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DOTM Nominations - September 2023

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Nomination Template

"WCW vs The World by The Best Writer"

Real World
[Diary/Link] by [Writer]

[Diary/Link] by [Writer]

[New Diary], [shock Signing], [shock Push], [shock Title Win], [shock Turn], [Worker], [Face Worker], [Heel Worker], [Tag Team], [stable], [Champion], [Angle], [storyline], [Rocky Maivia], [Graphics]
[Prefix Category] - [showcase Moment] in [Diary/Link] by [Writer]

[Match @ Event] in [Diary/Link] by [Writer]

[Event] in [Diary/Link] by [Writer]

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Diaries that I have been loving following along with.


CVerse - 

DIW 2024: Waging War Weekly  by @619

FCW: Freedom of Expansion by @Voeltzwagon

LAP - Lucha America Productions by @newbiezness

QAW Amazons by @Rhysrob


Real World - 

Rise of a Star by @Old School Fan

The Russian Federation Of Wrestling by @dstephe4




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Delighted to see @HiPlus' SZW - Sydney Zone Wrestling and @Voeltzwagon's FCW: Freedom of Expansion already nominated: two very entertaining dynasties that have also served up so much new material throughout September 👏 Adding a few further nominations below from the dynasties I've followed closest this month. Apologies for those I've missed. There are many more dynasties that intrigue me that I hope to be able to properly check out in October, I've just had less free time recently.


CGC: From The Ground by @AboardTheArk

The Outlaw Mudshow Or Peter Valentine's Redemption... by @willr0ck


Storyline: The Devoted Souls win all the gold in SZW - Sydney Zone Wrestling by @HiPlus

Character: Peter Valentine in The Outlaw Mudshow Or Peter Valentine's Redemption... by @willr0ck

Angle: Kane helps Undertaker fight off DX in WWF: The Monday Night Wars by @Bigelow Cartwheel

Match: Xavi Ferrera v Rudy Velasquez @ The FREEDOM Movement in FCW: Freedom of Expansion by @Voeltzwagon

Event: CGC Elimination XVII in CGC: From The Ground by @AboardTheArk

Finally, there's probably not a nomination category for this, but a massive shoutout to the people who, without having active dynasties of their own to promote, regularly post analysis, feedback, ideas and predictions or like posts ( @Tiberious @John Lions @DinoKea and @KyTeran are a few that come to mind). I believe your contribution plays a huge part in encouraging dynasty writers to keep going, so just wanted to make sure you know you're appreciated. Likewise @Togg for managing all these threads.

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