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Favorite tag teams/stables you've formed in TEW

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One of my favorite things in any TEW game, be it real world, c-verse or anything else, is banding people together in new groups or tag teams. No matter what kind of promotion I'm in, I find myself doing it as I always want deep tag divisions and having major stables always makes booking weekly shows easier. In general it can just be really cool to put together people who never had anything to do with each other.


I'm sure I'm not the only one and I'd love to hear of other examples, so share your favs~!


One game of mine that had a ton of examples of this was a long-term game in BHOTWG where I based it heavily off of how New Japan does things, which meant basically everyone of note was involved in some kind of faction, loose or otherwise. I actually had ten stables even in that one!


Probably my personal favorite - atleast among those I made from the ground up - from that game is Purepuro... essentially they were the main purveyors of strong style, living to ensure that Japanese wrestling is forever dominated by heavy hitters. The founding leader was the much respected Eisaku Hoshino but the true star of the group was quickly established to be Funakoshi, earmarked as a future world champ. Mitsunari Fugunaga provides more veteran wisdom, Gonkuro Kamioka is seen as right behind Funakoshi. The rest of the group is filled out with the promising Atsumori Takemura and the solid Ryushi Sato and Sojuru Sen, who along with the upper members are constants in the tag and trios divisions.


I also took NEO and expanded it greatly, enough that I feel it qualifies, and it's my actual favorite group in that game. I always likened it to Los Ingobernables de Japon, just a band of jaded outcasts who don't care about anything but each other. If nothing else thinking of Koshiro Ino as a Tetsuya Naito kinda figure made him way cooler to me~! I added Marihito Masuko as a kind of a Hiromu type, he often teams with Black Magic to form a strong trios team. The Rebellion, Natsu Miyamae and Ken Shimedzu reformed and joined the group as well, but this didn't last too long as Shimedzu didn't age near as gracefully as Natsu. So he was sent down to help people in developmental instead, and replacing him in the team was the Australian Black Flash, who acts as the Bushi of the group~! The last addition was Hitomaru Suzuki, pegged as Ino's most likely successor.


In that same game, I was able to sign Emerald Angel as a huge Junior name. After some time in the sun as a singles, I had him pair up with another new signee, Mercury. I noticed in Mercury's bio that it was a dream of his to team with Emerald Angel and just thought it'd be really cute to make that come true. Together they are... Space Angel~!


A particularly colorful one came from a UEW game. This one was pure cartoon, almost like a Dungeon of Doom kind of group. See, I got Louis Figo Manico to return from his otherwise eternal hiatus and quickly made him my ace. But then came Scheming Behemoth, who was bitter at Manico for the abrupt close of UCR which ended up signalling an untimely end for his own career! Vowing vengeance, the clever mammoth of a man sent a seemingly endless series of foes his way! He quickly assembled a true rag-tag motley crew of ne'er-do-wells. His faction in total: Jamie Anderson, Menace, Jimmi & Kalvin Addams, Greg Gauge, Merle O'Curle, Joey Beauchamp, Super Ninja and Hercules Johansson!


In a CZCW game, I eventually formed a trios division - I kinda tend to do that as it's just so rare otherwise - and I was pretty happy with the division I'd assembled. We had the Coastal Classics, who speak for themselves: Super Ninja and American Flash. There was The Legit, a group of straight-laced badasses who generally thought themselves above the pure high fliers that made up most of the roster: Chris Morrisette (helluva get there!) & The American Cobras. The Street Snipers were a brutal gang, with Sayeed Ali leading Bullseye and Waylon Walls. There's more but perhaps my favorite from there is the uniquely named Soulgoal. That was the name of Remmy Skye's rock band, with the Rock City Stars as his Trios partners. They were also backed up by their favorite roadie, Roger Monteiro!


While I never got around to adding trios titles to a MAW game or had much emphasis on stables, I did have some custom made tag teams that I really liked. Kid Fantastic and California Kid came together, called the Carnage Kids (I may have just let the name suggestions keep going until I found a good one with 'Kids' in it...) and they not only became my premiere tag team but once they amicably split, Kid Fantastic ended up being a world champion of mine. Any match they have against one another or any time they reunite, it's always special.


Also in MAW - I can't decide if I love or hate this name but the Tap-Out Tyrants consisted of Seth Whitehead and the Architect. Architect is portrayed as kind of an evil genius who brought Whitehead in as this brute shooter that could decimate anyone he didn't like. While they were a great team and two-time tag champs, sadly Architect's master plan all along saw him use Seth to win the world title. But Whitehead got his revenge, swiftly taking the gold from him and becoming a major name in the process.


Dang I went that far without even dipping into any of my Real World ones...


A recurring stable of mine for any game set between the late 80s and early 2000s is Camp Cornette. It's very easy to just put Corny with a bunch of old school/technically minded wrestlers and have them boast about their superiority over the rest of the world. Probably my favorite incarnation of this was also the most focused. In a unique game, in which I play as both WWF and WCW merged together after the 2001 buy-out Jim manages Lance Storm, Jerry Lynn and Masato Tanaka. Tanaka is, of course, a pretty hypocritical inclusion for Jim but that's part of the point... Lance also found himself feuding with Mike Awesome so Corny brought in his greatest rival to help subdue him.


This next one, a Trio - yes I made those titles in this scenario as well... - barely ever got to do anything before I stopped with that game, but it's from that same period and it's one of my favorite eclectic mixes of people ever. It's a dark-themed group called Nightfall. Their leader is Vampiro. As a heavy, they have Batista, still in his Leviathan look. And balancing them both out is the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels!


An '87 WWF game saw a lot of original tag teams made, I actually ended up having a pretty crazy number of tags in that one but I'm cool with that. Early on, Greg Valentine dumped Brutus Beefcake for a huge step-up, teaming with Bobby Eaton and forming the Beautiful Hammers. Billy Jack Haynes and Bruiser Brody formed a vicious, violent team known as the Bloodletters, simply named for how often they busted people open during their assaults. Butch Reed and Bad News Allen formed the Mercenaries, an APA-esque hit squad.


One stable that was short-lived and not very successful, but I find kind of endearing anyway, was the Black Sheep. They were named as such because they were all the guys who had been previously kicked out of the Heenan Family, and they formed to fight all of their replacements at WrestleMania. Paul Orndorff led Ken Patera, Hercules and King King Bundy on an ill-fated quest for revenge. Ultimately it was all just an excuse to re-establish the new and improved Heenan Family as a major threat, getting across that this version was far superior to the old. But there was still something I found charming about their union, there was a scrappy underdog vibe to them.


But even if I wanted to keep going with them, it wasn't to be. The Mania match was King Kong Bundy's last in WWF due to being a freelancer, and Paul Orndorff had already signed with JCP so he was on his way out too. That left Hercules and Ken Patera, the significantly lesser members, by themselves. And they did stick together as a tag team but there are so many teams above them, they never really had a prayer. So yeah, as a stable, they fell to the team of Superstar Billy Graham, Andre the Giant, Harley Race and Rick Rude. (Also Curt Hennig joined their numbers too shortly after, and eventually Ric Flair debuted and quickly replaced Andre as the centerpiece.)


I could go on and on but this OP is already stupid long as it is! So I'll close with my latest group. In a custom-made promotion set in that same '87 mod, I once again made a Trios division. This one was originally just a vehicle for the Fabulous Freebirds to feud with the Midnight Express. But I saw an opportunity to create a new team that I just had to go for and now the division is being dominated by the unstoppable combination of Power & Paint - Vader and the Road Warriors~!

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In the WCW 2001 mod I'm running right now I have Bobby Roode and Austin Aries together as an overly arrogant team. Sable is their manager just to add that extra little bit of we're young and cocky and we have one of the hotter women in wrestling with us. You want to be us.


I have Steve Corino teaming with Samoa Joe. It gives Joe a veteran to work with and they're no-nonsense wrestling machines who just want to beat people up.


In development I just teamed up Drew Galloway and Rene Dupre just to see how it works out. Neither of them was doing much and I think it could develop into a good team.

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Playing a WCW Lives mod.



CM Punk and Samoa Joe - Honor Rising (Two hot indie guys just kinda come in and rip everyone's shit up to dominate the tag division)


Lance Storm and Kevin Steen - Team Canada and Konnan and Claudio (Just two mentors taking two young guys under their wing and having successful teams with them)


Yang and Sonjay Dutt - Targeted Assault (Two dudes come up from developmental [back up in one case] and slowly rise to the top of the tag team division. Yang also helps Sonjay out where possible)


Magnificent Seven - Jeff Jarrett, Sean O'Haire, Kaz Hayashi, Alex Wright, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, and Samoa Joe (Jeff ditches his old manager/friend/tag team partner/4Wo stable member in Flair and ousts him out once he becomes a face. Jeff then takes a bunch of young guys who are either on the rise, stagnating, or would benefit from some kind of rub and forms the new, TRUE Magnificent Seven)

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Thomas Morgan and Bryan Holmes as The Ontario Kings in CVerse 97, a pair of Stone-trained kids rising up the cards as my analog of London and Kendrick.


Great chemistry gave them a boost when they first got together, and a year of tagging quickly turned them into a mainstay of the tag division.

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The Inglorious Bastards

Gary Wooder (user character, heel authority from the UK)

Nick Aldis

Marty Scurll

Tyler Bate

Trent Seven


Put together by Gary Wooder the company owner but eventually disbanded by Sheriff Austin. Stone Cold Steve Austin was hired as Sheriff in a commissionor role, after growing tired on TIB's heel tactics Austin started a war. Wooder informed Austin that he had no real power and was purely hired for nostalgia. It all broke down at the Destruction Dome PPV (War Games) with Team Austin vs The Inglorious Bastards. If Austin's team won the Inglorious Bastards where fired and Austin become the new Authority Figure. If the Inglorious Bastards won, Austin and his team where fired.


Team Austin won and the Inglorious Bastards where fired.


The Depraved

Leader - Bray Wyatt (Replaced by Sami Callihan)

Drew Galloway

Woken Matt Hardy

Brother Nero


A group of misfits lead by Bray Wyatt, they eventually started a rivalry with The Briscoes and Jay Lethal who turned to Bully Ray to take on the Depraved in the Destruction Dome. The Depraved lost and the next night the Depraved turned on Wyatt as Sami Callihan became the new leader.


Eventually disbanded when Callihan saved Juice Robinson from a Depraved attack, this started a short fued between Death Juice and the Broken Hardys.


The Diamond Club


Tessa Blanchard

AJ Styles

Karl Anderson

Luke Gallows


(A face stable originaly until Jay White turned Gallows and Anderson against AJ and Tessa, reforming Bullet Club with Okada being unveiled as the mystery leader, later joined by KENTA and Sanada, to wreck havoc on American wrestling)


A Monster Among Men


Braun Strowman

Becky Lynch

Darby Allin


(Strowman had multiple matches with Darby Allin, eventually Allin earnt Strowman's respect with his never give up attitude and despite his small size, Strowman accepted him as a man. Allin started teaming with Becky Lynch as The Men. After a Bullet Club attack, Strowman saved Allin and Lynch and the stable was formed)

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<p>Made my own company in the CVerse called ORDER which had a host of awesome teams, but my favorite was definitely Cali Slick and Ant Man who would form;</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Slick Ant</span></strong></p><p> </p><p>

With excellent chem, they are one of very few teams I managed to build from 0 team experience all the way to 90 I think.</p>

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<p>Mojo Bojo</p><p> </p><p>

Had nothing for Mojo Rawley or Bo Dallas. Placed them together. Bizarrely gave them a tag name based off the Monkey in the Powerpuff Girls and it just worked. A lengthy reigns beating all comers, improving stats and gaining overness.</p><p> </p><p>

They split, Mojo then went back to jobber status will Bo kept climbing, eventually becoming WWE Champion.</p>

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<p>Put Savio Vega and Konnan together in a New Generation save, gave them the LAX moniker and they had a good run as one of my top tag teams. Won the belts a couple of times and more than held their own in a division containing Harlem Heat, the Steiners, New Age Outlaws, the Miracle Violence Connection amongst others.</p><p> </p><p>

On more recent mods, put Zack Ryder and Tye Dillinger together as "BroTendo" as a filler face team and they ended up becoming a division mainstay. Gave them Carmella as a manager after she dumped Enzo and Cass for them, they ended up winning the SmackDown tag belts for a short while too. RANCH IT UP</p><p> </p><p>

Neville's been a tag division godsend as well, first off with Drew McIntyre before Drew got a solo push, then with Hideo Itami. Cesaro and Zack Sabre Jr. as "Team Technique" were another success.</p>

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<p><strong>Modern Dragon Movement</strong></p><p> </p><p>

In my 2023 PWG save alot of things have happened. Many regens of masked wrestlers were created by the game. Liger II, Tiger Mask VI, Gurukun Mask II, Hayabusa III, Super Delfin II and many other masked re-gens appeared and I hired them all and put them into a stable & tag-teams. I renamed the Liger II to "Crimson Thunder Liger", Tiger Mask VI to "Roku Tiger" and Gurukun Mask II to "Shiro Phoenix". Also hired Ultimate Spider Jr. & later BUSHI for the stable. A bunch of masked, japanese wrestlers carying on the legacies of prior generations. I'm having a blast with all the different teams. Especially after discovering a majority of them having good to excellent chemistry with each other.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>CONfederation for Comrades of The Red Army (CONTRA)</strong></p><p> </p><p>

Same save. WWE called up Ilja Dragunov, fell down to National in size and released him. I hired Dragunov, aswell as Alex Koslov, who made his return to wrestling. I created a tag-team between them for DDT4 2020 and they had some of the greatest performances in the tournament. They didn't win initially, but I hired Vladimir Kozlov (renamed Koslov) and that Russian former NXT developmental talent Anya, who I renamed to Anya Koslov, Vlad's kayfabe sister and kayfabe cousin of Alex. Ilja became the ace of the stable. Their feud with RINGKAMPF (and especially WALTER), turned Ilja into a Franchise Player in PWG, to the point of Ilja winning BOLA 2021 to challenge WALTER for the PWG World Championship. Now Rocky Romero has joined the group too and Lana (now renamed to Svetlana Makarov) also joined. Has been really fun.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>The Firefly Funhouse</strong></p><p> </p><p>

In my WWE save I expanded the Firefly Funhouse character to include a few more people. Bray Wyatt introduced a couple of his friends to the WWE Universe. Joseph Connors and ACH debuted as "The Fireflies" (Firefly Joseph & Firefly Al) and were basically the people that took a beating, because Bray Wyatt only appeared via tron. After a while Wyatt's surface cracked more and more and one day...he disappeared. At the same night Firefly Joseph attacked Firefly Al and (kayfabe) injured him for a long time. Firefly Joseph seemed more sinister than before and he kept talking about "Him" coming. John Cena brought back the US open challenge and one day Jospeh accepted. He lost, but after the match Cena was attacked by The Fiend.</p><p> </p><p>

A week later John Cena, accompanied by Charly Caruso, paid the Wyatt family compound a visit. Still burned down from what Randy Orton did a year prior, they talked to the locals. Basically I told a detective story with Cena & Charly, that ended up with leading them to IRS, who admitted of neglecting Bo & Bray, while travelling around the territories and the WWF. He left them in the hand of the "Levy Funhouse Center for Troubled Children".</p><p>

It was pretty much just the home of Raven's Nest/Flock. Raven returned as the spokesperson of the Firefly Funhouse. Firefly Joseph, Bo Dallas and Raven became a thing for a couple of weeks, before Bray Wyatt made his full return, challenging John Cena to a Championship match. The Fiend defeated John Cena clean and then disappeared again. Not too long after that one more "Child of Raven" debuted. Solomon Crowe (aka Sami Callihan) and he had the United States Championship with him.</p><p> </p><p>

The whole stable basically functions as Bray Wyatt's coping mechanism. Surrounding himself with people that were his whole world as a child. His brother Bo, his father figure in Raven and the "Crow in the Raven's nest", in Solomon Crowe. While I often give him "Firefly Funhouse" segments and promos, he only ever appears sporadically as the Fiend. It gives me an easy excuse to not rush him to the world title scene, while also giving midcarders something to do. Jospeh Conners still has been one of my most surprising success. He started out at 0 pop in the US and now he has cracked the Top 100 in popularity worldwide</p>

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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="Jaysin" data-cite="Jaysin" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="47402" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>Del Wilkes(as Steel Patriot) and Tom Brandi(as Iron Patriot) together as American Metal.</div></blockquote><p> </p><p> American Metal?!? I love this name and I might shamelessly steal it.</p>
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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="Historian" data-cite="Historian" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="47402" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>American Metal?!? I love this name and I might shamelessly steal it.</div></blockquote><p> </p><p> Feel free! I got it from Lizzy Borden's song "American Metal"</p><p> </p><p> </p><div class="ipsEmbeddedVideo"><div><iframe width="200" height="150" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/7lBiGVU3kn8?feature=oembed" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" title="Lizzy Borden - 06.American Metal"></iframe></div></div>
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In my UPJ save, I’ve booked FEARLESS to be a hybrid between CHAOS and LIJ. It started with Ignite Zero joining forces with Oda Yamawaki to take down RENEGADES after they captured every title in the company. Goto has been the top junior, while Kato has been an excellent heavyweight main eventer who isn’t quite world title material but is a fixture in the IC and openweight divisions. Nakada + Yamada are an excellent junior tag team. And after I brought in Kahoku Meka for a couple of years to reestablish Tokyo Underground with Toki Ink, I plugged James Gilmour in Meka’s place after he left the company.


I’ve enjoyed bringing new blood into RENEGADES and created Deguchi-gun and Christian Prophet’s Brotherhood... but the balance and storytelling has been best for me with FEARLESS.


In the tag team ranks, my favorite duo has been the RENEGADES junior tag team of Aydan Farrell and Tiger Singh — known as ROYALTY.

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Bob Holly and Norman Smiley had great tag chemistry, so I made them a full-time team. This was as WWF in 1993. I called them The IcoPros.


This actually reminded me of another team from that 2001 game, not successful in the slightest but super endearing... the greatest Hardcore Champions of all time banding together - Norman Smiley and Crash Holly~!

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In a T-Verse UPJ game, I hired Sean Girven and Nathan Jordan, two best friends, and gave them the name of Generation Next. Almost 5 full years in, they've become 4 time tag team champions and have gone from relative unknowns to bona fide main eventers. Jordan could easily be a top Junior, while Girven looks to be the future top gaijin face. Girven has already challenged for the Heavyweight title on one occasion. But for now I am really enjoying their team and want to focus on that
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A few of mine from Fleisch's April 2014 mod


Christian and Kevin Owens. They had poor chemistry and weren't really an actual team, but more of an alliance as Christian took Owens under his wing. The team lasted from August to December 2014 and ended when Owens turned on Christian


Zack Ryder and Mark Henry as the Strongest Underdog. They had great chemistry and were the Raw Tag Team Champions from June 2016-November 2016. They formed in December 2014 and ended in April 2017 as Ryder was drafted to Smackdown


The Brian Kendrick and Sami Zayn. The Brian Kendrick helped Sami Zayn in matches during his 25 month Cruiserweight Championship reign. When Sami lost the Cruiserweight Title, they quickly rebounded and became the first ever Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. They formed a team in April 2017. It's currently May 2018 in my game. I'm calling them Franchise Cruiserweights, but I'm not sold on the name.


Rhett Titus and Tony Nese have great chemistry and I'm calling them Ground and Pound. They are pretty much an exaggerated version of 2013 Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Rhett recently won the United States Championship with Nese's help


Jinder Mahal and Curtis Axel as the Perfectionists. They formed in December 2016 via great chemistry. They won the Smackdown Tag Team Championship in December 2017 and held them until WrestleMania 34 in March 2018.

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Except for one, these all come from TEW10 although not all were during 10's life cycle.


The oldest would go back to World Cup 2010. During that tourney I did a training game grabbing leftovers from every corner of the wrestling world to form my debut roster. Which has since become a common subset of my training fed play. In this save I grabbed the The Minor Annoyance and Wade Orson as my Brits and labelled them The British Bothers. Sort of a personality & bland workrate warrior team combining Annoyance's whole shtick and a name change for Orson. Rebranding him as Orson Heskey as so many were grumbling about British international Emile Heskey at the time. The topicality of that team added an extra dose of fun to them. And yet despite the fun the Bothers gave me, I haven't really done such hot topicality in rebrands since.


I'm more likely to do historical topicality like when I made The Big Bad and Boris Kiriyakin into my big Russian tag team, The Soviet Bloc. The Cold War may have been two decades over by the time I booked them. But it didn't stop the big Russians from running amok in my little fed with their proto-Communist ways. They sang the Soviet anthem like Nikolai Volkoff clones and terrorized all those who believed in western style freedom. One of those throwback ideas that can work far better in TEW than it would in today's real world. Wouldn't be as excited to run them now though. Big Bad is one of the guys who has since gotten a pic base revamp that ended up making him far less appealing that he was when this team was running wild circa 2012.


Another great one was The Firmament which came in two forms. The original was Oda Yakuta and Haruhiro Tsumemasa as a pair of Buddhist monks who used professional wrestling as a means of channeling their more aggressive energies rather than suppressing and becoming attached to them. This later spun into a hardened spiritual mentor/celebrity client pairing of Tsumemasa with Sozen Ishinomori that got a full life cycle of going from formation to tag team champions to nasty breakup due to Ishinomori's massive celebrity ego. Like the Soviet Bloc though, that latter version wouldn't work nearly as well now thanks to Ishinomori getting remade. The notion of the former Japanese Sid Justice lookalike getting all fat and dumpy is just too hard to swallow.


My most recent fun team? That would be Clean Burning. Australian free agent Lance Lott and Xavi from the VWA. The name comes from combining Lott's janitorial backstory with Xavi's youthful Spanish fire. Another personality/dull guy blend. The way they play in my head Lott is the moral center of the team hating cheating because it's just another form of dirt while Xavi fires up the crowd and rallies them to Clean Burning's side. Of these teams, Clean Burning is the only one I've run recently being one of my bigger ideas of the 16 life cycle.

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<p>Canadian Stampede (Owen Hart and Brian Pillman)</p><p>

Rabid Wolverines (Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko)</p><p>

Death Inc. (Chris Daniels and Steve Corino)</p><p>

Alpha Animals (Bobby Lashley and Brian Cage)</p><p>

Road Rage (Rob Van Dam and Perry Saturn)</p><p>

Disciples of Brody (Cactus Jack and Vader)</p>

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Had Flair rebuild The Horsemen in a 2008 mod to carry on his legacy. Started him feuding with Randy Orton but it turned out he was testing if he was ready to lead the new Horsemen. Now it's Flair as the manager/mentor to Orton as the leader, Samoa Joe as the bruiser/muscle/rising star destined to be given the boot and The American Wolves as the tag team.
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<p>Really like this thread... I have a top three:</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>WWE (my first diary)</strong> - A young Bray Wyatt's group was known as 'The Big Game Hunters'. Joined by Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger. They were dominant for three years, and won multiple Tag Titles as a duo, with Wyatt as their 'leader'/'manager'.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Cverse - NOTBPW vs CGC Invasion</strong> - When CGC invaded NOTBPW on TEW12, I had a bunch of ready-made feuds. The DeColts and Stones, obviously, but a bunch more. But one feud I decided to turn into a tag team was Edd Stone and Ricky DeColt. Essentially a match made in heaven, I loved booking them in that invasion angle.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>WWE again in my third WWE Diary</strong> - Shane McMahon, Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens, Luke Harper and Dylan McMahon (played by Lars Sullivan) as the Corporation. I like to give 'prizes' to my readers based on their prediction scores, and one month I asked someone to name someone to push and how far to push them. They said Corbin, as a heel, to the World Title, and it was a fun old ride. He started off by shoving Shane McMahon backstage, and he landed on his young son, breaking his arm. But it was all planned and faked so that Shane could screw AJ Styles out of the WWE Title and give it to Corbin, who looked a million bucks in a suit as the Corporate Champion! Owens, Harper and Dylan joined them over the next few months, and they became 'The Pack'. They feuded with AJ, Balor, Gallows, Anderson, and Jey Uso - 'The Club'.</p><p> </p><p>

This diary also brought you duos like: Pete Dunne and Marty Scurll… Jack Gallagher and Tyler Bate as Moustache Mountain... and Samoa Joe and AOP (made by my co-writer Uncrewed).</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>

I love making teams and stables too, but I love breaking them up just as much! If I ever started a historical diary, it'd be around the 2001/2002 mark, and I'd look to split the Hardyz and E and C fairly early on. Some of the best feuds in the history of wrestling have been former tag partners... HBK and HHH... Eddie and Rey... and my new favourite, Ciampa and Gargano!</p>

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One of my favorite created teams in my Ruthless Aggression save is Heidenreich and Billy Gunn. I threw them together because I was just trying to find Heidenreich a tag team partner. It took him from Opener all the way up to Upper Midcarder so far. They have great chemistry and have won the tag team championships on SmackDown! 3 times now. They're called Power & Glory. Heidenreich is the power of the team and Billy Gunn is just doing it for more tag team glory.
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By far my favorite, was a tag team I formed in my first CZCW diary here on the forums. I threw Prince Pryce and Robbie Wright together in a random pre-show tag team match and it turned out that they had excellent tag team chemistry. Since they were both great young workers, and I didn't really have anything for them just yet, I decided to run with it, naming them "The Pryce is Wright". They ended up winning the CZCW Tag Team Championships three times.
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