Thanks for sending the car to pick me up.

Kate - You mean you two set this up and neither of you told me!  

Marty - I knew you wouldn’t mind such a pleasant surprise.  I’ll let you to talk for a bit but then we have some stuff to go over.

Kate - Stuff to go over?

Jamie - Where are my God-daughters, come on Kate.

After over an hour Marty comes in and says….

Marty - Hopefully I gave you guys enough time to catch up but we do have some business to discuss.

Jamie - Right come on Kate, I have something to show you in my bag.  (Jamie goes to her suitcase and pulls out a present). Go ahead Kate open it up.

Kate - You didn’t have to get me a present. (Kate opens up the package to see the BSC Queen of the Ring title). How did you get this Jamie?

BSC Queen of the Ring.jpeg

Jamie - Well I was the champion when the company closed down.  

Kate - Yes but the company assets were bought at an auction.  You mean they let you keep the belt?

Jamie - Well, you see I kind of know one of the new owners and yes, they let me keep the belt.

Kate - You know who bought the company?  Who is it? And why did you bring me this (pointing to the title belt) tonight?

Jamie - (looking at Marty) Would you like to tell her?

Kate - Tell me what….Martin Richard Douglass! (in her Mom voice).

Marty - Well you see dear, you know a private buyer bought BSC at that bankruptcy hearing.  Kind of a consortium type of entity bought BSC.  It currently has 3 members but one of the members wasn’t aware of it until tonight.

Kate - You mean to tell me that you two are the private buyers?

Jamie - You mean us 3!  I mean Marty set this up.  He brought me into it shortly before the bankruptcy auction took place.

Kate - I can’t believe….I mean but after all this time why tell me now?

Marty - After seeing how excited you were when you met that young girl and her father.  It’s time to get back in the game!

Jaime - Yes Marty told me about that look you had in your eyes after that meeting.

Kate - Do you really mean that?  We can actually do it?

Marty and Jamie (together) Yes!

Jamie - But I have one real big condition Kate.  I want to do this but I need a big favor from you.

Kate - Sure ok whatever you want.

Jamie - I want you to come with me and go meet Catherine at the AAA February show up in Seattle.  It’s time to make peace

Kate - Jamie….

Jamie - Kate hear me out on this.  I know there is still bad blood over what happened between you two.  I can’t blame you but I’m asking anyway.  Look Kate her in ring career is winding down and all she’s known is wrestling, it’s her life.  

Kate - It’s her life and she’s interfered with it being my life!

Jaime - She’s not proud of the situation, and what she did that night. To be honest, well it’s hard on me that my sister and my best friend can’t be in the same room together.  Hasn’t it been long enough Kate?  Can’t you just go and talk to her and see if you two can talk it out?  For me, please?

Kate (looks at Marty and then back at Jamie as a tear rolls down her check) - Okay Jamie, I’ll talk to her.  But, I can’t promise anything.

Jamie - That’s all I ask for Kate.

Marty - Now let’s talk about the return.  There is someone that we need to go meet with and the sooner the better.


The 3 sit down and talk as the countdown to an exciting New Year is about to begin.

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DD Martin.jpgMean Jean Cattley.jpg

Mean Jean Cattley had been wrestling for a decade and wasn’t getting much notice from the big time promotions.  He had done a lot in MAW working for Rip Chord and then Sam Keith, but after the breakup of his marriage, and the closing of the MAW promotion in fall of 2012, he has decided it's time for a change.  In late 2012 he had begun talking with Marty Douglas who lived out in Las Vegas.  He was the husband of BSC’s Kate Avatar that had made some waves in 2010 along with BSC booker Tamara McFly.  Douglas was going to work on re-opening BSC, but what did that have to do with Cattley?  

The meeting takes place at the South Coast Hotel in Las Vegas.

Martin Douglas - Jean thank you for coming out here to Las Vegas and meeting with me.  I think what I have in mind will be right up your alley.

Mean Jean Cattley -  Well I am looking to move out west after having been in the Carolina’s the last decade.  Your discussion about BSC is intriguing, but I am curious what I can do for the company.

Martin - I know, you're thinking BSC is an all-women's wrestling company so there is no real room in it for a male competitor.  Well, I want you to come in and be the managing partner of the “LLC” that has bought the assets and is re-opening the company.  I want you to become the President of the BSC, co-booker and co-trainer. 

Mean Jean - But I am still actively competing, and I am not quite ready to hang up my boots just yet.

Martin - Yes you have indicated that and I have a solution to that issue.   BSC will be working closely with the McFly’s in RMW. Molokai Milk in Hawaii, and Lee Wright in Florida.  They would be willing to have you compete in the ring for them and they will not run events when we run them.  They offer both men’s and women’s wrestling in RMW and in Hawaii and Florida has men's wrestling, so you could still be an active competitor and work as much as you want.  Sean knows of your work and feels you could be a huge asset in terms of being a ring competitor and also as a veteran presence in the locker room.  You of course know Lee and what he believes for wrestling and Molokai offers a great beach to relax at when you go out there.  

Mean Jean - You seem to have thought a lot about all of this.  But let’s discuss the structure of such a deal.

Martin - Simple, you would become the “majority” on screen owner of BSC.  While Jaime, Kate and I would retain the majority ownership in the company, you would for all appearances be that primary owner on screen and in any media releases.  I would also help you open up a wrestling school in Las Vegas.  Kate could be a co-trainer but it would be your school.  I would set up the financial aspects of the training school, you set up everything else.  My only request is that you would train both male and female wrestlers as I would like to see some of the students go to both BSC and RMW.  You would have a 20% take in BSC but I don’t expect that to very profitable for a period of time.  You would of course be paid for your appearances and work backstage at BSC.  Plus also get a salary for the training school.  Then the deals you work out with the other promotions of course is your money.

Mean Jean - Why me?

Martin - That is a fair question.  I have done a lot of homework looking at who would be the best fit for the company and have talked to a lot of people like Lee Wright and both Tamara and Sean McFly.  Your name keeps coming to the top of the list.  You are a man of incredible integrity and have the talent and aptitude to be a fantastic booker, trainer and agent.  You're coming up on your 35th birthday and I just see so much more in you than what maybe some others have.  Plus I want to help Kate get back into the business.  She loves it so much and she is talented, but because of what happened several years ago with Catherine Quine and AAA.  Well she has a black mark next to her name with a lot of people.

Mean Jean - I thought I had heard that some of that “tension” had eased in the last several years.

Martin - Well I am not sure that Catherine and Kate will ever be close, but Catherine’s sister Jaime is Kate’s best friend.  So yes there has been “progress” I guess you could call it.  They will be getting together soon to talk.  But back to the company, Jean I have developed a financial business plan for BSC and the training school.  I would like you to read over the plan and then we can talk further.

Mean Jean - If you are doing this with your wife, where is Kate?  I’d like to meet her and talk to her about what’s been said through the rumor and story mill.

Martin - Kate isn’t aware that I am planning this or even that Jaime and I were the ones that bought the BSC assets out of the auction.  I am going to surprise her on New Year’s Eve.  

Mean Jean - When would you be looking to hold the first show?

Martin - Most likely next July.  You see Kate is pregnant and is due in late May.  She would have to get back into ring shape and likely wouldn’t be in the ring until towards the end of summer.  You could help train her and get her back in the ring.  But we could get things running with several cards prior to that.  A lot of the talent that BSC had under contract could be brought back.  Plus there are some promising young talents that we could give a shot.  Kate has a few that she has been working with that could be big time players for the company soon.  Plus Jaime Quine who was the Queen of the Ring Champion at the time of the company’s demise and a business partner now would be willing to work regularly with the company.

Mean Jean - Speaking of the company’s demise.  There was a lot of talk of the mob involved in the prior ownership.  I have to ask, that wouldn’t be the case with this new BSC would it?

Martin - There were a lot of things about how the old company was run before that would not be repeated.  I can assure you that there would be no mob influence or money involved in this venture.  There would be no “call girl” service or anything besides serious pro wrestling.

The two men agreed to meet again after the first of the year after Jean had time to review the business plan.  He also signed a NDA agreement that he would not talk with anyone regarding this proposal.


OOC - We are nearing the start of the BSC returning to in ring action.  There are just a couple of more posts in the setup and again depending on how New Years and the Washington Huskies do will determine when we start.  Until then I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!


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Kate Avatar 3.jpg Jaime Quine.jpg DD Martin.jpg Mean Jean Cattley.jpg

January 15th 2013

The BSC ownership group meets with Mean Jean Cattley

Jean arrives at the South Coast hotel which is on the far southern end of the strip and away from most of the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.  

Marty - Jean welcome (shaking his hand).  I’d like to introduce you to my wife Kate (Jean and Kate shake hands) and her best friend and partner in this venture Jaime Quine (shakes hands with Jaime).  Did you have a chance to review things since our last meeting?

Kate - Marty, do we have to jump right into business right away?  I’d like to hear about Jean’s wrestling career and his thoughts on the sport and of course women’s wrestling.

Jean - I would agree with your lovely wife. As they say in Hawaii, let’s talk story.

Jean smiles and begins to talk about his career and how things have gone on the east coast Indy’s and how the closing of MAW effected him.  He also discusses his views on women’s wrestling ….

Jean - As far as my thoughts on women’s wrestling go.  I think if it is done right and the company is serious about the athletes, training and stories, that women’s wrestling is just as viable as men’s wrestling. But I have to be very clear on this point.  I am not interested in being involved in a strip tease show.  BSC had the rep of being that but I know that Tamara and you ladies were big in trying to change that reputation.  

Kate - We were getting there, but unfortunately Honey’s other ventures I guess I would call it, got in the way.

Marty - That is probably putting it nicely.  Honey was a nice lady, but she was in business with some not so good people and was unfortunately in way over her head.  Jean, I assure you that we are not involved in those types of business activities..

Jean - That is good to hear but before we get into things I’d like to ask Kate about her past in wrestling.  There are all sorts of stories out there about what happened in Seattle in 2009 with your boss and Jaime’s sister Catherine Quine.  No offense, but I need to know that you are not the “out of control hothead” that has been portrayed by some out there.  You certainly don’t seem to be that.

Kate bristles a bit at the comment that some have labeled her agrees to share the story with Jean about her history in AAA.  She tells him that if he wants to talk to someone who was there about things, he could talk with Jaime Quine.  

Jean - That is a very interesting back story to be sure.  A good booker could have a field day with some of that story.  Clearly Kate you have the amateur background from your high school days.  You also have exceptional training with Catherine.  You also received invaluable training when you were further trained in the ring and behind the scenes by Tamara McFly.  Guys I am going to be clear, after my first meeting with Marty, I got on the phone with several people, most notably Tamara McFly and JoAnne Rodriguez.  I also spoke with Sean McFly and Lee Wright about the potential for me to come in and work for those promotions in the ring.  Kate, I need to ask you a question.

Kate - Sure fire away.

Jean - Marty told me that you would be meeting with Catherine Quine.  Has that meeting taken place yet?

Kate - No it has not yet.

Jaime - But it will be taking place at AAA’s February show weekend.  Kate and Marty are coming up and they will get together.

Jean - Is Catherine up for this meeting?

Jaime - Both Kate and Catherine have confirmed to me that they will meet.  Both appear to have a willingness to put this thing in the past.

Jean -  I hope that you ladies can smooth things out.  There is a lot of activity going on with the remaining territories here in the US.  Two companies have gone under and I am concerned that if they don’t work in some sort of harmony, that more companies will go by the wayside.  I do not want to see that happen as I believe strongly that the big companies need the smaller companies if for nothing else than to be training grounds for future stars.  You, RMW and QAW do not need to have AAA as a major thorn in your side.  Therefore it would be in your best interests to put the past in the past and move forward.  I hope I am being clear.

Kate - (shifts in her chair a bit)  I understand what you are saying Jean.  Marty and Jaime have also indicated the same thing and that a positive relationship with AAA is better than a continued cold war.  I will go into the meeting with a very open mind to try and bury the hatchet once and for all.  I love Jaime so if not for wrestling, I will do this for her and our friendship.  But I can’t make any promises other than I will try.  There are a lot of old wounds that need healing, probably on both sides.  

Jean - Wrestling wars benefit no one, Miss Kate.  They kill the sport!  There are no winners, even when someone feels they have emerged victorious.  But I believe you will do all that you can to end this issue between you both.  Now let’s finalize this thing and map out our road ahead.

Marty - Great let’s get started.

After about 3 hours of stories about the East Coast Indy wrestling and AAA wrestling, the quartet gets down to discussing business.  At the end of the evening they agree to go into business together.  

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6 hours ago, Wrestling Machine said:

It will be nice to see the initial roster and events product ;) I'm not familiar with 2013 C-Verse so I'm curious about it!

If I may give you some advice, I would not change the font color and leave the default setting so that it is comfortably readable in both light and dark mode.

Thanks for the heads up.  I don’t think I’m changing it but I do notice some posts are darker (look bold) even though I’m not making them bold.  This seems to be happening when I coptpy directly from Google Docs.  When I copy into Word first, I don’t notice that.  I’m making an assumption this is what you are referring to.  I’m not as familiar with this new forum as I am the older one. I only look at my scenes in the light mode but that issue with Goggle docs seems to be the issue.  Guess that means I can write in docs (easier on iPad) but when I post here I need to run it through Word (although I’m sure there is a setting I need to tweak so I wouldn’t need that step).  I’ll test this theory out when I post the next back scene.

As for BSC, that was an old company in the TEW 2005-2010 version days.  It was a strip club type of promotion when it launched in the Cverse.  In canon the company slowly started changing to try to be more serious.  I used the old 2010 data base and ran 15-16 months before I stopped.  Now rolling it forward to mid-2013 with the same point where I left off in the previous diary.  

Thanks for the feedback.

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Kate Avatar 3.jpgDD Martin.jpg


Kate and Marty have boarded their Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle the weekend before AAA show that was to be held on the following Monday night.  Kate was really dreading this meeting but she had agreed to this with Jaime on New Years Eve.  As late as last night Kate wanted to cancel the trip, but just was convinced by her husband and Jaime to stick to the plan.

Kate - Marty…..

Marty - Kate, everything is going to be fine, trust me.

Kate - Ok (sighs)

The flight was smooth and in several hours the couple landed at Sea-Tac airport.  They went out to the front where they expected to find a driver but instead it was Jaime smiling and rushing to meet them.

Jaime Quine.jpg

Jaime - I’m so glad you guys are here!  How are you doing (looking at Kate).

Marty - Well she couldn’t have a drink but it was a good flight!

Kate - (smiling) Yes it’s all good.

Jaime - Great let’s go get some dinner.

As the 3 entered the John Howie Steakhouse Kate froze as she saw who was sitting at the table.

Catherine Quine 2013.jpg

Catherine Quine - Kate, Marty thanks for joining us up here this weekend.

Marty (breaking the ice) Hello Catherine, it’s good to see you.  

Catherine - (looking at Kate) I know this isn’t easy Kate, but you are looking well, glowing even.  I hope the flight was smooth for you.

Kate - (uneasily) Thanks.  And thanks for setting this up.

Catherine - Well come on in, take a seat and let’s get some drinks and order dinner.

The foursome order some drinks with Kate ordering a Coke Zero.  Then they all  ordered dinner.

Kate - Jaime, can you show me where the restroom is?

Jaime - Sure Kate

(As Kate and Jamie leave)

Catherine - Marty I really do appreciate you guys coming up.  Jaime has been wanting to do this for a long time and I know it wasn’t  easy to get Kate to agree to come.  But I hope you believe me that I truly want to work this out.

Marty - Catherine I do believe you, but I’m not the one that needs to believe that.

Catherine - Assuming things go well, there some business I’d like to talk with you guys about afterwards.

Marty - That sounds good, let’s hope things go well.

Catherine - And some that I want to talk with Kate about privately.

Marty - Business?

Catherine - Yes, personal business.

Outside the restaurant in the lounge area Kate and Jaime head to the restroom

Kate - (rather upset) Why didn’t you tell me she was going to be at dinner?

Jaime - Because you would have wanted to put this off.

Kate - (stopping) I can’t do this!

Jaime - Kate, you promised!

Kate - This is not easy for me!

Jaime - Do you think it’s easy for her?  Look honestly I believe if she could go back and change things she would.  Kate, her husband was cheating on her, she was worried about her career and realizing that the next wave was coming in.  Look I’m not defending it, but she made a mistakes, several of them, but so did you!  At least see how things go, give her a chance.  After tonight I’ll never ask for you two to get together again if it doesn’t work out.

Kate - Ok Jaime.  I’ll try my best.  Come on I guess we should hurry up. 

The rest of the dinner went well with just a lot of small talk.  The 4 went to a private room at the attached bar next door.

Catherine - Marty, Jamie can you excuse us.  I think it’s time that Kate and I have a chat.

Jaime - Yeah Marty let’s go over to the LV store.  I’ll show you a bag you should get your wife and her best friend.

Marty glances over at Kate, smiles and gets up to leave with Jaime.

Catherine - Kate, I need to tell you something. (Cat stands and moves toward Kate)

Kate - Look Catherine we don’t need to do this now.

Catherine - No this has been building up for a long time.  So let’s just finish this once and for all.  

Kate - Catherine look I….

Catherine - Kate let me get it out, okay.....  Kate, I hated you.  Not only did the fans like you, but you were a great in ring talent and only just 19.  You had the looks, the technical skill and that “it” factor charisma that so few have.  You even had my ex husband telling everyone how “hot” you were.  You were so young, had all this talent and I knew it was a matter of time before I would no longer be the top star.  I was nearing 37, the clock was ticking on my career and a lot of things……

But the toughest thing for me, was the relationship you had with Jaime.  You two were so close and acted like the sisters I wanted us to be.  Yes my and Jaime have. Big age gap, different mothers etc.  So for all of that, I hated you.  I know you will most likely not want to accept this but……I’m sorry.  I’m truly sorry for how I acted and how I handled the whole situation.  I should not have tried to humiliate you the way I did.  I shouldn’t have reacted to what you did after, because truth be told I would have reacted the same way.

Kate was obviously taken aback by the sincerity in the veterans voice and the expression on her face.  Catherine Quine was truly apologizing to her, but could she forgive her.

Kate - (pauses for a moment before speaking) Look Catherine, it wasn’t all your fault.  I had let my head get a little swollen with the response of the fans.  I could of handled my ego and myself better.  That night you humiliated me.  In front of the fans, my family and Marty.  I just lost it in a very immature way.  I’ve carried this grudge for a long time and somehow Jaime has stuck with me.  (Sighs)

Catherine- I know what you’re thinking, but I can’t undo what has happened.  I can only move forward.  I know that we will likely never be the best of friends, but I hope you can find it, to forgive me.  I understand if you aren’t ready but….

Kate - (looking down at her tummy) Catherine, look I’ve grown up a lot the last 4 years.  I married my high school, long time sweetheart.  I became a mother and will do so again in 15 weeks.  I have Jaime as my best friend and once I’m ready after the birth of my son, I’ll get to step back into the ring again.  (Takes a deep breath) What happened that night, I play it back in my mind all the time, it is something that I will never forget.  But I’d like to put it behind us.  Catherine, I forgive you but I hope you can forgive me too.

The two women shook hands.

Catherine - I’d like you to come to the show Monday night.  I’d like you to be the guest of mine and AAA and let’s make sure the wrestling world knows that the issue between us is over.  

Kate - Sure we could do that, before we do that.  I have an idea (whispers something to Catherine who smiles).

Catherine - Sounds like a plan, call them back in.

As Jaime and Marty come back into the private room they see to their shock that Kate is on top of Catherine and she is choking her, with a crazed look in her eyes.  Marty comes running over to his wife to carefully pulls her off while Jaime stops to see Catherine not moving.  

Kate - I’ll kill her! I swear to God I’ll kill her! (But then starts laughing)

Jaime looks down at her sister who starts laughing as well as she starts to get up.  Jaime shoots a glance at Marty.

Catherine - I guess we got you guys.

Kate (Moves next to Catherine smiling) We sure did!  Did your camera get that on record?

Marty - So I take it you two have buried the hatchet?

Jaime - They better have or I will kill them both!

The four of them sit down and watch the phone recording of what just took place.

Catherine - Marty I have asked that you and Kate be our guests Monday night at the show.  I hope you guys can stay.

Marty - I’m sure Kate’s parents won’t mind some extra time with the twins.

Catherine - Good, now I want to sit down and talk business with you guys.  I have an idea that might help things when you reopen BSC this summer.

With that the 4 begin to discuss plans about BSC’s re-opening and perhaps a working relationship with AAA


OOC - Maybe I found the trick to how to copy this from Word or Google without it coming with formatting.  We shall see.


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AAA February Show - Tacoma WA
Tuesday February 5th, 2013
Cloverleaf Pavilion

Jim Lou Freebush - We’ve had a great night of action so far highlighted by the returning Talia Quinzel looking especially strong in her win over one of the more recent Cat's Lair students.  But right now I’m going to step into the ring to welcome home our special guest.  Fans please give a warm welcome to our hometown champ, Kate Avatar. 

Kate Avatar 2.jpg

The crowd pops as the former 3x high school state wrestling champion stands up in the front row.

Jim - Kate come on up into the ring to greet all our great fans.

As Kate slowly walks towards the ring steps the crowd can see she’s pregnant.  Jim holds open the ropes to make it easier for Kate to step into the ring.

Jim - Kate welcome home!  (The fans chant welcome home)

Kate - Oh how I missed my hometown.

Just as Jim is about to ask Kate a question, the music of the AWF World Champion Catherine Quine plays and the champ slowly makes her way out to a very mixed reception.  Catherine starts to climb up the steps when Jim interrupts 

Catherine Quine 2013.jpg

Jim - Now whoa Catherine hold on here, as you can see Kate is very pregnant so we don’t want any issues here.

Catherine - No issues here Jim, I just want to say a few words to our guest.

Kate looking a little uneasy gestures to her husband at ringside that it is ok.

Catherine - Well look who has finally come back home.  What’s it been Kate, 3+ years since the AAA fans have seen you in one of our rings?  By the sounds of it, they remember what happened……and so do I.  I’ve been waiting for you to come back.  Waiting to say something to you and tell you what I really think.

With those words Jaime Quine comes sliding into the ring.

Jaime Quine.jpg

Jaime - Catherine what are you doing?  Kate is in no condition to…

Catherine - Jaime, please let me finish.  I have no intentions of causing any physical harm to Kate.  

Kate - So what do you want?  The last time I was in this ring with you, you tried to humiliate me.  I don’t recall that working out so well for you.

Catherine - No (grabbing her jaw) it didn’t.  It didn’t work out well for either of us and that’s why I want to talk to you.  Jaime I’m glad your here too because this situation (pointing to herself and Kate) had a great effect on you too.  So what I want to….

Just then making their way down to ringside is the AAA Tag Team Champions Nadia Snow and Dezmelda Wade.

Nadia Snow AI1.jpeg Demelza Wade AI.jpeg

Nadia Snow - Well well look at what we have here Dez.  Seems like old times doesn’t it?

Dezmelda - It sure does!  And since we were in that ring that night we might as well come on down and join in on the fun.

Jim Freebush - Now wait just a minute.  

Nadia - Don’t worry Jim, we won’t cause any trouble…for Kate. 

Dezmelda - We will even stay on the outside of the ring.  We are just here to listen what the great Catherine Quine has to say.

Catherine - (points to Jaime) Keep your eye on them. (Turning to Kate) Before I was so rudely interrupted.  Kate it’s not easy for me to admit when I’m wrong, but I was wrong about you.  I was watching what you were doing down in Las Vegas with BSC.  You, Tamara and my own sister did any amazing job down there. (Pauses) What I’m trying to say was  I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done what I did to you here in this ring.  I deserved what I got for doing it and I just want to say I’m......


Talia - Wait just a minute…..(racing down to the ring) you are not about to say what I think your going to say? (Now climbing into the ring and goes to Kate with her arms outstretched and giving her friend a hug).  You the mighty Catherine Quine are going to apologize for screwing over Kate?

Catherine - Yes if you will let me finish!

Talia - Well by all means please continue……but wait.  While your at it, why don’t you apologize to Jaime, me and countless others you have tried to hold down and screw over.  You sent me away 2 years ago to try and infiltrate BSC.  You didn’t want them to succeed did you?  I went down there with promises of matches and title opportunities here if I did my job.  Well what did I get for my efforts?  Did I get any of what was promised me?  No I had to go to that hell hole in San Antonio and then off to Japan.  Then tonight when I make my return what does AAA  give me but a prelim match against one of your punk students!  So while your handing out apologies, I want mine too!

Catherine - Talia, fine.  Come over here and as I give Kate an apology and a hand shake, I will give you what you deserve as well.  (Offering her hand to Kate). Kate, I am truly sorry for what I did that night and after that night.  I hope you can accept my apology.  (Kate shakes her hand).  And Talia, I apologize I didn’t do this earlier (with that Catherine drops the mic and slaps Talia with a hard right hand)

With that the tag team champions jump into the ring and attack Jaime 2 on 1.  As Catherine turns to face Wade and Snow, Talia sets her sights on Catherine and clocks her behind the head with the microphone.  Catherine falls to the mat as Wade and Snow take care of Jaime and dump her out of the ring.

Talia picks up the dazed Catherine as Wade and Snow join her.  

Talia -(with Snow holding the mic while Talia has a strong hold of Catherine). Kate, there is the title belt.  A title that none of us have been giving an opportunity to compete for.  Pick it up Kate.  Take a look at it.  That title is all that matters to this bitch.  It’s time to pay her back Kate.  Come on you know you want to.  We talked about this in Vegas when we were teaming.  This is the opportunity to finishing this bitch once and for all.  Come on Kate, hit her.  Finish what we started!  

Kate then looks at the belt and then at the crowd who is chanting no.no.no.  Then Kate smiles, nods her head and begins to run towards the held Catherine with the title belt in hand and swings it.  As Kate swings Catherine ducks down and Kate hits Talia with the belt.  Jaime makes her way back to the ring and takes Nadia down as Catherine tears into Dezmelda.  Jim Lou Freebush escorts Kate to the far corner of the ring to help her out of the ring.  Talia rolls out of the ring looking furious.  Jaime and Catherine dump the tag champs out in front of Talia.

Catherine - Snow and Wade, later tonight the Quine Sisters have a title match against you two and we are going to take those AAA tag straps and make them ours!  And Talia as for you.  Maybe I do owe you.  So I’m going to go to the back, make a phone call and see if for next month I can’t get you to be the challenger for this title (holds up the AWF Women’s World Title).  If the AWF approves it, you’ve got a title match.  If they don’t, I’m sure AAA will make us a 1 on 1 match so you can prove yourself.  Either way, you have yourself a match, if you keep your big nose out of the tag team title match tonight!

Talia (screaming) You’re On!

Later that night, Kate Avatar has joined the commentary team at ringside. 
Snow and Wade are defending their titles against the Quine’s in a no DQ bout.  There has been plenty of cheap shots taken by the champs.  

Jim - Nadia has Catherine outside the ring as they are fighting.  Dezmelda and Jaime are legal inside inside the right and Wade is setting up for a big finish. Wade comes over for a few words for Kate Avatar.  She turns back to a dazed Jaime who is starting to get up.  Wade comes into the ropes and Avatar grabs Wade’s  ankles causing her to stumble.  Jaime gets up and comes at the shock Dezmelda with a Super Kick.  Now Avatar slides one of the title belts into the ring to Jaime who picks it up and crashes it into Dezmelda’s head.  Jaime covers…1…2….3. We have new Tag Team Champions as the Quine’s have just ended the long title run of Wade and Snow.  

Kate Avatar climbs into the ring as the former champs are on the floor protesting loudly to anyone that will listen to them.  Kate gives Jaime a big hug and then walks over to Catherine Quine who extends her hand.  Kate slaps it away and then gives Catherine a hug as well.

Jim - Well I guess we have the answer from earlier,  All is forgiven

Sue Danes - Is it?  I do remember Kate swinging that belt at Catherine earlier tonight.

Jim - But she ducked.

Sue Danes - How did Avatar know she would duck?  Maybe Catherine is just lucky to have gotten out of the way?  We may never know.

Jim - What we do know is the Quine’s have won the AAA tag team titles with an small assist from Kate Avatar.  It seems pretty simple to me.  That’s all we have for tonight from Tacoma.  The fans here are going crazy for the Quine’s title win and the return of home town hero Kate Avatar.



OOC - This extra from event from AAA set up several things for later in the diary.  Nadia Snow who had been working on a ppa contract with USPW has been signed to a written deal so that explains the tag team title loss to the Quine's.  Demelza Wade works both a ppa with AAA and USPW.  Talia Quinzel worked some tag matches as a rookie in BSC teaming with Kate Avatar so there is a kind of friendship there as well.  Talia is scheduled to at the event when BSC goes live in early July 2013.  At 21 she is very talented and should be a tremendous force.

Again thanks to @WalterSobchak for the render used for Talia Quinzel.  I believe the Wade and Snow renders are from @gazwefc83 who has also done tremendous work on renders.  Most of the renders I have used have been the newer ones but I will sprinkle in some older ones too.  All the work over the years in the render forums have been great and much appreciated.

We are getting close to the start of the in ring action.  There will probably be a show set up coming and the roster page will be updated with the workers who will be on the first show.  BSC Ambition will be the first big show that will normally take place in June but we will have it the first week of July this year.  At the end of July will be Heat Check and then in August Red Alert.  The BSC Queen of the Ring will be determined during the first 2 shows.  After that we will get to the tag team titles and the Hi-Roller title.

Also added background on the AWF.  In the previous save starting 2010 AAA and 5 other promotions started the AWF (prior to COTT alliance).  The AWF had both men's and women's companies in it, but the AAA was the only women's company.  Catherine Quine is the reigning AWF World Champion so that is just a little background on that reference.


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Kate Avatar and her husband welcomed their son into the world on May 24th, 2013.  It wasn’t quite as smooth as they might have hoped.  There were a few small complications so their son was born via C-section. The procedure went fine but the surgical birth will slow Kate’s return to the ring.  

Kate Avatar 2.jpgDD Martin.jpg

Kate - I’ve been thinking.  

Kate shares her idea with her husband

Kate - What do you think?

Marty - I think we shouldn’t be thinking about wrestling right now.  You just gave birth yesterday and we have a lot of time left to prepare.  

Kate - We are just 6 weeks from our opening and now I’m not going to be ready to go.  

Marty - It was wishful thinking that you would be anyway.  Let’s just be thankful that you and Richie are alright.

Kate - I am but just sitting in this hospital is boring.  We need to make some adjustments to the tournament.  Besides I need to do something to occupy my mind so what do you think of my idea?  

Marty - It’s a big step, do you think she’s ready for such a big move up the card?

Kate - And after watching that match she had in Seattle in March I know she is.  We just need to help get her over a little more.

Marty - So your serious about doing some tapings to post on TopTube? 

Kate - Yes but I want to run some small shows in July and August to give her and my girls some extra matches under their belts.

Marty - You’re talking about Kathy and Kallie.

Kate - Yes they could use the work in front of people.  I mean Kathy has had done exposure before but Kallie hasn’t.  I’d want to run say 5 matches.  Mainly younger talent to just get them exposure and a look. It won’t cost a lot,

Marty - But it’s really not in the budget either.  These shows will be money losers.

Kate - We have two years to make up because of the closure.  We won’t run on nights of AAA, QAW, CWWF or RMW.  I can check with Tamara to see if she has anyone she wants to get extra work.  It’s a good idea I think (flashing her smile)

Marty - Oh no not that smile.  Ok I guess happy wife happy life!

Kate - Exactly! Now we have some work to do while Richie is sleeping and until I can get out of here.



OOC - We are getting close to the start of the BSC return.  Just 6 weeks (sim time) to go prior to the first return show.  

"My girls" are two created workers that have been added to the database.  One is Kathy McMahon who was added in the 2010 saga at the end as a trainee of Kate's.  McMahon is in honor of the new gen that @Mrwolf101 added to his diary Dark Phoenix Wrestling.  This version will be different and will have a different face gen than that one.  She is being joined by another young woman (newly created character from Kate's hometown (Tacoma, WA) who is Kallie Kinney.  While BSC was shut down Kate did some training.  

*TopTube = YouTube in this world.

The matches for the first card will come probably next Wednesday.


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  • 2 weeks later...

BSC Announces its first show

BSC Ambition.jpg

Main Event
3-way Tag Team Match
First Fall wins 
Danielle Sweatheart & Alexis Littlefeather vs Tamara McFly & Jaime Quine vs The Assassin & Amber Allen

The biggest names in the company will all be in the running for Marilyn Stardust Classic and the BSC Queen of the Ring title.  The match is set up in an early show segment

Single Match
Foxxy LaRue vs Roxy Kitten
Foxxy LaRue won the 2011 Joker's Wild Rumble in January 2011 and never received her title shot before the show closed.

Singles Match
Amy Galaxy vs Talia Quinzel 
BSC veteran Amy Galaxy tangles with the young Talia Quinzel.  Quinzel teamed in the last BSC show (March 2021) defeating Roxy Kitten and her rival Alison Capone

Singles Match
Kathy McMahon vs Power Girl
Relative newcomer into the wrestling world wrestled several matches in BSC on dark shows and opening matches before it closed.  She continued training with Kate Avatar during the company's closing.  She has worked in RMW since then gaining experience.  Power Girl is a strong competitor who has continued to improve so this will be a big test for the 21-year-old Quinzel.

Singles match
Nurse Darla Knight vs Coco De La Soleil
A couple of BSC originals have continued to work on their craft and are no longer just dancers.  Both Knight and Coco made major strides in their in ring work working with then booker Tamara McFly.  This match is a potentially match up in the early rankings for BSC and while they are not in the QOTR matches, the winner could be considered for a shot at the Hi-Roller Title later this summer. 

Opening Match
Sprite vs Kallie Kinney
BSC's (and AAA's) resident pixie Sprite returns to Las Vegas to take on one of Kate Avatar's students.  Kinney was slated to make her debut later in the summer in a tag match with Kate Avatar, but management decided that she has progressed well enough (and they needed a late replacement) to make her in ring debut here.  



Note that Kathy McMahon and Kallie Kinney are new gen characters.  McMahon is a carry over from the 2010 data base game and was loosely based on @MrWolf101 character in his outstanding 2016 Dark Phoenix Wrestling diary.  Kinney was added with the 2013 reboot as one of Kate's students.  Also note that The Assassin was in the 2010 game and is a veteran Cverse wrestler under a mask.  In the previous diary she wrestled as The masked SuperStar but she has been renamed now due to events that will occurred later in the diary.


Prediction Key for those that want to participate.  
As always comments on the matches are always welcome although I know with a start up and nature of the promotion that those might come along further down the road.

Main Event
3-way Tag Team Match
First Fall wins 
Danielle Sweatheart & Alexis Littlefeather vs Tamara McFly & Jaime Quine vs The Assassin & Amber Allen

Single Match
Foxxy LaRue vs Roxy Kitten

Singles Match
Amy Galaxy vs Talia Quinzel 

Singles Match
Kathy McMahon vs Power Girl

Singles match
Nurse Darla Knight vs Coco De La Soleil

Opening Match
Sprite vs Kallie Kinney

Plus BSC President Mean Jean Cattley will welcome fans and explain the revised Marilyn Stardust Classic for this year
Also there will be appearances by Kate Avatar who is on the shelf for several more months and BSC brings back the Director's Chair but who will be the host?


So the diary officially begins with two major cards in July.  The return card Ambition will usually be the June Monthly Event and it will be followed Heat Check at the End of the Month.  There will be an internet TV show that I may just give quick results and any major angles or interviews of in recap that set up the monthly events.  You may see some enhancement talent on those shows and I will just get creative with the names like some folks have done on here.  I have set up a small set of jobbers so that I am not constantly beating down the lower card talent in TV squashes.  Most of this show is written and I have a long flight to Germany on Thursday evening.  The goal will be to have the show results up for that and the set up for Heat Check ready for the weekend and then putting that show up when I return Tuesday/Wednesday next week.


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Main Event
3-way Tag Team Match
First Fall wins 
Danielle Sweatheart & Alexis Littlefeather vs Tamara McFly & Jaime Quine vs The Assassin & Amber Allen

Single Match
Foxxy LaRue vs Roxy Kitten

Singles Match
Amy Galaxy vs Talia Quinzel 

Singles Match
Kathy McMahon vs Power Girl

Singles match
Nurse Darla Knight vs Coco De La Soleil

Opening Match
Sprite vs Kallie Kinney

Plus BSC President Mean Jean Cattley will welcome fans and explain the revised Marilyn Stardust Classic for this year
Also there will be appearances by Kate Avatar who is on the shelf for several more months and BSC brings back the Director's Chair but who will be the host? Sara Silver

I remember reading your previous BSC diary and while it has been a while since I read it, I remember enjoying it and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future of BSC.

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Well, it's been a minute. Really glad this diary is back. I wish you better luck this time. Now, onto the predictions:

Main Event
3-way Tag Team Match
First Fall wins 
Danielle Sweatheart & Alexis Littlefeather vs Tamara McFly & Jaime Quine vs The Assassin & Amber Allen

Single Match
Foxxy LaRue vs Roxy Kitten

Singles Match
Amy Galaxy vs Talia Quinzel 

Singles Match
Kathy McMahon vs Power Girl

Singles match
Nurse Darla Knight vs Coco De La Soleil

Opening Match
Sprite vs Kallie Kinney

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A lot of names I don't recognise, so largely picking names I know! Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Main Event
3-way Tag Team Match
First Fall wins 

Danielle Sweatheart & Alexis Littlefeather vs Tamara McFly & Jaime Quine vs The Assassin & Amber Allen

Single Match
Foxxy LaRue
vs Roxy Kitten

Singles Match
Amy Galaxy vs Talia Quinzel 

Singles Match

Kathy McMahon vs Power Girl

Singles match
Nurse Darla Knight
vs Coco De La Soleil

Opening Match
Sprite vs Kallie Kinney

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BSC Logo.jpeg

Tamara McFly is in the building in Denver where Rocky Mt Wrestling holds their shows.  She sent in the following promo to the BSC.com website for BSC's return.


Tamara - Well its finally here, the company that I basically took out of the gutter and tried to make something out of.  I was the longest reigning Queen of the Ring in BSC history and yes, Jaime Quine beat me for the title just before the company went Kaput.  Now it is back and is led by a man that me and my brother have a great respect for in Jean Cattley.  When Jean invited me to come back for this year's Marilyn Stardust Classic and with that a chance to win the Queen of the Ring title, how could I refuse.  I mean honestly I built that company along with Kate at my side, we pulled that company out of the smut and sleaze of strippers and dancers and put on real wrestling.  Well let me tell you, I understand Kate won't be able to compete, but there are two other former Queen's of the Ring that will be in the Stardust Classic.  Jaime, Alexis, you two are good competitors, but you do not have the skill nor the brains (pointing to her head) to beat me.  I hope to see you both, but I can tell you right now, you are looking at the longest reigning Queen of the ring , and the future once again Queen.....Tamara McFly.  See you all real soon! 

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Kate Avatar sat in the Office that BSC was using at the Steamboat Hotel.  The return show was just 48 hours away and she had a lot on her mind.  For weeks most of it centered on the fact that she was not competing on the show.  Yes she would be on hand, even being the road agent in several matches.  She would be involved in a minor way with the setup to the 3-way tag team match and would be a guest on the returning Directors Chair segment.  Even though she would be busy, she truly wanted to be competing in the ring.  That was where she belonged, but her doctor strongly advised her against it, with both Marty and Jaime urging her to follow the doctor's advice.  She finally relented, but the decision forced a major rebooking of the event.  While a storyline would evolve from that decision, it was definitely still a major disappointment.

The other issue that was weighing on her was the choice of location for the first 3 shows.  Was the aging, casino based location of the Steamboat the right place?  The hotel was on the Strip, but was the Vegas tourist market the clientele BSC was trying to maximize on?  She thought back to her meeting with the young teenage girl Kylee who she had met with her father in front of the Old Piper hotel.  The young teen was a huge fan of Kate’s from the original BSC but had not come to any of the matches because of the location and reputation of the Piper.  Could BSC do better than the Steamboat Hotel?  Could they find a better location that was reasonably close to the Strip but might be a better spot for locals and a younger audience?

Marty had brought up the idea of the redevelopment of the Avenue Shopping Mall,  the mall wasn’t a huge distance from the Strip and was out by Las Vegas University.  The mall was midway through a process to redevelop and turn the mall into part residential, part commercial with more restaurants, a movie theater, bowling alley but also retain some shops as well.  There was a space there that was a former big box gym.  So there would be a locker room with plumbing and with a minor retrofit could accommodate a smaller workout area and provide seating to 500 fans and maybe more down the road.  Could that be the type of space that could be the future home that BSC could utilize for both monthly events, program tapings and serve as a training gym for the workers?  She would see what the crowd would be for the first show and gauge the response.  She really wanted to cultivate a fan base in Vegas and not rely so much on the tourist influence that the hotel brought in.  

Another alternative is the old bowling alley site that is just a block away.  The operator of the lanes moved out and the building is available.  It would take some doing but it could look like the old Portland Sports Arena (which was a converted bowling alley for Don Owens PNW Wrestling) 


ooc - The first show will be out in a couple of days.  On my trip to Germany I didn’t bring my computer so I didn’t have everything I needed.  I return tonight (Monday) and plan to have the show out Tuesday evening (West Coast time).  I really appreciate everyone who has read along and also those that have made predictions.  I hope the story will be entertaining going forward for everyone, thanks again for reading along.

Also thanks to @WalterSobchak for a great new render.  This is his Joy Ryder AI render but with his permission it has been approved to be BSC’s new Kate Avatar photo.  When I’m home the previous Kate photos will be replaced.


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This will be a somewhat wordy show with some setup promo's and other things.  I don't expect all shows will be this wordy, but we will see.  I do like detail.

BSC Logo.jpeg
BSC Presents Ambition 2013
BSC Ambition.jpg
Wednesday July 3, 2013
Attendance - 203

Davis Ditterich_alt1.jpg  Sara Silver.jpg
Davis Dietterich and Sarah Silver welcome the fans to the fabulous Showboat Casino Pavilion.

Davis - Happy Birthday America and what a night for BSC to return to action.  And of course I am joined by the “Silver Tongued Devil” Sarah Silver.

Sarah - I can promise you this Davis, there will be fireworks tonight as We get things kicked off right away with a singles contest.

Davis - That’s right we are going to have……

Davis is interrupted by Foxxy LaRue as she walks down the aisle to the ring.

Davis - I don’t seem to have Foxxy’s match listed first here.

Sarah - Well let me tell you something Davis, Foxxy is not happy!  She feels she should be in the Marilyn Stardust Classic especially since she has never received her title shot after winning the Jackpot Rumble in 2011.

Davis - Well this is not the way I expected to start the show time.Sarah - Better be ready for change Davis.  Let’s hear what Foxxy has to say.


Foxxy in the ring

Foxxy - Look Foxxy ain’t happy.  No, not at all.  Now I told the kid that was going to open the show to take a backseat, because she just moved up the card.  Now get that no good Roxy Kitten out here and get me a referee.  I’m not done with what I have to say.

Foxxy_Larue_alt5.jpg  VS  Roxy Kitten.jpg

Foxxy LaRue vs Roxy Kitten
Singles Match
15-minute Time Limit


The Winner of the Match in a time of 7:01 by submission, Foxxy LaRue!

Davis - Good Night Roxy!  Foxxy just flattened the BSC original fairly quickly after dominating the matchup.  I haven't seen that type of anger in Foxxy LaRue before.  She just choked out Roxy with a Guillotine.

Sarah - I told you she was in a bad mood!


Foxxy grabs a microphone and sits down in the ring and crosses her legs

Foxxy - This should be a great night!  BSC comes back and I’m invited back.  I figured they were finally after making me wait over 2 years, going to give me my Queen of the Ring Title Match.  I see Jaime Quine is here tonight, so why isn’t Foxxy in the Main Event?  I’m sorry to all the fans but this show is not going to proceed until I get my fair shot.  I’ve got all night!  So while we wait for the powers to be to come do the right thing, it’s up to Foxxy to entertain you.  So how about we sing a little song.

RESPECT, Find out what it means to me……

Davis - BSC President Mean Jean Cattley is coming to the ring and he looks a little perplexed.

Mean Jean Cattley.jpg

Foxxy - (standing up) Well that didn’t take too long.  I had a few more songs ready to go.

Cattley - Well this ain’t no Vegas Got Talent show.  You want to sing, get out of the ring and head to the Canary Bar.  

Foxxy begins to speak again.,….

Cattley - (Wasting no time) If I were you, I’d just stay quiet for a few minutes, otherwise you can kiss that Jackpot Rumble title shot goodbye and take it to the Craps table.  Now if you had bothered to get back to me last week, you would have heard this beforehand.  But no, you decided to try and take over BSC’s return.  

Foxxy - Why did you have me booked in the Semi-Main Event when I should be headlining this show and being given my title shot?

Cattley - (closes his eyes and sighs). I’m normally a pretty patient man, but you are pushing me.  Now I have two things to say and one of them is to you.  Would you like to hear it, or are you going to keep flapping your gums and practicing for your new career?  The reason you were brought in for a Semi-Main Event match tonight is simple.  You are not in the Marilyn Stardust Classic and before you say anything I’ll continue.  Because you won that Jackpot Rumble, I didn’t see the need for you to be entered into the Classic. The winner of the Classic is going to get a Queen of the Ring title shot.  You already have a shot, and your shot will be at Red Alert next month!  

Foxxy - Then I’ll see you at Red Alert in August (begins to leave the ring).

Cattley - Just hold up for just one second.  Yes your title shot will be at Red Alert but you are booked for Heat Check where you will have a match.  You will have a match and you will go on in that match when I tell you against who the matchmakers tell you to wrestle.  You do that, without any issues and without interfering with anything else tonight or at Heat Check and you will have your promised match……But, if you step so far as one foot out of line, I will be you in a second match at Heat Check.  That second match would be for your Jackpot title contract, against an opponent or opponents of my choosing, in a match of my choosing.  I hope I am making myself clear.  Do we have a deal? (Reaches out his hand to shake Foxxy)

Foxxy - (Slowly shakes his hand) We have a deal, but it better be one that you honor.

Cattley - I’m a man of my word. Now I have some other business to take care of so if you don’t mind.

Foxxy looks at Cattley who smiles at her.  She gives a nod and leaves the ring.

Cattley - Now Davis, I’d like you to come into the ring for the next bit of business.

Davis comes into the ring with a microphone in hand 

Cattley - Not exactly the way I planned to start the evening, but now we will get things back on track.  At this time I’d like to ask Jaime Quine to come to the ring.

With that Jaime Quine came out holding her BSC Queen of the Ring title.

Jaime Quine.jpg  BSC Queen of the Ring.jpeg

Cattley -  Thank you for joining us Ms Quine.  I suppose that besides all the fans that you would also like to know what we have decided to do with the Queen of the Ring Title.  I am going to ask you to hand me over the title belt.  (Fans cheer her being asked to hand over the belt as they remember Jaime being a heel and part of The Family 2 years ago, but then are surprised to see Jaime start to hand over the belt).

Suddenly another voice is heard….as the figure of Family Boss Jake Sawyer comes out and joins the others.

playboy jake sawyer asaemon (2).jpg

Jake Sawyer - Wait just a minute Cattley.  I don’t know who the hell you think you are or what you think you are doing.  But this belt is Family property.  Jaime, you do not have to give up our title belt.  

Cattley - Yes, I’m afraid she does!

Jake Sawyer (turning to Cattley and getting in his face) Who do you think you are?  (Sticking his finger very close to Cattley’s face).

Cattley - (Calmly but clearly about has had enough of his new gig with these first two instances) You better get that finger out of my face.

Jake Sawyer - Says a broken down former Indy wrestler who couldn’t make it to the big time.  We (pointing to a very quiet Jaime Quine) are not handing over this title to the likes of you (turning back to Cattley) or anyone else.  I am the head of The Family (now jabbing his finger in Mean Jean’s chest).  The Family runs things around here, not you.

Cattley - (looking sternly at Sawyer). The next time that finger comes close to me, I’m going to break it.  Are we clear little man?  (Turning to Jaime). Now Jaime, I talked to you earlier today and…..

Jake Sawyer - You did what! You don’t talk to her, you talk to me!  You talk to me and I tell her what we will do. (Again starting to stab his finger into Mean Jean’s chest). Do I make myself…arghhhh (Cattley grabs the finger of Jake Sawyer who is suddenly in great pain).  Jaime do something…..

Jaime looked a bit confused for just a moment then has a sly smile come across her face.  She takes her title belt and wallops Sawyer in the head knocking him out cold.  She then hands the belt to President Cattley. (Crowd lets out a huge pop)

Jaime - Nobody talks for me.  Not Jake Sawyer, not my sister, nobody.  And in case nobody has noticed, I am no longer affiliated with Jake Sawyer or The Family!  (Crowd cheers)

Davis - Wow what a bombshell we have here.  Mr. Cattley you have the belt now how are we going to find us a champion.

Cattley - First off I want security to pick up the trash here (pointing to Sawyer) and take him into the back alley. Now to answer your question Davis we are going to have a little 6-woman tournament to crown the 2nd title contender Queen.  The first person that will be in that tournament is standing right here in the former champion Jamie Quine.  

Davis - Excuse me Mr. President but a 6 woman tournament.  Don’t you mean 4 or 8?  6 doesn’t work….

Cattley - Later tonight I will come back out to explain and announce who will be joining Jaime Quine.

Davis - Jaime Quine how do you feel about all of this?

Jaime - I was the last Queen of the Ring and I have every intention of being the next Queen of the Ring.  I’m going to show and prove to everyone that Jaime Quine is a force to be reckoned with!  I don’t need the Family, I don’t need anyone in my corner.  I was the top of the BSC when it closed down, and I will regain the title I never lost in the ring.

Davis - Well I guess we will find out more later, but I’ll send it back to Sarah as we get ready for our next match.  But wait who is this sitting at ringside with an Ipad.

Sienna DeVille_alt.jpg

Sarah - Looks like Sienna DeVille, she must be out scouting talent tonight.

Davis - That can't be good news.

Sarah - Well I assume our match order will go back to what was planned to open the show.  That means we will have a newcomer making her in-ring debut next.

Davis - That’s right we will have one of Kate Avatar’s students, a very powerful young woman by the name of Kallie Kinney.  She will be taking on the BSC pixie Sprite.

KallieKinney.jpg  VSSprite_alt.jpg
Kallie Kinney vs Sprite
Singles Match
10-Minute Time Limit

Davis - Well this match was going along fairly even with Sprite sticking and moving against the more powerful Kinney.  But then Wham!

Sarah - Clearly this student of Kate Avatar’s has some skills.  She came charging out of the corner with a thunderous clothesline that turns Sprite inside out.

Davis - I think the match was over there but Kinney hit 3 German suplexes and then a whirling Chokeslam where she almost drove Sprite through the mat.


The winner of the match in a time of ^:05 by pinfall, Kallie Kinney (With an F-5)

Davis - Wait a minute, what is Kinney trying to do now?

Sarah - Send Sprite to the hospital hopefully!

Davis - She’s helping Sprite up and shaking her hand.  What a display of good sportsmanship.

Sarah - Bah….Come on clock her again!

Davis - Doesn’t look like Kate taught her that way.

Sarah - Unfortunate!

Davis - We have another match heading to the ring and then we will have President Cattley come back out and explain things.

Sarah - You mean President Bully.

Davis - This is a match of two BSC originals.

Coco De Soleid.png  VS  Nurse Darla Knight.jpg
Coco De La Soleid vs Nurse Darla Knight
Singles Match
15-Minute Time Limit


Your winner of the match by pinfall, in 9:47 Coco De La Soleid

Davis - Big win for Coco here.

Sarah - Let’s hear what President blow hard has to say.

Davis - I see Foxxy LaRue has come out and taken a seat in the crowd near us at ringside.

Mean Jean Cattley comes back out to the ring with a clipboard.

Jaime Quine.jpgMean Jean Cattley.jpgIMG_0453.jpegAmber Allen.jpg
DanielleSweetheart_alt5..jpgAlexisLeeLittlefeather_alt5.jpgTamaraMcFly_alt7.jpg.bfddb8cb26fb19a0b4c203f6d3d69ddc.jpgThe Assassin.jpg

(Pictures - Jaime Quine, President Cattley, Kate Avatar, Amber Allen, Danielle Sweetheart, Alexis Littlefeather, Tamara McFly and The Assassin)

Cattley - Now it's time to discuss how we are going to crown our New Queen of the Ring.  As most fans know the Marilyn Stardust Classic is generally an 8-woman tournament.  But with Kate Avatar who I’d like to bring out here, not being cleared to compete we will be altering the format this year.  (Kate comes to the ring to a thunderous applause) The winner of this year's Marilyn Stardust Classic will receive a shot at the BSC Queen of the Ring title at Red Alert against the 2012 Jackpot Rumble winner Foxxy LaRue, if Foxxy follows the agreement we strike earlier tonight.  Now let’s first introduce the ladies that will be competing in the tournament..

The most recent BSC Queen of the Ring who graciously handed over the title earlier tonight, Jaime Quine.

Next a former Queen of the Ring and also Hi-Roller champion Alexis Littlefeather

The next competitor for this title is the one who held it for basically all of 2010, the former champion who never got a proper 1 on 1 rematch with Jaime Quine, Tamara McFly come on out here.

That is the first 3 ladies to be called on to be in this match.  Participant #4 will be former BSC Tag Team Champion Amber Allen!

Competitor #5 Is the other half of America’s Sweethearts, Danielle Sweetheart.

And finally competitor #6 - The Masked Assassin who I’ve been told competed in BSC a few years ago and is a worthy contender (Assassin was known as the SuperStar back in the previous story).

Now ladies, let me explain how we are going to do things tonight.  We are going to have in our main event tonight a 3-way tag team match.  The tag team that wins the match will receive a 1st round bye and go straight to the semi-finals.  The two teams that don’t win tonight, well those ladies will compete in the first round matches in the Marilyn Stardust Classic.  The twist is to receive the first round bye, you will have to work together with your tag team partner.  If you don’t succeed in winning the tag team match, your first round match will be against your tag team partner.

Now ladies with you all here in the ring, we are going to determine the teams for the tag team match.  I am going to have Kate Avatar who would have also been invited into this tournament if she were medically cleared, to help us determine those teams.    Kate is going to draw names out of this BSC hat, which is on sale now at all BSC events and our website.   So let’s start the drawing.

Kate reaches in and draws out the first name, Assassin.  The Assassin steps forward and awaits who will be her tag team partner.  Kate reaches in again and draws the name of Amber Allen.

Davis - So that is an interesting pairing. Amber Allen and the Assassin.

Kate reaches in and draws the next name.  The first name for the 2nd tag team is Jaime Quine.  Jaime steps forward.  Kate reaches in again and pulls out name number 4.  Jaime’s tag team partner for tonight…..Tamara McFly.

Sarah - Oh boy these two didn’t seem to see eye to eye before but now they have to get along if they want that bye.

Cattley - So that means that by virtue of the last 2 names in the hat, Danielle Sweetheart and Alexis Littlefeather will be the 3rd team.  So ladies you have less than an hour I would say to get ready.  Good luck to you all.

Davis - So some very interesting pairings here with the most interesting being the two most recent former champions teaming together.  Does this give them an advantage?

Sara - Hardly as these two don’t like each other, or at least didn’t when we last saw them.  If and this is a big if.  If they can get on the same page tonight, then they will breeze into the semi finals at the end of the month's BSC Heat Check event.

Davis - That might be a tall order.  And with the former tag team champions America's Sweethearts on opposite teams, that negates their advantage.  But with partners like Alexis and Assassin, they should prove solid teams.  Who do you like?

Sarah - The Assassin is a no nonsense competitor who deserves a title shot.  So even though she and Amber Allen are an odd pair, I think they will do what they need to do to secure the win and the first round bye.

Davis - Well as President Cattley said, these teams have about an hour to prepare.  Let’s head back to the ring for our next event.

Power Girl.jpg  VS Fury (3).jpg
Power Girl vs Kathy McMahon
Singles Match 
15-Minute Time Limit


The winner of the match by submission in a time of 5:03, Kathy McMahon

Davis - McMahon used some sort of sleeper, one that has the look of the Orient to it.

Sarah - That is the Shinin No Maki Sleeper.  She must have learned that in Japan while she was wrestling there.

Davis - Thankfully McMahon is waking up her opponent even before the referee requested it.  Thankfully she has been well trained by Kate Avatar.

TaliaQuinzel2.jpeg  VS  Amy Galaxy.jpg
Talia Quinzel vs Amy Galaxy
Singles Match
20-Minute Time Limit



The Winner of the Match in 8:41 by Pinfall, Talia Quinzel

Davis - A nice win for Talia as she used her Spinal Trama finisher.

Sarah - There is no getting up from that and if she gets her head on straight, I expect big things from her.

Davis - What does that mean?  Anyway next we have a returning segment to BSC, the famous Director's Chair with guest Kate Avatar.

Directors Chair.jpg
BSC Directors Chair Interview
With Brittany Hollywood
Guest Kate Avatar

Brittany Hollywood - Well welcome back to Brittany’s Directors Chair.  The hard hitting BSC Talk Show segment that everyone wants to be a part of.  I am, of course, your host, Brittany Hollywood.  Tonight I want to welcome one of the women who will eventually be a major factor in things around here but is currently on the shelf.  Please welcome the fabulous Kate Avatar!

Kate walks out and shakes Brittany’s hand.  

Kate - Please Brittany, it’s just Kate.  Thanks for having me on the show.

Brittany - I’m going to get right to it Kate, when we see you back in the ring competing?

Kate - Well if it were up to me, I’d be in the ring tonight and competing in the Marilyn Stardust Classic (crowd cheers).  But unfortunately the doctors do not feel that would be in my best interests or BSC’s so neither my dr nor the BSC medical staff (most don’t know it’s the same dr) have not cleared me yet.  Realistically it will likely be the end of August where I can get back into the ring.  

Brittany - So since you can’t be in the tournament and won’t be in the Queen of the Ring title match, what will your immediate goals be?

Kate - Well besides getting healthy and clear, I’ll likely slowly work my way back into ring shape.  Maybe the BFF’s (Jaime and her) can go after the tag team titles.  That would make Jaime a double champion when she wins the Classic and then wins the title at Red Alert.

Brittany - So everything between you and Jaime are great again!

Kate - Absolutely she’s the Godmother of my kids.  We are best friends and I will do everything I can to help her prepare to win the Classic and the QOTR title once again.

Brittany - I have to ask while on the subject of Jaime, how are things between you and her sister, AAA stalwart Catherine Quine?  You two have quite the history.

Kate - (shifts a little in her chair). Well let’s say Catherine and I will never be best friends, but I will say we have talked things over and all of that stuff is in the past.  She is up in Seattle doing her thing and we are down here doing ours.  

Brittany - Any truth to the rumors that Catherine may arrive in BSC at some point?

Kate - Where did you hear that?  I mean I suppose she could if President Cattley felt she could offer something to the company.  She’s a big name and of course fans all over the country would love to see her compete.  Maybe she will do a farewell tour or something like that.

Brittany - Farewell, are you saying she’s retiring soon?

Kate - No I didn’t say that but it’s no secret that Catherine has been doing this for a long time.  She’s a fantastic athlete and can probably keep going as long as she wants despite her age.  

Brittany - Well Kate we hope to see you back in action soon.  I mean wouldn’t that be a match everyone would want to see?  Kate vs Catherine 

Kate - My focus is getting back in action and going after the Tag or Hi-Roller title.  I’ll support Jaime anyway I can.  I can’t say I’d want that match with Catherine.  We have just patched things up after 4 years and well, we should just not stir things up.  

Brittany- Thanks for stopping by the Directors Chair and good luck in your comeback!

Kate - Thanks and good luck in your new gig.  Is it a permanent assignment or are you just filling in?

Kate gets up and shakes Brittany’s hand as the segment ends.

Davis - And now it’s time for our Main Event.  A unique 6 woman tag team match where the winners will receive a bye into the Marilyn Stardust Classic Semi- Finals at Heat Check later this month.

Sarah - This should be a very hard hitting affair and the partners are going to have to watch their backs.

Davis - There is too much to lose, they have to work together.

Sarah - I agree, but you never know what will happen in the heat of the moment.  There is a lot of star power and egos in that ring.

The Assassin.jpg&Amber Allen.jpg vs Jaime Quine.jpg&TamaraMcFly_alt7.jpg.bfddb8cb26fb19a0b4c203f6d3d69ddc.jpg vs DanielleSweetheart_alt5..jpg&AlexisLeeLittlefeather_alt5.jpg

Main Event
The Assassin & Amber Allen vs Tamara McFly & Jaime Quine vs Alexis Littlefeather & Danielle Sweetheart 
Three-Way Tag Team Match
No Time Limit


Announcement - The winners of the match, the team of The Assassin and Amber Allen.  Time of the match 25:05

Davis - What on earth just happened!  Tamara McFly and Jaime Quine seemed to have things going their way, they were working well together.  Quine had Allen hooked and it looked like she was setting up for a finish when McFly climbed the rope and wanted to do some sort of move off the rope rope.  Quine turned Allen around so that her back was facing McFly and then McFly flew anyway striking her tag team partner and knocking them both down.

Sarah - What an idiot.  Miss goody two shoes.  Quine just cost her team the bye into the semi’s.

Davis - How can you say that?  After striking Quine in the back of the head which propelled Allen towards her corner, McFly came in and hit a pedigree on her partner!

Sarah - She deserved that for disrespecting someone like Tamara McFly.  Tamara played nice all night only to have Quine spit in her face!  

Davis - With Quine down and out, Littlefeather down outside the ring, The Assassin calmly tagged herself in and rushed in with a quick falling headbutt to the prone Quine, wait did she load her mask as she was coming in?  Then made a cover for the 1..2..3 with McFly holding back Danielle Sweetheart.

Sarah - Maybe Quine will be taught a lesson tonight!  As for Allen and Sweetheart they didn’t belong in this match anyway.

Davis - McFly is heading back into the ring and looks like she is about to go after Quine once again, but here comes Kate Avatar sliding into the ring.

IMG_0453.jpeg  TamaraMcFly_alt7.jpg.bfddb8cb26fb19a0b4c203f6d3d69ddc.jpg  Jaime Quine.jpg

Sarah - What’s she going to do?  Jaime is her best friend and Tamara is her mentor.

Davis - Kate seems to be talking to Tamara and pleading with her to leave the ring area.

Sarah - Luckily for the still on the shelf Avatar, Tamara’s beef is not with her.

Davis - Tamara gets out of the ring and comes straight over to us.

Tamara McFly comes over and grabs the headset of Davis.

Tamara - Jaime Quine, I’ll see you at Heat Check!  And I promise you, you have no chance in hell of winning the QOTR title!  That belt is MINE!!!  (Slams down Davis’s headset)

Sarah - As Kate Avatar stands in the ring over her best friend, her mentor storms off and is promising to not let Jaime win at Heat Check!  Good night everyone from Las Vegas


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Ambition recap

We had 4 brave souls who dared to prediction on the first show which is always a tough thing to do.  Everyone missed the main event as the logical choice was the two former champions, but as you can see it didn't work out that way.

Congrats to 
Mokoa who is a returning reader who correct predicted 4 out of 6 matches
KyTeran, Christmas Ape and Charasmatic Enigma all predicted 3 out of 6 matches.

KyTeran did guess on who would be the host of the Director's Chair.  He went with Sarah Silver but it was Brittany Hollywood.  The Directors Chair and the VIP Lounge were segments on the old BSC show.  With Honey GoLightly presumed dead, the VIP Lounge likely won't return, but never say never.  Whether Brittany Hollywood remains the host of the Directors Chair, well time will tell.

BSC will be doing "Internet TV shows" which will be used to maybe get a storyline point across and give some of the workers more ring time.  Fortunately for Kate, her husband has put up a lot of money to make BSC successful so for now losses will not be a huge deal, as long as they are not too bad.

TV Shows writeups will be short I promise but main shows will be longer (although I don't know if they will remain as long as Ambition).

Thanks for following along. More to come

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BSC Logo.jpeg

BSC Arena Taping
Thursday, July 4th 2013
High Stakes TV #1
The Steamboat Hotel Pavilion
Shown on TubeTop Internet

Davis and Sarah open the show recapping the events that transpired at BSC Ambition.  They once again note that former BSC manager Sienna DeVille is in attendance, seeming to take in all the action, but who is she scouting.

Before the opening match, Kate Avatar comes out with both Kallie Kinney and Kathy McMahon.  

Davis - Thanks for joining us here Kate and you have brought some friends I see.

Kate -  I just am so proud of both these young ladies.  I have high hopes that both these ladies will have a big future in BSC.

Davis - Well both had impressive debuts…

Kate - Davis, while this was Kallie’s debut match and she certainly showed what an immense talent she is, Kathy has wrestled here briefly several years ago.  She definitely had a successful return to BSC.

Davis - She certainly has a devastating oriental sleeper hold.

Kate -  She learned that in Japan and if you take a look at Kathy, a woman with her power applying that hold and it is lights out.

Sarah - Perhaps she can apply it to Davis as a demonstration.

Kate -  She could but then you would have to carry the whole show yourself Sarah, not that you couldn’t do that.  But I doubt Mean Jean would approve of that and well that is not what we are about.  Kathy will save her actions for opponents in the ring and we will see her in there soon.  But first Kallie will get her 2nd match in BSC and that match is next.

Davis - Let's go to the ring and see Kallie Kinney in action.

Opening Match


Kallie Kinney defeats Kate Middleton by pinfall with her devastating F-5 finisher in 5:24

TV Match 2


Kathy McMahon overwhelmed Jaime Spears in 3:59 when the referee stopped the match when McMahon applied her Shinin No Maki Sleeper hold.

Davis - Our next match is another young returning wrestler has come back to BSC and has ties to Kate Avatar as well.  Talia Quinzel competed on the Ambition show last night taking on veteran Amy Galaxy and taking the win.  Today she steps into the ring with another long time BSC worker in Lindsay Sugar.

TV Match #3


Talia Quinzel defeats Lindsay Sugar by pinfall after hitting Spinal Trauma in 6:39

Davis - Let’s see if we can get Talia to come over here.  Talia if you may just a quick word with your successful return to  BSC.

Talia looks over at Davis who is beckoning her to come over and then walks off.

Sarah -  Davis, did you remember your deodorant today?  (Takes a sniff and waves her hand)  Oh I guess not.

Davis - That is very unlike Talia, she is normally a very talkative young woman.  Well I know someone that will take the time to talk to us is Amber Allen.  Amber has a match here in just a few minutes, but Amber please tell us what you are thinking after that main event last night.

Amber -  I’ll be honest, it's not how I would have wanted to win.  I would have been much happier making the pinfall myself.

Davis - Looking at the tape here, Jaime had you held and you were facing Tamara McFly. Then Tamara climbs up and wants to do an illegal double team move.  Jaime Quine actually turns you around the other direction and now has her back to Tamara.  McFly then sprung off the ropes and drove a vicious knee into her tag team partner.

Amber -  I’m not sure what Tamara was thinking.  I have known her for a long time and I have never seen her act like that.  Why she would do such a thing with everything that was on the line last night, I can’t explain.  But whether I wanted to tag with the Assassin or not, the Assassin took advantage of the situation and we both are moving into the semi-finals.  Assassin is not someone I really know but her mannerisms don’t necessarily reflect honor.  

Sarah - Honor or not, you are both into the semi-finals at Heat Check and Jaime Quine and Tamara will be wrestling each other in a quarter-final match.

Davis - Well we wish you the best of luck in the Semi-Finals as you will face the winner of the Jaime Quine vs Tamara McFly match. Not an easy assignment either way you look at it.

Amber - Well I’m up for it and even though we are tag team partners I am definitely rooting for my true partner Danielle Sweetheart to make it to the Finals and we can give the fans a great match.

TV Match #4


Amber Allen defeats Jessica Simpson by pinfall with Northern Lights Suplex in 6:08

Today’s TV Main Event
Jaime Quine vs Carol Singer


Jaime Quine defeated Carol Singer in 10:27 by pinfall following KO Kick.

Davis - An impressive win by….

Jaime Quine interrupts Davis - Tamara McFly!  What on earth were you thinking last night?  We had the match, things were going our way, but you had to change all that.  All I want to know is why?  Why would you do that?  You just made your own road to the Marilyn Stardust Classic that much harder.

Davis - Well we expect to get comments from Tamara next week but…

Jaime -  You know I don’t care what she has to say, but I think the fans are owed an explanation.  Is it you’re just jealous that I beat you for the title in 2011?  That you never got a rematch?  Honestly it doesn’t matter.  I know you’ve never liked me because of your past with my sister, but I am not Catherine!  You showed your true colors last night after the match when you climbed back into the ring and were going to do who knows what when I was down.  Thankfully my best friend and your protege Kate Avatar climbed into the ring.  Even though that probably wasn’t the best thing she could do for her own health.  Thankfully you back away, but in just 3 weeks at Heat Check.  I promise you I will not back away and I am going to make you pay for what you did.  I am going to make sure that you do not make it to the Marilyn Stardust Classic Semi-Finals.  I promise you, you made the biggest mistake in your life turning on me.  I will make you pay Tamara, that’s a guarantee!

Davis - So long everyone from Las Vegas for our first High Stakes and as you can see, the stakes are certainly going to be set very high at Heat Check.  Thanks for watching and we will see you next week.



Ooc - jobber names will be fictional generally based on real life people or TV characters.  I created some generic jobbers in the database just so in Internet matches we were not beating some wrestlers into powder that could be used at a later date.  

Also for the TV shows they will be these short type recaps, with a couple of interviews and summary recaps of the matches.



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