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Anyone Found The Secret Feature?

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I just bought the game and haven't even started a save but here I am starting a thread!


For those that DO NOT want to know what it is, you should probably not look any further!!!






... ...




... ... ...





... ... ... ...




Okay, they're gone. For those that think they've found the mystery feature, please post your hypothesis here with evidence! Let's not make this into a guessing game thread.


I can't imagine it being a huge game breaker, otherwise Adam would have used it to sell the game. But I'm still very intrigued. I micromanage, so I'm guessing it'll be somebody who likes to streamline things and play crazy long saves that gets to it first.

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I'm pretty sure that's probably a bisection of the scandal feature.


Might be. The editor only allows us to edit in scandals for workers, not companies though.


That is a fantastic addition though. I wonder if there are equivalents to the mobs around the world or if it's specific to Japanese companies. It's basically what happened to PRIDE FC, but a lot of companies had (and likely continue to have) connections to the yakuza.


Oh, and sorry for the disappointment the opening post may have caused. I thought I clarified I didn't know it with the first sentence. I got no connects!

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I just simmed a year of the C-verse and BHOTWG had a scandal in my save as well. Journalists uncovered a culture of extreme bullying in their office. This story broke in late April and they fell to cult size in December, so it wasn't as extreme as the yakuza scandal in the other user's save. Their fall seemed to stem more from Japan's wrestling scene dropping off more than the scandal though. They bought out BCG and still have $20 million.


I don't recall seeing scandals for companies in the developer's journal (for workers, yes though), so this could very well be it. Definitely a great feature that I'd like to see more examples of.

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This makes the most sense of all that I've heard. With this year's game being a throwback to EWR, Pinky and the Brain returning is extremely plausible.


Wouldn't that be an IP issue now that the game isn't freeware? I guess it could be two original characters, but that doesn't seem likely, especially connected to the two year rule.

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